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Smoking in the laundry

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Around 10 to 1 almost every night someone is smoking in the laundry to the point where the hall is full of smoke and my apartment, which is next to the laundry room, fills with the disgusting smell of cigarettes. I have 2 kids under 3 years of age and I'm pregnant and the smell is almost unbearable. We end up opening the doors outside to try and get the smell out but it doesn't work. I've complained to some people that I suspected we're smoking but they act clueless. It's been going on for too long and I can't live with this smell every night. We are in building...

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Water Shut Down

Feedback Question for Windmeadows

I didn't get a notice about the water being shut down. When will it be back?...

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change washer

Feedback Problem for Windmeadows

Good evening, in the past I asked for help to check the washing machine, it was new and it was blocked, they told me that they would ask for a guarantee, which seemed good for the good of the apartment. Today they brought me another new washing machine, unfortunately for me it is very small, causing inconveniences because it does not allow me to wash blankets or sheets, and when one pays an additional value for the washing machine in the rent of an apartment what you want to avoid is to move to the extra washing room that has the whole, it is very uncomfortable to go out with clothes, so I...

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Cat poop by dumpster

Feedback Problem for Spruce Knob

There has been a large pile of cat litter/poop right in front of the dumpster nearest my building for over a week now. Accidentally stepped in it when it was dark out....please send someone to clean it....

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Pool Hours building 6939.

Feedback Problem for Westwood Suites

Some residents are disregarding the time that they should vacate the pool, They usually make a lot of noise and playing loud music while enjoying their alcohol. I think that management should be strict on the this because it is causing other residents who want to sleep a sleepless night especially those who have babies and kids. I believe that no one should be making noise and playing loud music past midnight....in many occasion Friday, Saturday, Sunday and sometimes midweek there are residents who don't care. I'm requesting the renting office to do something about this issue...

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Feedback Praise for Bellagio

I had a service request for multiple things around my apartment that needed attention. And I must say the maintenance guy Mohammed Aljonabi went above and beyond to repair what needed fixed. That was the best service I've received since I moved to Bellagio thanks to Mohammed Aljonabi...

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Dryers Not Working Properly (2224)

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Hi, the dryers in apartment 2224 aren't drying clothes properly. Clothes come out super damp after a cycle, even when I put in extra quarters. Can this problem be resolved? Thank you!...

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Feedback Praise for Turnbury at Countryside

I have been having a lot of issues on my unit, however this is not about my issues.. Vicky the maintenance tech have been one of the most professional, prompt , ethical, and so understanding. Every time there is an issue and she comes she does an amazing job, she does an amazing job. Thank you for all your efforts

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Microwave Is Not Working... Again

Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

So my microwave died again. I'm not sure if it will be fixed. I think it just may be best to order a new one...

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Move out

Feedback Question for Parkland Flats

I'll be moving out dec 1st, what is your process...