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Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

No one is answering the phone in the office and the website is saying that I'm not authorized to submit a maintenance request. So here I am, there is a leak coming from my laundry room light. Most likely caused by the idiots that live above me. They have done this before but in the kitchen. Its annoying and I'm tired of them with their loud music over the weekends and their smoking which is coming through our ac unit. Please do something soon. Thanks...

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Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

I am calling the office 7 times and still no one answers the phone. There is no way in the world you are that busy that you cannot answer the phone. I am trying to sleep as some people have odd hours. However, I have workers banging on the walls now for over 1 hour. When is the nonsense gonna STOP? I mean enough is enough. No one ever answers the phone at the office. This place has gone to hell in a hand basket.

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Lease Renewal

Feedback Question for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Hello, I called the office and told them that 2408 Apt. F is not returning and I was told I needed to sign a document and to come to the office. I have been to the office three times all at different days and times and I was wondering if someone could just email it to me and I can sign that I am not returning or email and I can scan it back. Please let me know!! Thank you!!

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Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

The smoke alarm needs a new battery. It is making a lot of noise.

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Lightbulbs out

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

The lightbulbs along the backside of the pool are out, as well a couple on the side building that faces Manhattan. Courtyard is extremely dark at night.

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Copy of lease

Feedback Question for The Springs

In the lease section it doesn’t show the address is there a way I can get a copy of my lease and possibly have a member of management put it in the mailbox by the door? It’s to enroll my daughter in kindergarten and I’m not usually home during office hours

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Can't submit maintenance request

Feedback Problem for Traver Ridge

The website won't let me enter the page of maintenance. An error of "you don't have permission for this site" showed up...

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Feedback Problem for Portofino

It is absurd to pay a fee of 18 dollars for trash and not have a collection. since Sunday the garbage dumps are full of garbage and also on the ground.

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Unattended children

Feedback Problem for The Courtyards

I have been noticing a lot of unattended children(small children) late at night walking around by themselves it's really unsafe especially them being little girls. We need to keep our children safe!...

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Error communicating with API: no response from api server

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Hi, I cannot submit a maintenance request because of the referenced error. Our washing machine will not power on and needs service in building 2970, thank you.