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free floor cleaning

Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

I was told i could get a free floor cleaning when i signed my new lease. Can i get this soon? And who do i need to contact . thanks

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Recent water problem

Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

Due to careless contractors the water in my building was shut off. As an infirm person this utility is essential. Your emergency maintenance person solved the issue quickly.

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Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

Hi, Can we paint our kitchen cabinets? I can’t stand the dark brown. It makes the kitchen feel smaller than it is. Can I paint them white like some of the other apartments have?

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Speeding problem!

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

There is a major speeding issue near the side gate entrance/exit. People drive super fast down this area making it scary just to back out of your parking space. I've almost been in head on collisions just trying to get out of the complex. I've also witnessed other people have the same issue and it resulted in people getting out of their cars and yelling at the person who almost hit them. The speeding upon entering and exiting the side gates is super dangerous. I suggest speed bumps and closing the gate and opening for exit only. There are speed bumps through the complex so it doesn...

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Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

I have a question. When I signed my contract it states that I pay an amount for utilities. Since new management came in, you guys have been robbing everyone making them pay extra for utilities. But I will look into this, I’m fed up with the contract saying one thing and you guys charging another. I understand it’s a new rub system but it’s just not adding up.

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Screen in windows

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

I asked this a couple years ago and never got a response. Is it possible to get screens in the first floor hallway window like there are on all the other windows? When I came in today, the door was propped open for circulation--I have been followed inside by a stalker before, so I would really appreciate keeping everyone safer. To other residents, please do not prop the door open for this reason. Thank you.

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1081 Apartment 201 maintenance

Feedback Problem for Traver Crossing

Good evening, There are a few problems with my apartment that I would like Maintenance to check out please. First off, our Air Condition / Heating unit is either very dirty or very rusty. I am worried that we may be breathing not 100% clean air. If it's dirt, can we request a clean up of the machine. If it's rust, can we talk about replacing the unit? It is very old. The other problem is that in the corner of one of the bedrooms has a streak of mold up the wall. It runs from the bottom of the floor about mid-way up the wall. I'm thinking a pipe could have burst. Thank you for...

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Zero sense of urgency

Feedback Problem for Esperanza Apartments Homes

Horrible communication and major lack of urgency when it comes to maintenance requests. First, my ceiling needed repair from all the rain... 5 days of workers cutting holes in the ceiling and cleaning up the plaster mess falling from to the floor. Conveniently right after, my AC no longer runs. NO COMMUNICATION from management on timeline or process of action to repair. Maintenance employees were being sent to the completely wrong property for DAYS. They claim it was me who did not follow through with meeting them at my unit... well that’s because they weren’t there !!! I have had to make...

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Stolen Package

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

I just wanted the residents of Conway Forest to be aware that someone is going around stealing packages. I had something delivered to my apartment yesterday and it was taken. So sad that someone felt the need to steal something that wasn't theirs...

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Wasps outside 2125

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Wasps keep getting into my apartment every day - spray and remove any and all nests around 2125 and 2123 thanks