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Missing package

Feedback Problem for Traver Ridge

Has anyone seen my missing Sun Basket delivery?

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Lost Rent Check

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

I paid my rent in full on 2/2/19 at the leasing office with a personal check #1597 and was given a receipt (Number 597767). I gave my rent check to a brown haired female at the first desk to the right when you walk through the front door. On 2/7 I was received a call from a gentleman from the leasing office inquiring when I was going to take care of my "Balance". When he informed me that my rent 'wasn't' paid I informed him of when I paid and who I had given it too and he said he thinks he knew who it was. After asking my if the money had came out of my bank account...

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Sidewalks and Parking Lot

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

I am totally upset with the conditions of the parking lot and the sidewalks at Aspen Chase following the storm. The ice had to have been at least an inch thick. How can every other lot and road be clear but not here. It is not even safe to leave your apt. The rain stopped hours ago, as you drive by other communities they are all clear and the walk in front of the office is cleared but not in front of any of the buildings.

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Incredible Amount of Ice At McDonald Mansion- My Car is Stuck....Again

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Hello, There is a ridiculous amount of ice all over the McDonald Mansion. ALL of the pathways are covered in thick sheets of ice and it is almost impossible to walk. It is also almost impossible to drive. Unfortunately for me it IS impossible to drive. My car is currently stuck on the trail on the side of the Mansion that is closest to the leasing office. If you look from the lot of the leasing office you will see it. I cannot move my car without risking sliding into the tree that is directly behind it. I was attempting to move my car knowing that the LAST time there was this much ice many of...

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sidewalk cleaning

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

is there a sidewalk cleaning service scheduled? they are really slippery today. at least in front of 2443.

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Salt the walkways

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Salting needs to be a priority. When i walked onto the walkway i slipped fell all the way into the street because the walkway, sidewalk, and grass are all iced over. Salt the walkways! People can get hurt.

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Noise complaints

Feedback Problem for The Villas

What do we do about noise complaints when the office is not open? I’m in building 9 and it’s 12:30am. Someone in one of these apartments is blasting music so loud I can hear it clearly in my apartment with the tv on. This happens constantly. Someone is just blasting super loud bass and I can hear all the lyrics through the walls.

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Improved Customer Service, Thank you.

Feedback Praise for Bella Capri

Thank you Bella Capri. Jen, the Community Manager at Bella Capri, is making a good example for good customer service. She is polite to residents and she is very responsive to put resident's needs first. I am grateful that the crew in the office has been working on the Bella Capri's treatment of residents over the years, improving kindness with a smile and improving attentiveness to maintenance. Keep it up!...

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Water Bill

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

Where do we pay the water bill? I don't want to be charged a late fee. Was told you pay it along with rent but never found it...

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Felicitaciones y agradecimiento.

Feedback Praise for Bellagio

Quiero agradecer a la Administración de Bellagio y todo su equipo por su trabajo ante la difícil situación del incendio de nuestro edificio 3322. Han sido días dificiles y aunque siempre van haber reclamos y situaciones la rapidez con que este Team se movilizó es de agradecimiento. El trabajo de todos pero en especial el de Tamara y la Asist.Ashlyn su comprensión y amabilidad hicieron la diferencia. Estas 2 empleadas son un acierto para Bellagio. Ya Gracias a Dios en nuestro apartamento. Dios Les Bendiga mucho. Att. Edwin Rios