's picture

Kids at play

Feedback Problem for Turnbury at Countryside

The children outside have gotten increasingly unruly outside. I have seen their soccer balls hit multiple cars multiple times. This is unacceptable.

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lease renewal requested

Feedback Question for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

I am in 2416 Apt B- can someone please provide me with my lease renewal? In past years I've received it by now for review. Thanks!...

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"You are not authorized"

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

I have no Idea why. But I am not allowed to submit a service request OR make payments on rent. it keeps giving me this error. I already tried calling the office, logging off and on a couple times, and restarting my devices to no success.'s picture

No Response??

Feedback Problem for Piccadilly Flats

I’m trying to transition my lease to an applicant who I’ve spent my time and energy finding and securing. She’s been trying to reach out to the property management office for days to fill out an application and has not heard back. I need someone to respond to her ASAP before she decides not to lease. I refuse to pay rent because management wasn’t responsive and my tenant fell through.

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Cones in parking lot.

Feedback Problem for Spruce Knob

Just curious why there are two cones blocking 2 of the only spaces not covered by falling trees in the parking lot by the dog park. Doesn’t look like any work is being done or any maintenance was done to the spaces. I certainly hope it’s not residents trying tor reserve their own spaces in a lot already over flowing.

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Electric Grill

Feedback Question for Park Place

Hi, I'm a resident of 2056 2B at Park Place and I'm wondering- Are electric grills allowed on our balconies? Thanks, Ann Voelker...

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my contract expires

Feedback Question for Manhattan Flats

Is it possible to extend my rental agreement till Sept 30th? It is expiring July 21, at 11 months.

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Feedback Question for Village Flats

Please email me to confirm my renewal.

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AT&T Fiber

Feedback Problem for Traver Crossing

How many notifications am I going to receive about this service? Was it really necessary for you to provide an AT&T Sales representative with my personal phone number for direct marketing? Presumably, if I wanted the service, I would have replied to one of the emails, or used the information therein to contact AT&T. I find it troubling that Mckinley is willing to give my personal contact information out to 3rd parties for marketing reasons.

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Sharon Smith

Feedback Question for Evergreen

I have decided to renew but I want to get a 2 bedroom apartment