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Emergency Repair

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

I called twice from 4:30 to 5:00 pm today Friday Dec.7, 2018. No response. My kitchen sink is leaking water. Please respond. Thank you. K Curren 10-32

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No water

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

No water at 2104 Glencoe hills

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Uncontrollable heater

Feedback Problem for Windmeadows

I turned the heater on auto for 78 degrees at 7PM last night. It was 83 degrees at 8:30PM so I turned the A/C off. The heat continued to blow as my family went to sleep and my apartment was 95 degrees at 3AM. We were all drenched in sweat as the heat blew uncontrollably. Attention is needed as the cold season approaches, we do not want to experience this again. Thanks

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New Resident

Feedback Problem for The Ponds

I’m a new resident and I have yet to move in my apartment because it looks like someone just moved out of it yesterday. I gave u the maintenance checklist and no one did anything at all. Plus I seen droppings in my storage area. I will be at the office tomorrow to resolve this issue because it seems like no one cares... if I wanted to live in someone else’s filth I would do that

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Feedback Question for The George

I have to set my heater at 90F and leave the heater turned on for an hour to increase room temperature from 53F to 62F. This costs me a lot of electricity since I have to leave it turned on for a long time. Does anyone experience similar problem? I am freezing.. -- Update: Two hours mark. 68F. Set temperature is 90F.

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Washing/Drying machines

Feedback Problem for SoHo Flats

Our community has a very limited number of washing and drying machines. 3 drying machines and only 2 washing machines, since one is broken, to be exact and yet there are people that let their laundry sit there for hours after the load is done, not letting other do their laundry when they need to. Please be mindful of others and put an alarm on your phone to get your laundry!

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Feedback Problem for The Courts

I put in a work request for my dryer on 11.25. A worker did come by on Monday 11.26 and said that he would return the next morning. I understand that there are other items/issues that may need to be worked first due to importance. But, as of today I have not gotten a follow up call or anything to let me know the status of either getting my dryer to work or if they are just going to replace it. Please let me know what will be done.

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Thanks, Craig

Feedback Praise for Manchester Flats

Thanks, Craig for being tireless in your dedication always, but specifically for fixing my fridge. Letitia

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Fiber Installation

Feedback Question for Schooner Cove

Hi, I just received the email about fiber coming soon. I think this is great. Will this be an additional option to Comcast internet (which I currently have) or will Comcast no longer be an option? Also, I wanted to suggest something that would make Schooner Cove a very attractive place to live. As long as you're already wiring fiber into apartments, if you were to put a digital antenna on each roof for shared use, that would be huge. Right now it's nearly impossible to get a signal (at least on the ground floor) inside the apartment, making it next to impossible to get reception...

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Work orders Not being handled

Feedback Problem for The Ponds

I put a work order in 10/31/18 about these stink bugs coming in through the windows. About a week or so later, Maintenance came and removed the screens but never returned them. I followed up 11/22/18 and I was told they would send someone out to finish it. 12/3/18 I was told that the screens would be put back n the log and handled that day. Here it is 12/5/18 and guess what... Still no screens and as of 9:29 pm, I have killed 3 stink bugs that's gotten through a closed window. Will fox 2 news give me a better result because it shouldn't take over 2 months to replace screens. It...