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We love living here! The Wood's...

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Just an idea but a GREAT one!

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Almost every week you read or hear of an apt complex devastated by fire. In your next newsletter you might want to impress upon your residents to PLEASE be extra careful in the kitchen, making sure that smoking materials are propery extinguished and making sure that children don't have access to matches/lighters. Also to be care- ful not to overload an electrical system. You've got the idea. By the way - I think the office and maintenance staff are awesome!...

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Paying rent online

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I am very glad we can finally pay our rent online now, I just have one question... when we pay online do we just do one payment for our rent and the water bill or do we split them up and do two separate payments? Thank you for your quick response

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The last time I did my laundry, there were 4 broken machines in the laundry room located behind Bldg. 23, Now again I went to do laundry and there are still 2 broken machines. If the cost of doing laundry is being raised from 1.25 to 1.40 per load then I expect to have all machines working. When is this problem going to be fixed ????

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Garbage over the west wall

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I think that the residents that throw their garbage over the west wall dividing the power easement/Top of the World golf course, and Turnbury Apartments should be ask to move, that garbage brings racoons that bring disease to mostly the same kids that climb over the wall to throw trash back over to the parking lot. this kind of filth is nasty looking and clean residents should not have to live with this unhealthy filth. * Title edited to protect resident privacy

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Most of us who are all grown up remember mom telling us to make sure we close the door behind us. Too bad that mom never reminded some of us to open the door to the garbage container. This past week has been really bad in terms of tidiness. And it's not the Staffs fault. I have driven by the dumpster really embarrassed because it resembles a scene from a 1920's shanty town. Can we please remind people......again, that garbage belongs in the compacting dumpster. Not in front of, on top of, around or spilling out into the driving area?...

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Rents keep changing

Feedback Question for Sun Pointe

As more apartments become available, the rents drop (same size, same amenities), we're paying $899/mo and there are adds for this complex for less. It does not seem fair. More importanly, we would like to move over to the Hancock side of the complex. How can we come to an agreement on this. Apt. is clean, I can clean the carpets, only slightly soiled. Please get back to me. Thanks. Diane Howley...

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Fees for moving within the complex

Feedback Problem for Sun Pointe

When I chose to move here (online) October 09, there was only one apartment available, so we took it. It's on Beville, right out in the open, noisy, car pollution and no privacy. There is an apt.on Hancock which is available (lst fl). We'd like to move into this apartment. I want to know why Sun Pointe changes a move fee of $350 for the same complex. We're on disability and it would be more suitable to live on the other side. Can we work out a payment arrangement. (see next email). Thanks. Diane Howley...

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Landscape Repair Request

Feedback Problem for Westbury Park Townhomes

When are your going to fix the landscaping at the corner of John and Frank, which is an eyesore? I have been requesting this since you removed the bushes two years ago. There are leftover stumps, no vegetation, and the parking lot is disintegrating. When there is a lot of precipitation (rain, snow), it accumulates on the sidewalk and makes it difficult for pedestrians.

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Broken Dryer

Feedback Problem for Hessel on the Park

Hi, after 3 months of repeated phone calls, office visits and 2 promises by the manager to fix it, my dryer still takes 3 hours to dry an average load of laundry.