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Car Removal

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

I just came home from being out all day to find my car removed from the parking spot that I left it in. Instead, there was caution tape and roofing equipment in its place. Luckily I looked around and found my car in a different parking spot away from my apartment instead of being in the hands of the towing company. My question is - where was the notice we were supposed to receive? No email, no notice on the door, no phone call. Nothing. Per the email sent out on Sept. 17th: "As we go through the Community you will receive notices on your door of areas to not park in during certain...'s picture

Security #

Feedback Question for The Villas

Can the phone # for security be added somewhere easy to find on the site? There isn’t a search function to help locate it in previous posts, and I needed it a couple days ago and couldn’t quickly locate it so I had to call after hours maintenance so they could call security.

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Extermination and hot water not working

Feedback Problem for Indigo Winter Park

Wasp nest is forming in front of my front door and hot water isn't coming on...

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Broken lightbulb

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Can someone come fix my broken lightbulb from my building upstairs. It needs a new bulb, it is very dark outside at night.

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Feedback Question for Aria Beach

Are the ellipticals and bike in the gym going to be fixed or replaced anytime soon?

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Ac repair

Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

Mohammed and Norbert did an amazing job! Fixed the ac quick and we’re very kind. Excellent service!!

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Lights out outside the building

Feedback Problem for Palio

I wanted to express my concern towards the Palio apartment administration and maintenance office. I have complained more than once about the lighting issues on the side path of the building 4042. I would kindly ask one more time to handle the situation, specially now that my girlfriend has been bitten by a corn snake in this path. It is nothing serious because the snake was not big or poisonous and she was able to kick it quickly. But it could’ve been something way more serious. I know that I am living near an area filled with bushes and a small swamp, so the snake problem will happen...

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Call me!!

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

I have called 7 times no one answered! Corps Better take action!

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Feedback Problem for Bellagio

When the Laundry is gonna be fix? You guys charge a lot of Rent and the maintenance here is horrible! People keep leaving clothes in the dryer this is ridiculous! ... Im still waiting for my kitchen switch to be fix!!

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Purificador de Água eSpring

Feedback Question for Palio

eSpring. A marca Nª 1 de sistemas de tratamento de água para hogar, com mais de um nível mundial. Cuidamos tu Salud O eSpring reduz mais de 140 contaminantes potencialmente perigosos para a área de filtração, eliminando os minerais benéficos para o organismo como o Mg, Cal e F. Sua luz ultravioleta destrói os 99,9% dos microorganismos, como bactérias e vírus, necessidade de usar produtos químicos adicionais. Este filtro trata de 5000 Lts (1.320 gal) o equivalente a uma família prometida para 6 pessoas. GRÁTIS Instalação e Análise do Água. Pregunta por nuestro sistema de financiamento Para...