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apartments need major updating

Feedback Problem for Hessel on the Park

The apartments at Hessel on the Park need major renovations... everything is old and falling apart. It takes FOREVER to get someone in to fix things or return calls. Overall very, very poor customer service!! I am very happy to be moving from this place! I think if Hessel on the Park is going to claim to have "luxury apartments" and charge the amount of rent they do, then the apartments need to be updated and better maintained.

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Male cat needs new home!!!

Feedback Question for

A family that lived in the building across from me left their gorgeous cat behind after moving out a few weeks ago! The cat is a non-neutered male (willing to neuter), buff in color, about 2 years old, in perfect health- just skinny from lack of food, and extremely affectionate! If you are interested or have any questions please message me!

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Speeding Will Kill a child.

Feedback Problem for

Over and over I have had to yell at someone speeding.The posted speed limit is 5 MPH. And I know that seems slow.I wouldn't care about 15 MPH.Kids ride bikes from between buildings and run from behind cars. I've seen some driving over 35-40 MPH. And that was within a few feet of a child.I have 3 young kids.And have had someone Drive within 2-3 foot of my kids at over 35 MPH."Well over 35 MPH." Would like to see a notice in the mail room.On the fact that if they Don't care about the life of a child running out in front of them.Then maybe they would care that...

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Very disgusted with "High Speed WIFI' at Sun Pointe

Feedback Question for Sun Pointe

I've written before about this problem. High Speed means High Speed. The speed on the WIFI here is POOR to say the very least. It should NOT take 1.15 hours to upload a 30 second video, nor should my computer lose connection constantly. This problem MUST be solved. I WILL get Brighthouse High Speed Internet service and take the cost off my rent, I am serious. I do not call this poor service an amenity - it's more of a pain in the butt! Put in more routers, do something, this is unacceptable. Diane Howley...

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Laundry Room

Feedback Problem for

There are 2 washing machines broken on the Laundry room by building 14. Thks.

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The noisy neighbors have simmered down - HURRAY!

Feedback Praise for

I have to say, I've looked around and found tons of web sites where people leave apartment communities simply because the staff is unresponsive, patronizing, or just plain lazy. Noisy neighbors and poor maintenance are some of the top complaints. Bad news obviously travels faster than good news so I want to make it known that I appreciate Cheryl and her team's effort to remind our neighbors about common courtesies they seemingly were unaware of. The residential noise, litter, and disturbances as a whole have died down significantly. Understandably, there's only so much property...

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A Big Thank You to Carl

Feedback Praise for Sun Pointe

I just wanted to thank Carl for his great help in solving the leak problem in our unit. I know sticking his hand down that down pout was a surprise! Also, he keeps on top of any issues we've been having. He is friendly, professional and knows how to get the job done. Again, Thanks Carl! Note to Management -- he deserves a few extra days off for good work, he deserves it!...

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My Issues

Feedback Problem for Sun Pointe

Let me first say that I am very please with the staff at Sun Pointe. Cedric, Carl, Jared, and Bonnie. In fact, Jared helped me move in a large amount of my furniture into the apartment. I've never seen that in all my 74 years of living. That someone working for the apartments would have that type of care and concern. Well let me get down to it, I have a problem with the air quality in my apartment, and I asked to have the ducts cleaned. Carl was very nice about it, and told me he would get back with me about the process. I spoke to Cedric and also informed me the same. These guys are...

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Electric Stoves

Feedback Idea for Sun Pointe

I would feel alot safer at Sun Pointe if they had Electric Stoves and Ovens in the apartments. I know that they are trying to fix the leaks and the problem but whos to say somone doesn't realize that their stove is leaking and goes and lights a candle and the place blows up. The walls are not that thick to protect the person beside you. I am just saying... Not to be a pest cause the property is very nice and quiet and I like it here. But would feel alot safer...

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Will need a workout partner

Feedback Question for

Before putting on these last 35 pounds, I was extremely fit. Looking to get back into the gym, need a running partner. However must be willing to wake my butt up at around 5 am, anyone here go that that early?