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Bugs In apt 2203

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Please Spray the apt twice a month for pest control. Please call before coming that day 706-833-1134 or at 706-651-8600 ext 812.

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Gate, A/C Filters, Valet Trash, Covered parking etc

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I've been here over one year and when I signed my lease so many promises and to date none of these promises have been made. False Advertising I would say to get people to sign leases for comissions. Security was my concern when I moved in and to date no security. I keep being told we are working on it ~ this has been over a year! Valet trash pickup was another reason for my moving in ~ what a nice amenity. Nope decided not to do it. Covered parking eventually another good reason to sign a lease. Nope not going to do it. Pest control on a monthly basis? Nope I've seen once when I 1st...

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work out room

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we're new here. how do you get ascess to the weight room...

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Pool wrist bands

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I believe it would be a great idea to issue reusable wrist bands to each resident and their family members. These bands would be required to be worn at all times while at the pool. We have to get a handle on outsiders visiting our pool. We residents pay good money to live here and I would say the majority of us moved here because of the pool. If these others would like to swim in our pool, they can move here and pay the same rent as we do. We really need to get a handle on this situation.

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Whats going on?

Feedback Problem for Hessel on the Park

This year the attention to care has really taken a slide! I was walking around the complex over the weekend and found alot of rubbish, including nappies lying in gardens. This morning when I left the bins were still overflowing - as they have been since Friday. The running of the pool is very poor - the area is littered with plasters/bottles/tissues/cups/towels/togs and all sorts of rubbish. The pool was green and filled with bugs monday morning (I didn't dare try to swim this morning!) The volleyball net still hasn't been put up! We have had comcast poking around in our ceiling and...

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New Maintenance Guy Don, Did Great!

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Monday, May 31, 2010 My hot water heater went out sometime Friday night to Saturday. So, I had to use the emergency maintenance and Don was on duty. Don responded right away Sunday morning; he worked hard to replace something within the breaker and was on his way. Well by Sunday afternoon, still no hot water and Don had to come back. He replaced and “element” and everything was fine. Hot water again. When Don first arrived he introduced himself and said he was new to the complex. He was very polite and extremely cooperative, made small talk with the kids. His customer service as exceptional...

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I Have a proposal. In front of Apartments 163-170 there no path from the parking lot unto the sidewalk. A walkway would be beneficial to keep people from walking on the mulch and landscaping. Also, i noticed that the maintence crews only placed mulch about half way around this area. The are could use some cleanup and fresh landscaping. I also believe that a few permanant mounted grills on the walkways would be beneficial to the residents. Thanks for your Time.

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What is going on with the gym door? This is ridiculous. Everyone is complaining and nothing is being done. I work 9-6 and cannot get into the gym because while the lock is broken, it is only open during office hours. This was a selling point for this complex to have a 24 hour gym (included in rent) and we don't have one and this is the second time this has happened in 2 months. I'm very dissappointed in the new management and we all feel we are getting the run around! Tenants, if you agree with me you have to vote on this feedback or they won't answer it!! Tell them how you...

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Poor High Speed WIFI at Sun Pointe

Feedback Question for Sun Pointe

I have spoken to Arimba on several occasions with regard to the poor performance of their service. We have spent approximately 2 hours trying different methods of "upping my compurter's performance". There is no problem with my computer. Further they claim there is no disruption in service. I do my business online, which includes uploading documents and photos. The service goes down constantly, during the weekday at any time, after work hours, and on weekends. This is not acceptable. Technically I'm paying for this service through my rent. Since so many new tenants are...

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Gym key???

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My key isn't working at the gym tonight. We've been using it for the last six weeks almost every day. Do they get demagnitized or is the door system down???...