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Gate code at Willow Flats

Feedback Question for Willow Flats

Did you all change the gate code for Willow Flats and not tell anybody? If so, what is the new code?

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Pool & Neighbors In Its Path

Feedback Problem for Portofino

I am a little worried about the people who live across from the pool. That pool is very full, and there are two buildings on the other side of the parking lot. I don't want to start a panic for no good reason by knocking on the doors of strangers, but I am a little concerned since that parking lot slants downward. The tornado threat has passed so real flood threat has passed for the moment, but it is still raining so I asked my husband with much better eyesight to check the situation out. He agrees with me that that pool will overflow if there are more storms so it was us who called...

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Ac leaking again

Feedback Problem for Beach Flats

AC unit is leaking water again. its a slow drip.

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Weird guy

Feedback Problem for Indigo Winter Park

There is a weird guy going around saying he is going kill someone and to stay indoors tonight. A Caucasian about 5' 10" with circle glasses goldish looking frame . hair that reaches just below the jaw line...

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AC Not Working - 4th time this has happened

Feedback Problem for Celano Apartments

It is after hours and we are stuck without working AC in the Florida heat. This has happened multiple times and no permanent fix.

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Feedback Question for Manchester West

Hi Manchester West, I'm curious whether any landscaping work will be done in the very wet areas of our grounds? For example, the "moat" between 1922 and its' neighbor and the parking lot is often a narrow swamp or even puddle. Weeks ago, a lot of clay was dumped under the bridge to the entrance of 1922's neighbor, but nothing else has been done to it. And on the path to the tennis courts, there are two big slabs of concrete of that have been inundated and are now growing slimy stuff. You can't sidestep, either, because the grass is very wet/muddy. I had offered...'s picture

Hallway lights still on

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

The hallway lights in 2261 are on 24/7 and have been since Daylight Savings. This is my 3rd or maybe 4th request to have this rectified. It is a waste of community resources and a drain on the tenants who live in the building. Please correct

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Feedback Praise for Manhattan Flats

I have been experiencing some severe breathing difficulties since moving to Florida last year. My doctor suggested that I may be having problems with accumulated dust in the ductwork in our apartment. I called the office and the next morning there was a crew at my door to clean out the ductwork. While my problem hasn't disappeared, it has gotten alot better, I couldn't have ask for a quicker resolution...

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Bathroom flooding constantly for months

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

Been having issues for months and months now with the bathroom floor flooding with water and bathtub filling up with sewage water. It happens almost every week. They come and fix it, and then it happens again. Will go a few days, maybe a few weeks without it happening and then boom it happens again. It’s been months of this going on. My floors and being dammaged, the walls are damaged, my house smells horrible of mildew and mold. I have reached out about this plus the mold issue before and have not been helped much at all. Thank god i work from home to be able to clean up the flooding but i...

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Feedback Question for The Courtyards

Did the rent go up because I don’t recall a letter saying otherwise?