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Feedback Question for Brandywine

Are you aware that their are residents living in this community that are registered sex offenders? Their address, pic, and details of their crimes are available on

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New Equipment In Brandywine Athletic Gym Please!

Feedback Idea for Brandywine

The tredmills squeak something horrible, there is no padding give, and speed wise its slower then newer versions of tredmills. Needs new, bright, bold paint in the gym. You can get rid of the pop machine, there is no use for it.

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justine- office

Feedback Praise for

thanks for helping me get my guys are sooooo sweet

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garage/patio sales

Feedback Idea for

how about an apartment-wide patio carport sale this fall...everybody has stuff to get rid of...just a thought

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Ivan Brentley- maintnance man

Feedback Praise for

we wish good luck to IVAN on his upcoming departure from Carmel Woods. wish him good health. his work has always been commendable and we will miss you.

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midnight pool party

Feedback Praise for

party was great.....hope you do it next year

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Feedback Problem for Champaign House

I had called in to the local office to complain about the blinds since my daughters wasnt working right. When I called and spoke to someone starting with a J they said oh you have been there 6 years instead of fixing them why dont we replace them. I said wonderful due to they are pretty crappy looking. It took a month later for maint to come out after I had to call 4 to 5 more times when I thought I was getting new ones. They come out fix the one and dont say anything. So I called the office to speak to Amy the manager and she states if they can be fixed they fix them. My issue is why would...

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Destructive little kiddies!

Feedback Problem for

I am constantly picking up trash in my hallway. Parents are allowing their children to play in the hallways and I have found huge rocks, toys on the steps, newswpaper thrown all over the hall, water poured on the slippery areas. I have also walked out onto my patio and tripped over a bicycle that was just thrown onto the grass. The bike belongs on the upstairs patio. Also, the same children that are destroying the hall are playing in the parking spots and can be hit if the person parking isn't watching very carefully.I have made many complaints and I am assuming it was addressed but...

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Managing the site

Feedback Question for Brandywine

I was made aware of the site when signing my lease. I am using this for the first time and I am unable to find where to make a maintenance request. I have called the office with this request, but no one has returned my message. With that, I thought if I requested through the site I may have better luck. Thank you, Angela Bailey

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Christy Baker

Feedback Praise for

Love you guys!! Thanks again for the carpet and getting the bug guy out here so fast, no more ants for like a week now, LOL!