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extending house rental

Feedback Question for Hessel on the Park

Hello mckinley. I am living in Hessel on the park apartment in Champaign, IL. My house rental will be finished in July 18th 2010. But I need to stay here August 20th. Is it possible? What can I do for that? Please let me know

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Poopie Stations & Pest Control

Feedback Idea for

Perhaps our Poop Patrol could get a break if we had some poopie stations by the desginated "dog walk" areas. In the long-run, it'd save McKinley money to pay for baggies then to have people go around with a poop-scoop and clean up after people that do not know how to curb their dogs. Not to mention this would also help with customer loyalty (I can't think of anyone that likes stepping in poo or having their pets do the same) and keeping our environment beautiful (and not smelly). This would be FAR more helpful than the apparently random cutting down of trees and bushes...

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Rude Visitors And Residents

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As you may have noted in one of my comments in our Ridgecrest group here, I have noticed, along with many of my neighbors, that there has been an influx of rude visitors here lately. I reckon there are many folks at the pool that do not even live here, nor are they being tended to by residents. I've noticed a significant number of people crashing at two particular apartments. I do not think they live here because they were being directed by others (i.e. "It's the apartment to your left.") and these are the very people that are littering in front of our balcony areas and in...

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Why can't the gate be fixed ?

Feedback Question for

We were out at the pool the other night and people just drove in and took over !!!

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Who's Who ?

Feedback Problem for

Lived here about 10 Months and all I see is New faces does anybody know who all these people are ?

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Ongoing Problems at SunPointe Apt 4105

Feedback Problem for Sun Pointe

We've reported twice that is a severe leak by the glass doors in the bedroom when it rains. It has damaged the ceiling, the carpet remains damp (possible mold problem) and the paint is buckling. Nothing has been done. The a/c unit in the ceiling is making noise again, this was first reported in Nov 09. Also the thermostat was replaced twice because it did not come on or shut off and can't regulate the temperature. We've reported these problems to the office for work orders but the work remains undone. Please let us know when we can expect to have this work done. Thank you...

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Feedback Praise for

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms we have living here at Turbury! We appreciate you for all you do! Have a great day!...

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Home Sweet Home

Feedback Praise for Sun Pointe

I have lived here at Sun Pointe for almost a year. I love it here! I love the fact the apartment is cute and cozy. Just enough space. The staff is awesome. I recommend these apartments to anyone who asks. I tell them them you'll feel right at home. Thank you. Susie...

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Laundry center protocol

Feedback Question for

I have gone to the laundry center several times and found all of the machines full. The only problem is that they weren't being used. The clothes were left in them. Is there any way to communicate to our tenants that there are typically people waiting in line for those machines that sit with clothes in them for hours. Like maybe a sign?...

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Need to find homes

Feedback Question for

My name is Ben, I just recently acquired two cats that i was watching for a friend; I found out that they don't have a home anymore. I was curious if anyone would like to adopt for free any one of the two or both for free. Please give me a call and let me know if anyone is interested at 317 625 7753. They are indoor only cats and up to date on their vaccinations...