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Air Conditioning

Feedback Problem for The Parks

I have been dealing with this problem since its been hot. I understand the elements of how the air conditioner works and how it can be warmer upstairs than down. My issue comes when the system is on 62 degrees and its 78 in the house. Maintenance has came out several times and keep saying nothings wrong. This unit may need some freon or a filter, I don't know but I know it needs something. The unit went out 7/19 and maintenance came and changed the breaker I believe and I still have no air. My unit is on 62 and its 89 in my house, this is my PROBLEM. Do I have to go stay at a hotel...

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Aire acondicionado

Feedback Praise for Harbor Beach

Buenas tardes quería saber hasta cuando vamos a esperar por la reparación del aire acondicionado dijeron que venían a remplazaron el día miércoles 07/17/2019 y todavía no ha sido remplazado por favor necesito una pronta repuesta porque desde que nos mudamos el día 07/05/2019 dijimos que el aire no enfría y no sopla en living y los cuartos, necesitamos que sea reparado los más pronto posible dormímos sudando toda la noche. Gracias espero pronta repuesta. Good afternoon I wanted to know until when we are going to wait for the repair of the air conditioning they said that they came to replace...

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when will my ceiling kitchen light repair be finished?

Feedback Problem for Brooklyn Flats

It's been a week. I was told we were waiting on a part. How long does this take? Not having light in the kitchen is a real inconvenience. How much of my rent will you discount for August?...

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building 3425 doesnt have ilumination for the hall

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

We are needing ilumination/new bulb/lamp repair ASAP for the 2nd floor of building 3524 for apartments 2111 and next door. Thanks!!

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Power Outage

Feedback Question for The Villas

Is anyone else’s power still out from last night? Building 9 has been out since 8 yesterday. It looked like all the other buildings still has power though.

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Need someone to call me

Feedback Problem for Miramar Flats

I have called and left two messages and also put a post on here yesterday. I am trying to move out and no one is in contact with me for the process. Can someone please call me? Like ASAP? Thank you

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Bathroom sink leak

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

At 2:20 Friday afternoon I called the office stating that the bathroom sink was leaking. Micah said he's put in a work order "right now". At 5 Friday afternoon I still hadn't gotten notification that a work order was placed so I did it myself. It is now nearly 1 on Saturday afternoon and the work order hasn't been acted on. Isn't a water leak an emergency? Since it could affect not only my unit but the whole building? I have since identified the problem with the trap as a broken gasket. Could someone please come and replace?...

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Power at Golfside Lake

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

I came home last night around 10pm to no power in my apartment - understandable with the storm. But I woke up this morning to still no power. Please notify me when the power comes back on.

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Trouble logging in

Feedback Praise for Park Place

Good morning, David. As you are reading this,You can see Sign Up & Log In was Successful!! Thank you, Mike

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Feedback Question for Park Place

Did building 2100 of Park Place lose power? I’m away for the weekend and need to check on my cats. Thanks!