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Windows and lack of notice regarding repiping

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

We never received a notice about the delay in window/patio door replacements and our apartment has been moved around for weeks waiting for contractors, but it seems like there’s no method of organization that they’re following back here. My girlfriend’s tire was punctured by the stray screws in the parking lot, which caused her to miss work since she has to drive to Tampa and getting out of the complex in the morning is a nightmare because the workers don’t know how to clear an area properly. We also never received any notices about repiping and would not have known if I hadn’t logged on to...

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Feedback Problem for The Pines

Hello. I am worry about this situation. Every time I have to go to the lease office because the AC does not work properly. Also I have ROACHES in my house, those bugs have been getting out from the pipelines. THIS IS REALLY DISGUSTING.

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Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

There was no warning that our water would taste like glue after the plumbing work was completed. And there was no notice that garbage would be left behind as well as all over the property during this renovation. I’m left wondering will the walls and ceiling be patched, painted and put back together in presentable fashion or will I be left with an apartment looking like crap?! I see the signs placed along the street advertising newly renovated, now leasing etc and I’m not sure what you’re showing people to entice them to move in. We have discarded water bottles, paper, wood boards, doors,...

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Pay rent

Feedback Problem for Amalfi Apartments Homes

why is not letting me pay my rent on line ... ! I thought could pay online ....

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Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

The entrance door leading from the Mail Center to the courtyard will not shut securely. Also, what is the unlock code for the exercise room? Thank you

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Feedback Problem for The Ponds

I’ve called several times about my dishwasher not working. Maintenance comes and rig it to work for a day and it goes right back out! It’s ridiculous.'s picture

Pago renta

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

Muy buen día , estuve tratando de llamar a la oficina pero el número sólo me envía para emergencias y dejar mensajes, tuve un problema personal y el pago de la renta no lo pude realizar a tiempo sin embargo hoy solo he conseguido para pagar y veo q me aumentaron 200$ adicionales !! Quisiera por favor poder hablar con alguien que me pueda ayudar el día de hoy yo voy a pagar 950$ pero el resto puedo pagarlo en 15 días ! Mi pregunta es va a seguir en aumento ??

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Laundry Machines

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

The laundry machines are double to triple charging me each time. Also, instead of charging me $1.75 they are charging me $2.00 and I didn’t select the heavy mode which warrants that price. How do I resolve this and also get my money back they’ve stolen?

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Please help - draft/spiders coming in

Feedback Problem for Meadowbrook Village

Hi! our front door has a separation in it above and below the door frame where the door doesn't quite fit and we have spiders coming in like crazy. I have tried to put out traps and we've caught so many. can you please help fix the door so we don't have huge separation? please help- these spiders are grossing me right out...

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Parking behind building 4601

Feedback Problem for Studio Parc

Cars should not be able to park on the side by the grass. It's almost impossible not to hit a car.....