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Feedback Problem for Portofino

Hay un gotera debajo del lavaplatos y la palanca de bajar la poseta está rota.

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Pet Friendly

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

Without making this issue bigger than need be, can we please be mindful that this is a PET FRIENDLY community. I had a neighbor tell my 7 year old who was walking our 10 pound dog, that she was going to kick our dog in the face, followed by stare downs and dirty looks the day after. I now have a child scared to walk her dog and dealt with tears after an adult made this threat. Please be kind.

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Feedback Problem for Westwood Suites

En el apartamento 201 del edificio 6801 donde esta la lavadora y secadora está botando agua desde el sábado por favor si pueden venir a ver

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Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

Hey guys noticed ceiling fan in lobby above mail box is on but not running not sure if it's on purpose and there are few light bulbs out around property and laundry thx have a great day...

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Great job

Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

Sunday morning we requested a maintenance and in less than 2 hours Mohammed came and fixed it. He was very efficient and did a great job!

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Light is out

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

I just wanted to let the office know that the light post is out again on the corner near apt 507. Can you please have someone change the bulb. Thank you

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Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

Es tan molesto salir uno de su casa por 15 minutos, regresar y no encontrar un parking, mi apartamento es de 4 recamaras tenemos un solo carro y nunca hay parking, se supone que tengo derecho a tres parking, por las noches siempre hay parrandas en la piscina , por eso los parking pasan llenos, para que sirven los tickets que mandaron a poner a los carros?? Es un adorno?? Señores ayuden a solucionar estos problemas por favor

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Tow trucks don't work?!

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

There is never any parking in front of my apartment due to guests without parking permits parking in front of my building outside of the visitors parking! Im tired of this and these fake "towing" policies we have going on! This is a problem that needs to be situated ASAP! It makes no sense that I have to park on the other side of the complex!...

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Car thief around bldg 2245

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

I didn't have anything personally stolen but heard car alarms going off, looked out and saw the thief running away...

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Someone Stealing the things from cars around 2264 and 2268

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Hi All, Please be careful while leaving the car in your parking spots, make sure to lock properly, last night some stuff got stolen from my car[Elector-inc Jump Starter worth of $100], remaining stuff[documents] got scattered in the car. if i am not wrong this is not the fist time happend in the glencoe community. Please take necessary actions to safe guard the residents things.