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Feedback Question for Champaign House

Are pitbulls and other large, aggressive dogs allowed in Champaign House? There are a number of these dogs. One pitbull is quite aggressive and the owner has no contoll of this dog. I don't like walking past it and it having come toward me, barking crazily...

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Good Hair Stylist?

Feedback Question for

Hey all! Does anyone know of a good hair stylist in this area? I have one in Orlando, but really would rather not drive that far! Thanks! Shawna

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A/C problems; 6 months pregnant

Feedback Problem for Hessel on the Park

I've let the office know that our A/C has been having problem's for 3 months. I've let someone in the office know about this problem and my roomate has contacted them at least 3 times about it and have only to hear "We will let maintainace know", "Oh, it will be fixed ASAP".... I'm currently 6 months pregnant and am absolutely HATING this 90+ weather and have herd this is NOT good for a unborn child's health. I would just really love to come home to a chilled house but can't have that. The A/C has just so happen to go out in our bedroom where...

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Consideration for people on the ground floor

Feedback Problem for

If you live above someone, please have some consideration for the people that live below you. The floors are very thin and it gets very aggravating when you hear stomping all the time and it sounds like someone is going to come thru the ceiling.

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I need childcare!!!!

Feedback Question for

I have 2 boys, a 7 year old and a 4 year old, and I need childcare. Please contact me asap if you're interested! Thanks, Eric. 317.332.6947...

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Gas Grills

Feedback Problem for

I have been noticing someone using a gas grill on the bottom level and the grill is not being pulled out away from the patio. The flames were high and the fire was very close the the siding. I did report this to a maintenance man that was on duty the minute I saw this going on. But, the problem is it is continuing to happen. I watched the builing behind me burn a few years ago and I am about to see it happen again except another building.

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Anyone Selling a Vacuum cleaner??

Feedback Question for

My dyson broke. Looking for an expensive replacement for now. Let me know?

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Payments online

Feedback Idea for Sun Pointe

When we make payments there should be a record so that others can see what has been paid like the bank has statements online. Also, if you live at other properties they also should be available also.

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Tree from Storm

Feedback Problem for Sun Pointe

There is part of a tree down in front of my apartment from the storm on Saturday

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need something notoried?

Feedback Idea for

just found out notary publics are available mon-fri at ups stores til 7 pm....no more rushing to bank after work there are 3 in carmel. just found that interesting