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deposit money?

Feedback Question for Hessel on the Park

Hello. I was resident of Hessel on the park apartment in Chamapign IL. I moved out Aug 15th. But I didn't receive any contact about my deposit money. Could you tell me how I can get back my deposit money?...

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The Laundry Police

Feedback Idea for

Pffft. I think its so funny that someone has the odasity to post a sign in the laundry room saying that we should only use 2 washers at a time. REALLY!?! Who died and made you the laundry police? Thank you for that because you made me laugh so hard when I saw it. For someone to complain over something as frivolous as washer machines, all I can ask is WHY? I rarely do laundry here, so if someone who really needs to do laundry that bad they need to fill up all the washers then good for them. BIG DEAL. There are 50 other washers you could use. They pay rent and they pay for use of the machines...

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Feedback Problem for

I have called a reproted numerous issues wrong upon moving in in my appartment. They have half way repaired them and never notify you about being in the apartment. I have had complaints about noise in the appartment below me and even though they say they are doing something about it nothing is ever succeed. People are aloud to park in a no parking zone who care is people can't back out. I call and complain at least 2 times a week. I live at waterford of Mandrin in Jacksonville, Fl. Please help this place get better for me and my children I moved here because I could afford it and it was...

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Repairs for Apartment

Feedback Problem for Sun Pointe

Hey Jared I just wanted to let you know the I will not be avalible on Monday for the repairs. I would say Carl could just come in my my dogs are quick to run out of the front door and since they are so small and quick and they dont know him more than likely he won't be able to catch them. If Tuesday or Wednesdayis better that would be great.the repairs are as follows: The ceiling leaking, stove leaking gas, the fridge keeps leaking, towel rack broke again, the bathtub has caulk missing and I have to keep cleaning to prevent mold, and the outlet in the kitchen shoots out sparks.

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Maintenance Quick Response

Feedback Praise for

I would like to praise the Maintenance Team for their fast response to my maintenance needs. My hot water heater gave out one day and I called and they came within minutes and also repaired my needs on the same day. You can't get any better than that. Thank you Ridgecrest for hiring such a Wonderful Maintenance Team and Continuing to give Great Customer Service as you do. I love where I live in the Ridgecrest Community...

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what a great staff thanks jared

Feedback Praise for Sun Pointe

Thanks for helping me today Jared. I have been so busy at work and the dentist. As far as the issues at the apt would tuesday be better than Monday? I don't mind the wait. I know Carl works hard and I came with a lot today. I know it will be addressed so it is really no bis issue. You and the staff here are great and I you all take pride in your work and keeping your residents happy. With the renewal of my lease coming up there is no doubt I will be staying. Cedrick is always friendly and helpful, Carl well he is in his own catagory so I can't even find the proper word to describe...

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Former Resident Still waiting 5 Months for Security Deposit

Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

I am a former resident of Palm Ceia Hyde Park in Tampa, Florida. I have been working with Jodie the office manager, who has been very polite, at this site to receive my security deposit refund of $100 that is still owed to me. I have been waiting almost 5 months now, and still have not received a check. I lived in apt 2421 G from February 2009 through May 2010. I do not appreciate having to continually call your office after so much time has lapsed, because you do not have your paperwork in order showing I paid the Security Deposit in December 2008. I have provided proof that I did indeed pay...

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Washing machines not working

Feedback Problem for

The laundry room behind building 23 there is only 1 wahsing machine working at this time. Is this problem scheduled to be fixed soon??

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Bike Storage

Feedback Question for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

In response to the letter everyone received today, I would just like to inquire if their are plans to construct another area for bike storage. The only one I know of is by the dumpster area. Is there another storage area? The rack is always full and that is why I have been chaining mine to the stairwell. I did park it in the bike storage area but it will not be covered by the roof and will be exposed to the weather elements which will damage my bike. Thanks for your attention to this matter