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Unsupervised Young childern

Feedback Question for

Who would send a 8 year old to the other side of the complex with the trash? That just sounds wrong........... In the same way we have 3 to 6 year olds running around the complex screaming throwing rocks and tearing up things here. * Thursday they hit a cat in the face with a rock,Having "treed it up a screen." I couldn't tell which of the 6 kids hit the cat. But they are under 7 years old and as young as 3 or 4. But they are way to young to be out running around will out any adults around...

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cant get photo

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on page or also cannot get profile to update when put in likes books etc...

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Broken down car taking good parking spot

Feedback Problem for Champaign House

In Champaign House, most of the parking is assigned, except for one spot not on the gravel lot. That spot is a great parking spot, it doesn't flood like my spot which makes it easier to get in and out of my car without stepping in ankle deep water. Anyway, there is a car that has been parked there for 6 months with a flat tire that has never been driven in that time and it should be towed from the lot. It is the parking spot closest to the bus stop. I just thought I would let you know...

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Feedback Problem for Sun Pointe

11/16/10 I’m writing to express my displeasure in the way Sun Pointe Apartments is handling the no hot water issue. We have gone without hot water since Sunday! This is not acceptable! When I ran into Cedric a short while ago, he said the company has to order a new boiler and we will not have hot water tomorrow and does not actually know when we will. Sun Pointe should give rent rebates for the days we go without hot water. In addition, McKinley could have rented a portable boiler(s) until the problem is fixed. There are people who live in this complex that go to work. Would you like to go to...

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RE: lease renewal

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I just got my lease renewal and noticed the monthly rate if I do not renew will be 759.00 a month. If I do decide to renew the lease, will my rent go up to that amount also?? Or will it stay at the same rate that I am paying now. Since my brother is on a fixed income this is a major issue for us. Thank you very much for your time Debi

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I guess since Pest control was called due to my post recently was gratifying that someone took action. However I am sick sleeping in bed when I hear a guys voice in my apartment I get up quickly to find that the pest control guy is in my house already without me knowing. Not only am I frightened by what happened, but I feel like someone could have told me first so I would have at least be dressed. :/

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Online rent pay not working

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I tried to pay rent twice now Oct 31st, and Nov 1st - both times I've received " payment could not be made." I used the same card # Ive used the other times that Ive paid rent. Not sure what the problem is...

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water bills

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Has anyone else's water bill doubled in the last 2 months, or is it just me?...

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My door needs to be fixed

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Im so upset that my door is crafted so crappy that it is not sealed at the bottom. I have bugs from roaches to spiders to nats and flies entering my house every damn day. I do not like bugs at all in fact I have a phobia of insects and I'm very very unpleased with this. Can maitenance fix my door? Or do I have to live with this misery?...

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maintenence issue

Feedback Problem for Brandywine

I have been a resident of Brandywine for over a year and recently renewed and have been very happy but one problem we have encountered was our air conditioning was broken and have mentioned it several times and other maintenance persons came out to look at it and said it was fine but was not blowing out any cool air then we mentioned it again and after another month a third maintenance person finally fixed the problem and stated that only the compressor was working not the cooling unit so the air-conditioning unit was not blowing out any cold air but the compressor was always going trying to...