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You had one job....

Feedback Problem for Brooklyn Flats

Whoever left the two bags of dog poop at the top of the staircase needs to dispose of it properly. I’ve lived here for over a year and have never posted in here... until now. Please get your “shit” together, literally and figuratively because this is unacceptable. IMG_0041.HEIC

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1st dryer on the bottom

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

The 1st dryer on the bottom is not working.

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Feedback Problem for Westwood Suites

dear neighbor: it bothers you to listen for a moment to a crying girl (a girl with autism) we usually try to control the situation super fast, but you hit the wall of the room strongly; But I do have to listen to his music at full volume? your family fights with more than 7 people in an apt? Does your dog bark all morning when it costs only in the apt? well let me tell you that you are a bad neighbor friend, I have more than 4 years with mckinley and I have never had any problem of any kind always regarding the entire contract.

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Michael, Stacy, and Maintenance team are wonderful

Feedback Praise for Aspen Chase

I had a chip in my sink about 2 weeks ago so I called to have it fixed. Michael and Stacy were very helpful in putting in the request and ordering the parts. The maintenance team did a fantastic job with the sink replacement and I want to thank all of the staff for being so professional. : )

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Dumpster area is slippery and dangerous

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

The ground within the dumpster enclosure has become very slippery. I'm guessing during the week the area was buried in trash, either something leaked out or started to grow there. If the dumpster situation is resolved, would it be possible for maintenance to pressure wash the ground within the dumpster area before somebody slips and falls?...

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Need and Update on my work order

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

I put in a service request for my air conditioner to be fixed. They came, threw all of the stuff in my closet all over the floor, then left without leaving a note. I have not received any kind of update on what is going on or what needs to be fixed. This is extremely unprofessional and unreliable. I would like to know what is going on in my living space and I would also like for my items to be respected.

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Lakeridge St Reseal

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

No email for the folks living on Lakeridge that when they wake up in the morning their car is going to be towed to some random parking lot on the property? Okay, I see how it is. It's cool. No, it's fine I get it. Everybody else got an e-mail this week, but Lakeridge? Oh no, not Lakeridge. Twin Lakes knew about it. Woodchip, which I didn't even know was a street here, knew about it. But Lakeridge? What, you guys think, everyone on Lakeridge is the Oracle from the Matrix and can bend spoons to see into the future? What about Phase 7 ya'll? I might be outspoken about this,...

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The gym

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

Soooo we on month 8 and the treadmill still broken. Two months for the other equipment to be broken. I Just wanna know is the pool, gym, parking and laundry part of our rent or are those services free and will be repaired at your convince? Just feels like a lot of stuff isn’t constant and when brought up its brushed off.

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Air conditioning

Feedback Problem for Esperanza Apartments Homes

Our air conditioner broke yesterday afternoon, slept in 90 degree heat last night. Please fix

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Feedback Question for Celano Apartments

I see cars with towing warnings isnt this place like our home while we are renting and consider private property? So why is a towing company have right to tow because of expired tags? Isnt that DMV responsibility and have grace period for an individual to pay? That is consider stealing my car if that happens to me . And I see some cars are back in so the only way they look is they walk up to it. Are these people police Officers? Or what or just a towing company that is greedy for money?