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Feedback Praise for Indigo Winter Park

Ricardo is fantastic! I put in a maintenance order on Tuesday for two door problems. He showed up Wednesday and fix the door that hides the washer and dryer. Also, he took out a TV that I couldn't carry even though he didn't have to. I originally put it 3 orders when I moved in for my front door. You could see completely under it. I ended up putting a draft blocker on it. Ricardo came in today and fixed it. I was so happy when I came home to see that he fixed it. He is wonderful! Thank you Ricardo!...

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Car stolen from the second time

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Somebody tries all the car doors in the parking lot behind the home store. They don't break anything but they steal anything of value they find inside. It's happened at least two times that I'm aware of since I've been here. Make sure to lock your car doors...

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Urgent Maintenance

Feedback Problem for Parkland Flats

I have put in several requests/calls for maintenance since July 3rd and I have not received any response. Can someone please contact me.

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No response on maintenance request...and termite problem

Feedback Problem for Esperanza Apartments Homes

I live in a 4 plex apartment...WE share 1 washer and dryer. At least two of us have made maintenance requests and phone calls to get the dryer fixed. It is also smelling like it is burning and this is a major fire hazard. Nothing has been done to address this. We need to clean our clothes and be safe!! No remedies for taking care of a dry cleaning bill or offering another service has been offered while this appliance is broken. Additionally, I have seen evidence of termites in my apartment for months. I have reported this via service request and spoke to regional manager. Literally nothing...

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mrs. Tamara

Feedback Problem for Studio Parc

Good morning, mrs. Tamara please I would like to pay the rent online. But it's blocked for me to pay. Sorry, I study English at Harvest and the school sought payment on the debit card without my authorization. I still can not speak many words in English. because I'm a beginner. I passed a check please I would like to get it back. I'm going to pay at the beginning of next week because in Brazil it was a holiday and I'm going to transfer the money. please help me I would like to continue to pay for the internet I live in the parc studio since 2014 I have never delayed the...

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Insanely High DTE Bill - Anyone Else Have This Issue?

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

I live in a one bed, one bath apartment with my dog at Golfside Lake Apartments. Why was my last DTE bill $138?!? My bill before that was almost $100, so I made sure to keep my ac at 73-75 (which is still hot but I can't seem to afford lower), blinds shut, windows shut, lights off. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I'm wondering if this apartment isn't insulated well and that's the reason why my bills are so high, or if there's some sort of issue with the energy reader. I've lived in apartments before with roommates and even then our bill wasn't this...

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Service request

Feedback Question for The Parks

I put in a service request on July 3. Got email confirmation. Still no response.

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Support with Pantry Moths

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

Hi there, I just discovered that I likely have pantry moths in my kitchen. I do a lot of baking and apparently, they are attracted to lots of flour and grains. Is there an exterminator who is able to treat the problem? Thank you in advance for your support.

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A/C possibly (probably) broken in L

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

I'm not sure if this is the place to submit this after office hours, but our unit is getting awfully hot and I haven't heard the A/C kick on for at least an hour now. (I reset all the breakers, and still nothing.) I'm in building L...

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Feedback Question for Carlyle Flats

Hello, Carlyle is out of propane again in both grills. Can we please get some tomorrow? Thank you