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Don is Great!

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Please see the e-mail below, I just received: I just wanted to let you know that Don just came by while my husband, Steven, was home and was able to fix the fan for us. Steven said he was a very nice guy and very efficient. Since he said he was new to the complex as a maintence man, I thought you guys might want to know how pleased we were of his work Thanks, Debbie

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payment history on my.mckinley

Feedback Question for Brandywine

Where can I find a history of payments and charges?

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Immediate Response for air condition failure! 92-degrees

Feedback Praise for Westbury Park Townhomes

Management (Amy) received an email from me this morning at 7:58am central time. Her reply (copy of response "We will get him there right away!"), that is exactly what she has done. The turn around time for her to respond was above and beyond. With her immediate response, it is now 9:16am and Brad the maintenance supervisor just called me at work informing me that they are on the way to fix my air condition. I am happy to report that management will respond if given the opportunity. Please give them the opportunity to assist before sending the wolve after them. Great job management...

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Move Over Facebook, Make Room for McKinley

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What a great way to communicate all the happenings in our community, keep up with rent and iSTA fees, connect with neighbors and make new friends. All I can say is, "Move over Facebook". I took the time to investigate the site after noticing the link at the bottom of your email response to me earlier today Leigh-Brooke. I can definitely see the growth in the way McKinley manages their properties and reaches out to their tennants since I became a resident in April of 2006. Praise the Lord!!!!!...

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Kids taking out trash!!

Feedback Idea for Westbury Park Townhomes

I have observed kids taking out trash on bikes, dropping it along the way. Is it fair to say reporting that to managment would help any? I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep my community clean. I cleaned up the trash around the dumpster on yesterday (Monday), I do not live like that it is heart breaking and embrassing to see two large dumpsters and garbage still being placed outside of them. Please somebody provide some sort or resolution to this ongoing problem. Managment can't do it all, so now I am putting this ball back in the residents court. Let's play ball and play...

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Trash outside dumpster

Feedback Problem for Westbury Park Townhomes

Management has provided the dumpsters, the dam residents still put the trash outside the dam thing..what is wrong with this picture? Residents any suggestions? We complain about managment, now who in the heck will complain about residents? I will let's stop this mess, and keep our area clean!! I do not live ghetto style, hell I pay 2 much rent and I want my area to look nice and clean and so should you! I am mad as hell right now with my neighbors. Management should implement fines for this mess. Come on all let's stop this sh*&...

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Feedback Praise for Champaign House

THANK YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My life is so much easier since you added the online payment feature. Greatfully, S.Weckerly

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Customer appreciation day

Feedback Question for Westbury Park Townhomes

I have only lived in Westbury for one month. After having talks with long term residents it is obvious that McKinley has never shown appreciation to the residents. I am asking that McKinley consider providing a residents appreciation day. This will help eliminate some of the frustrations that residents has endured. By doing that, it shows the residents that we are appreciated. We pay monthly rent and we should be provided with some sort of apprecation having to deal with not only every day life experience, but also living in areas that sometimes brings on frustration.

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Clean up

Feedback Praise for Westbury Park Townhomes

We are now getting somewhere, our home is beginning to feel like home. Thanks to management for listening to resident's concerns and being heard. We have our dumpsters, the entire community has increase in terms of keeping the area clean. We still have a ways to go, but we are seeing progress...

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Play ground for kids

Feedback Question for Westbury Park Townhomes

We live in a community with small kids. I have observed them playing in the parking lot which scares me. I would highly suggest McKinely putting some items in the Westbury Townhomes community that would alleviate any injuries possibliy death to those kids. Nothing large, but something that will occupy their time while outside playing, it is nothing for them to do other than ride bikes on sidewalk and sometimes in the grass. You allow families to move in with small children, I think you should provide some sort of play area for them. Other residents would agree, however I do not have small...