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Problem with AC

Feedback Problem for Indigo Winter Park

The AC in my apartment is running with no cool air. Can you guys check if there is anything wrong with the AC in the building for me as well?

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Problem with AC

Feedback Problem for Indigo Winter Park

The AC in my apartment is running with no cool air. Can you guys check if there is anything wrong with the AC in the building?

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Dead duck

Feedback Question for Studio Parc

Good afternoon! I would like to know if someone can do something about the dead duck at the Kirkman Road entrance? Because now it’s get a bad smell. Thank you

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Refrigerator leak

Feedback Problem for Portofino

Yesterday January 14 2020 around 1:00 pm I went to the office and spoke to one of the assistant (cannot recall his name) told him about the leak from the refrigerator. No one has come yet. Please call me if someone is coming over today as my dog is loose and i'll be in the area...

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My apartment

Feedback Problem for The Ponds

I moved in my apartment on the 21st of October. I transferred from 2 bedroom to an one. The 2 bedroom I had was nice when I moved. No major problems. I transfer to this 1 bedroom after being rushed out. This apartment has been nothing but a headache. One problem after another. I hate to complain and I'm normally not a complainer, however, If I'm paying rent and not get good living conditions. I will complain. I had to go over their heads to get things done, and still everything is not right. Some things have to be repaired several times before it's right. So far everything is...'s picture

Cleaning of Breezeway/Stairwell

Feedback Question for Palio

Hello. Will the breezeway/stairwell of building 14 be cleaned soon? There's trash, dirt and stains throughout the building and it's getting worse by the week. Thank you...

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Electrical issues without a solution

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

I'm sitting here one more time, for the third, time at Bellagio Apartments Management office, taking time from my work hours, with the same complaining I have for over a month. I have been experiment several electrical issues were I dont know if I already Iost the TV from my children's room, my oven from kitchen, the fish tank on dinner room, all this without an answer of what is really happening. Some days the Kitchen is complete off, sometime happened at diferent sites, could be the light of the kitchen or the plug at the dinner room or other place. The breaker panel never works,...

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Phase 2 Entry Gate

Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

Thank you for FINALLY fixing the gate, however a major problem is occurring. Before the gate broke (again), it would be open 6am-6pm everyday and be closed 6pm-6am. This worked great, as delivery trucks could come and go throughout the business day. Now that the gate has been “Fixed” these last two days all there has been is traffic collecting in the street trying to get in. Yesterday the waste management truck sat at the gate for almost 10 minutes because they couldn’t get in to change out the compactor. That is absolutely ridiculous. In just the last 24 hours the amount of Amazon, FedEx,...

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Voice Mail

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

Something is wrong with your voice mail (or maybe it's my phone). It keeps cutting me off whenever I try to leave a message. Please have Whitney call me at 4077731115. Thank you kindly...

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Smoking in 2260

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Someone has been smoking on the front and back porches of 2260 as evidenced by the butts left behind. Can we please do a reminder that this is a non-smoking property inside and out, and that tenants need to inform guests of this? Thanks much.