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Mailbox Key

Feedback Problem for Carlyle Flats

I never received my mailbox key and need to grab my mail.

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Unit 512A

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

I moved in a week ago, and I noticed that I have a leak under my sink in the kitchen. As well as the top left coil of my stove not working.

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Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Good evening. The AC of the apartment is not working. It's not cold. Call your office and have someone review it. The answer was that the AC has an escape, that the pressure is above normal and that it can not be repaired because it is the summer time. I'm sorry but I need you to solve this problem because it's impossible to be calm in such a hot environment. I can't wait for the summer to end so they can solve the problem. Thanks...

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Grill knob broken

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

The middle knob of the grill is broken (it comes right off), so I’m unable to ignite that burner.

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Leasing is ending

Feedback Question for Studio Parc

My lease ends on the 23rd which falls on Sunday this week, I know sundays are only by appointment so I am Not sure what to do.

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Water shut off building A

Feedback Question for The Villas

Was the water supposed to be off? My brother flushed the toilet & bathroom floor is flooded. I’m now cleaning it and there was a LOT of water in there.. I don’t know where the rest of the water went.

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Package Stolen AGAIN

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

Good afternoon, I ordered my pet's flea/tick medicine form my vet and it was delivered on Monday and then promptly stolen from my door. This is now the 3rd time I've had a package stolen form me and I know from previous posts that others have experienced the same issue. We need security cameras or something so we can catch whoever is doing this. It's either someone getting into the apartment complex or a resident, which I truly hope is not the case. I cannot keep dealing with this. It's costing me money, time, and peace of mind...

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Felices con los cambios que se están viendo

Feedback Praise for Aria Beach

La verdad es que estamos contentas con los cambios que hemos visto respecto a las áreas verdes el parque de perro la piscina, en cuanto a mi apartamento, Ivana Padrón ha sido súper amable y diligente y tal cual como se comprometió al momento de convencernos al renovar nos ha resuelto los problemas que hemos tenido. De verdad que han sido cambios del cielo a la tierra comparado a la vieja administración, sabemos que aún falta por mejorar pero en poco tiempo se ha visto más de lo que vi en la vieja administración en 15 meses. De seguir así no dudaremos en seguir renovando con ustedes ya que los...


Air Filters

Feedback Problem for Carlyle Flats

We went to the office 2 days ago after already having a series of problems. They said they were sending over maintenance that day to change the air filter... that was Tuesday, now its Thursday and still, nobody has come.

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Pool Rules

Feedback Question for The Parks

I didn't keep a copy of the Pool Rules flyers that were sent out, but to my recollection, there were rules concerning how many kids per adult. Hate to sound like a killjoy, but, geez, over ten kids to two adults is a bit ridiculous (as it was today at the pool). We told the minor with us that no running and jumping in, cannonballing, etc., was allowed -- only to get there and witness nearly a dozen other kids doing such. This happened last summer, but I hoped the more strict policy was going to correct it. Kids want to have fun at the pool - I get that. However, it's not fun for the...