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Feedback Question for Manhattan Flats

There are a set of keys on top of mailbox with a lanyard as of 12 am

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Feedback Question for Park Place

Do we have generators?

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Maintenance issues and behavior of Manger Jeffrey A Huff

Feedback Problem for Studio Parc

There were multiple maintenance complaints and some of those were lingering for month and wrongly shown as completed. Mostly I am away and no one is in the apartment for half the time. Now my wife was visiting me for short duration and I wanted all those to be fixed in her presence. I registered complaints on Wednesday July 17, and some one visited my apartment to fix those on Thursday July 18 at around 11 AM. The person who came to repairs was not having any supplies, he removed fused bulb and left on kitchen, removed dirty air filter and left in kitchen and went away telling that he will...

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EV/Hybrid charging

Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

Hi Do we have any EV/Hybrid charging facility within the community?

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ms Jeff

Feedback Problem for Studio Parc

jeff good morning please i need to pay the rent online on debit card .Please write me by email i am studying english i speak english more or less. Let me know by private email. Let me know how to get my check back. originated Milani

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Feedback Problem for Portofino

this is absurd the pool area is all dirty. the barbecue was to run in the beginning of July and so far nothing. You put a fine for delay in everything now when the obligation of the condominium thing works .. not only throw chlorine in the dirty water and find that it is solved. I hope it will be resolved as soon as possible !!!

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Water and Sewer Increase

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

So, with the new system in place and the fact that we are the only ones left in the building, are we responsible for the water used by the contractors as well? It keeps coming up each month and our usage hasn't changed...

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Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

I would like to report my disagreement about the windows job and the use of my electricity for this activity, I have hight consumptions of different days, considering that on the same day that I received the apartment, 11 $ electricity consumption was reported for that day. I would like a clarification on this.

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Feedback Question for Roundtree

So, I've never lived anywhere that hasn't had a wall unit, but we've had the thermostat set at 70 degrees and it's been 81 in the apartment the past two days. Is this normal with how hot it's been or should I make arrangements to have maintenance come out? It's a little worrisome since it's supposed to reach the high 90s this weekend and I don't want it to become completely sweltering in the place...

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Moving out

Feedback Question for Miramar Flats

I need someone to contact me in regards to the moving out process. I called and left a message and no one called me back. Thank you.