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Package Stolen

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

I returned home to find my package from unit 9 missing. It was delivered Nov 7. Please return it.

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Gym Temp

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

Can you guys please kick the heat on in the gym? I’m wearing 4 layers again.

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Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

Hi We have the urgent problem. The water in our kitchen is leaking to the floor when we use it. Please, sent someone who can fix it as soon as possible. Stanislav Dordik (4830 Lakeridge st 2b)

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Ceiling leaking!!

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

The apartment above us is leaking! There is a huge water spot on our ceiling. I have contacted maintenance over three hours ago and would’ve at least appreciated a phone call back saying something. I know it’s not something that can be fixed really at this time but by morning it’s going to be at least 13 hours since I’ve been home that this occurred. I don’t want mold to grow.

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Neighbors Smoking Weed

Feedback Problem for Indigo Winter Park

How long do I have to deal with my neighbors smoking weed before something is actually done about it? In the past 2 weeks, I have come home to my house reeking of weed 8 times. This is a health hazard for me. Not only does it give me headaches, I also have bad lungs and it makes it worse. Someone needs to do something.

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New office hours

Feedback Problem for Bella Capri

I don't understand , first your Office hours were 9 to 6 then it went from 11 to 6 and then 12 to 5. Now you're only open two days a week. It was already hard trying to pick up my packages with such short office hours. Now how am I supposed to receive them. If a package is delivered on Monday I can't pick it up until that Friday. Seems kind of unbelievable...

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Disrespectful vendors

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

I’m TIRED of vendors leaving messes on my porch and who did you hire to paint the back doors?!?! Paint dropped all over and looks like crap! Not only that but I don’t know if they are delivering appliances upstairs to me right now but they are parked very close to my vehicle and if there any problems or any marks or any scratches on my car I’m going to be suing I’m so tired of this community treating the people who live here like they are nothing. I was pleased at first but now since I renewed my lease I feel like they don’t give a flying crap about me or my daughter I am a single mom I don’t...

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2751 door

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

The back door of 2751 still is not fixed, as someone noted a few weeks back. This is a safety issue, as anybody could walk into the building. Can someone come fix this please?

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Heat Restoration - Thank you !

Feedback Praise for Traver Crossing

Thanks to the maintenance team for working diligently to restore the heat last weekend. A shout out to Jessica for quickly responding to emails and staying on top of things even on a Saturday !

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Return Call please

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

Hey, I’ve been calling office since last week. Can someone from the office give me a call plz?