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Copy of lease.

Feedback Question for The Ponds

I would like to know if can come in to get a copy of my lease? I need proof that I live in subsidized housing to get that internet essentials. I didn't know if I needed to ask in advance...

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My heat isnt fixed!!!!

Feedback Problem for The Ponds

I waited over a week for matinence to come fix my heat...they came yesterday while i was at work & left a letter stating that it was fixed...It IS NOT FIXED ....MY HOUSE IS COLD ...ME & MY SON JUST WOKE UP COLD & SICK...I HAD MY HEAT ON 90 SINCE LAST NIGHT & MY THERMOSTAT SAYS 72....IT DONT GO PASS 78/79 ...PLEASE COME FIX IT THE CORRECT WAY MM.ITS GETTING COLDER OUTSIDE I NEED HEAT

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Pest control

Feedback Problem for Iris Flats

What all does our pest control spray for? And how often do they come? I personally have never seen them on property spraying, and am home at random and different times throughout the week constantly. I just witnessed a cockroach crawl out of my bathroom sink While brushing my teeth. I have never seen a cockroach in my apartment before which is kept exceptionally clean everyday so I know it is not a matter of leaving anything out to draw them in (i.e. it came through the bathroom not even the kitchen) I have not ever noticed bugs at all in my apartment until about a month ago I also noticed...

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Annoying dog barking

Feedback Problem for Schoolhouse Flats

Someone new has moved in on the first floor, and their dog won’t stop barking. Could you please tell the tenants to control their dog? It keeps waking me early in the morning and keeps me up at night! Thanks

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Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

The purpose of this communication is to once again request the landlord obligation to tenant be upheld pursuant to Florida statutes 83.60. I am also requesting compensation for uninhabitable living conditions and unexpected costs due to Aria Beach representatives negligence. My roommate and I work hard, have upheld our obligation as renters and just want a nice, non toxic, safe place to call home, is that too much to ask for? . This negligence has caused additional financial burdens we did not plan on. We have been patient with the gates, trash situation, parking, rude staff who never answers...

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Reporte de problemas sin solucionar

Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

Será posible que ustedes puedan solventar? Ya he reportado 2 veces la revision del ceiling fan de la sala sin tener respuesta alguna. Quedaron que pintar la ducha ayer y hoy todavia no aparece la compañía.

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Keisha Tilghman

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

I have lived here since 2011 and our rent always was due on the third of the month today I get 99 dollars late fee put on my door I will not pay it I would rather move. Out.

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Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

So when’s this trash situation getting fixed it’s disgusting, you literally can’t throw garbage away there so full and it’s attracting snakes and raccoons

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Maintenance jouse and Ronalle

Feedback Praise for Bella Vita

Theses two gentlemen came by today and fixed 3 problems I had really quick..hope the washer keeps up working!!

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Broken Door Handle, smoker inside

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

Hello folks, I'm a new resident that is slowly moving into my apartment. I choose you folks because of the non-smoking focus because I am allergic to marijuana. Last night I came home to find the main hallway reeking of pot around 6pm, and again when I returned at about midnight when it was even worse. I suspect the individual doing this may be doing it in the evening when McKinley staff leave. The handle to the main entrance is loose and may pose a safety hazard, especially with regard to accessibility for and elderly person I saw struggling with it. It seems to be connected by one bolt...