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raise in rent

Feedback Problem for

Can you call me aqnd let me know why my rent was raised 14.15 this month my lease amount with water is 653.00 now it is 667.15 and i renewed my lease for november at 663.00 any help would be appreciated Ben in 14-112

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locking doors to apartment complexes

Feedback Question for Champaign House

I am satisfied with my Mckinley experience but am wondering if it would be possible to lock the doors that lead into the apartment complex? Yes the doors to our individual apartments lock, but perhaps it would not be such a bad idea to lock the doors leading into the apartment complexes as well. Thanks

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Feedback Praise for

Thanks for removing the sand that had been piling up at the bottom of the steps. Now we just need to have the wall replaced before the whole hill comes down.

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Landscape Repair Request

Feedback Problem for Westbury Park Townhomes

In an email dated June 21, I was told that you were working on fixing the landscaping at the corner of Frank and John--specifically removing the stumps and putting in fill dirt. What is the status of this? I also notice that the asphalt at the parking lot entrance also needs repair.

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1720 Townhome Problems

Feedback Problem for Hessel on the Park

My spouse had given request about a month ago for first 2 items of the following mainatainance that needs to be performed in Townhouse 1720, but the maintainance staff came and told us that they will be taking care of some of the things this week, but did not show up The following are the things that needs to be taken care 1) Patio screen door is broken and needs replacement 2) Front screen door needs replacement 3) The pipes in full bathroom are rusted 4) Half and Full bathrooms needs upgrades 5) Kitchen needs upgrade as all of the cabinets are rusted or catching rust 6) Carpet cleaning...

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Cable Services

Feedback Problem for Sun Pointe

I have been having problems with my cable service since I moved in. They said that they would have to replace the cable to update it and it would also fix the internet problems too. But, It is up to the Apartment Complex to notify Bright House that they need to come out and replace the old cable. So can this be done soon?

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Feedback Problem for Hessel on the Park

Why the free wireless never works? It connects for sometime and than all of a sudden it drops connections and access points? Even if it stays the same than it drops the speed? Is management going to do something about it?

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Dog trashcan stations

Feedback Idea for Hessel on the Park

I think people would pick up their dog's waste more if there was more trash bag/can stations like there are near the dog park.. Most people just don't know what to do with the plastic bag with their dog's waste in it.. so people just don't pick it up.. Just a suggestion :)...

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Picnic/Cookout Pavilions

Feedback Question for

In the 4 months I have lived here, I have not seen either of our two tennis courts in use. I think it would be a wonderful idea to eliminate one of the tennis courts and use the space for picnic/cookout pavilions. Although erecting grills would be convenient for the residents, I do not recommend this. I do however, recommend everyone wishing to use the pavilion bring their own grill. This will partially eliminate the mess that some inconsiderate residents may leave behind. Also, any residents that may wish to use the pavilions should obtain permission for the sole purpose of accountability...

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security deposit -- a good thing?

Feedback Idea for Champaign House

Over the last year Champaign House no longer requires a security deposit. At first this may seem like a good idea, but in the long run this is a terrible idea. The overall quality of the residents is going down, making this an undesirable place to live. If people don't have extra money for the security deposit, then maybe they don't have enough money to pay rent. I only say this because the average stay of my new neighbors is ~6-9 months. I can only assume that these people are getting asked to leave. Also, maybe if the roughly $800 security deposit was required then my neighbors...