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Bicycle Rack for Sun Pointe

Feedback Question for Sun Pointe

I think it would be a good idea to provide residents with a bicycle rack. There are residents, including myself, who have bikes and must bring them inside to store safely, including putting them on their deck (making wheel marks on the carpet, throughout the apartment). This would be a practical and great amenity and I think McKinley should give this suggestion serious thought. Thank you.

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Maintenance Online

Feedback Idea for Westbury Park Townhomes

Now that we can pay rent online, how about streamlining maintenance requests and placing them online, too?

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Feedback Idea for Champaign House

I am very pleased with living at Champaign House, there are just a few things that would help improve my experience. The most important perhaps is a security issue. All of the parking spots are numbered with our apartment numbers, this is at times convenient; however, it makes it so anyone who wanted to break in could immediately see who was home and who wasn't. A numbering system that did not match apartment numbers would be a more secure method. Tenants could just be assigned a parking space, also that way if parking spaces needed to be rearranged, you would be able to just assign...

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Great Maintenance service

Feedback Praise for Hessel on the Park

On March 22nd., Jack did a great job when he came to do some repairs to the apartment, at 1646 Valley Rd, Champaign IL, at Hessel on the Park.

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Feedback Problem for Westbury Park Townhomes

We have requested repairs to our townhome for 2 years and have only had 1 or 2 things fixed. Some are dangerous - like the banister falling off the wall (husband fell down the stairs). Not sure what's happening with the repair staff - always seems to be somebody different - but follow-up is a must. Anybody else having repair problems?...

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thank you

Feedback Praise for

I love it here at Seaside. Thank you for the pools, the grills, the water view, the hammocks, and I'm looking forward to the hot tubs! xoxo...

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Turnbury Staff

Feedback Praise for

I've been a resident at the Turnbury for a year and was on the fence about renewing my lease. I looked at several other apartments around and found several other properties with equal and sometimes better amenities and newer apartments at comparable prices, but the thing that made me decide to stay was how nice and helpful the staff has been here. In particular, Khris Bartley. She is always friendly, says hi by name every time I have walked in the office or have seen her out on the property, and has always been happy to help or answer any questions I have had. Khris should definitely be...

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work out partners

Feedback Question for

If anyone is interested in a workout partner.. Drop me a note and maybe we can meet in the gym. Looking forward to moving into the community next month. Thx

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could not find me in the community!!!

Feedback Question for

i have lived in turnbury of countryside for almost 2 years!!! the new website can not find me in the community!?

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Feedback Idea for Westbury Park Townhomes

We need more trash facilities. I think that either we need to change the scheudle of our dumpster pick-up, increase the number of dumpsters, or increase the number of pick-ups. Everytime the dumpster is emptied, the trash that was overflowing on top of the dumpster is knocked off and is not picked up by the trash company. I see the maintenance men putting the trash back into the dumpster making it already half full. Every weekend the dumpster is disgraceful and in violation of Champaign ordinance. I think we likely need more than one dumpster for a group of 42 townhomes. The last rental...