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Feedback Problem for Bellagio

There should be cameras placed in the laundry room because twice someone removed my clothes from the dryer and used up the time or either there is a broken dryer. Too much money paid for rent for things to be this way. As much as we pay washer/dryer should be included

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Loud Party at the pool after hours

Feedback Problem for Riva

There has been a party with loud music (equipment & DJ!) and people at the people and it's already 9:00 PM and doesn't seem to be slowing down. This is not respectful to the community and is very disruptive. This isn't ok, please do something about this...

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Disrespectful Neighbors at the pool

Feedback Problem for Riva

So apparently we have neighbors that don't know how to read or they don't have respect for the community.. it has been going fine until tonight. DJ equipment muics playing and a food buffet.. like I said it was all going well until tonight. please inforce the pool rules...

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DJ Equipment at Pool

Feedback Problem for Riva

It's one thing to have a small bluetooth speaker streaming off your phone (although technically unalloyed, I let it slide) , but to have a computer and large ass speaker attached is another. These people have no respect what so ever for those who live above the pool. This ain't no club, pack that crap away and set it up at a picnic pavilion or something. Not here...

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Odor of weed!

Feedback Problem for Schoolhouse Flats

The past couple weekends when I come home after work in the evenings, the hallway has smells badly of marijuana! Can you guys please find out who’s doing this and put a stop to it? This isn’t the first occurrence that I’ve smelled it either, and I know you guys put out warnings on people’s doors about it before. But people aren’t listening!

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Feedback Question for Indigo Winter Park

I already submitted a request for maintenance and I'm just curious how long it might take for them to respond to me that they're confirming a date to check on my light problem...

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Having a noise disturbance?

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Attention Azure Residents: Please be aware that if you have any kind of disturbance from your neighbors be it them yelling and screaming to them playing loud music you have a right to complain if it is disturbing or annoying you to ANY extent, it is on the lease agreement/policies given to you before signing. Please be aware that some people don't want to speak out or cause any sort of drama let it be known that they keep it anonymous so calling and complaining is definitely not going to get you in any trouble. This community is supposed to be relaxed and care free as advertised, so...

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Parking question

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

Question for our property manager—who is expected to manage our illegal parking problem? The office staff, the maintenance staff, the residents, or are we expecting the tow company to police the parking lot? It’s Saturday afternoon and just looking at the cars that have backed into their spots, there are 23 cars illegally parked in resident parking.

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Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

The dumpster is empty and I just saw someone take their trash and just leave it by the door and just walked away. Seriously!!!! How is maintenance to do repairs that the residents want if their constantly having to go behind and pick up after Everyone's trash...

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Gate code is not working

Feedback Problem for Palio

Unable to enter gate entry code, message OPEN 1 is appearing