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Feedback Problem for Traver Ridge

Sunday 1:45 am pounding on floor from directly upstairs in unit 2311 Lancashire 1B. Loud voices hollaring,slamming doors, this has been going on for an hour after waking me up. SO loud you can hear it in the hallway and at the front entry door. I had already complained a couple months ago about noise to Jennifer in the office.

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Loud noise / vibration - pipes?

Feedback Problem for Arbor Flats

This is waking up my three year old. It’s happening very often, with as little as 10-20 seconds between occurrence. I recorded a video but it doesn’t do it justice. I can’t live like this with my toddler waking up all night. It also disturbs me. It’s seriously affecting our quality of life.

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Residents above me constantly stomping around building 2907

Feedback Problem for Roundtree

It’s after midnight, and I can hear the people above me constantly stomping around on the floor. This happens every night/day, and it’s honestly ridiculous. I have a child of my own, and it’s extremely disruptive to our sleep (we take midday naps too). I really wish that someone would stress to other residents to be mindful of this.

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ICY building 2128 entrances. Aren't you Mckinley Corp supposed to care about SAFETY?

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Where are you guys at Glencoe Hills office standing for your tenants' safety? We can barely walk into our buildings from the parking lots. The pathways are loaded with slippery ice that jeopardizes our integrity. Take of this ASAP...

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Feedback Question for Spruce Knob

The ice around the complex is completely unacceptable. It needs to be solved immediately.

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How can I enter the storage (mechanical) room?

Feedback Question for Traver Ridge

I want to put some storage box into the mechanical room. The door is not locked when I move in, but now it's locked for some reason. Is there any way I can get into it to store some empty boxes?...

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Service Requests | getting error message when submitting at website

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

Service Requests | getting error message when submitting at website 1. Bathtub is draining very slowly. 2. Kitchen sink has no water pressure. I'm basically getting a small stream of water flowing. 3. The faucet does not switch back and forth from spray to stream. It's stuck in one setting (then again I have no water pressure) 4. Kitchen sink (even when I'm not using it) starts to gurgle up dirty water , from both sides. Then it won't drain for a few hours when I use the sink again. 5. Need a new AC filter. Thank you...

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Incessant drone of the leaf blowers

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

We listened to the nonstop drone of the leaf blowers yesterday (Thursday 14th) for several hours. The parking lot was free of leaves for about an hour. Today, the parking lot is once again littered with leaves. The objective of "clearing the parking lot" is unclear to us. The leaf blowers create noise and merely "blow" the leaves onto the grass, and also blow dirt and other detritus, including the exhaust from the blowers, onto the vehicles. One stiff breeze causes more leaves to fall from the trees and picks up the leaves blown onto the grass and re-deposits them in the...

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8775 lock is broke again

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

Hello, 8775 lock on main door is completely unsecured. Metal rectangular piece fell out when I opened door, think it came from the frame. Lock itself looks ready to fall out. Numerous problems with this!

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Dog Issues

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Building 6 has been having a lot of issues with dogs and owners and feces. We consistently run out of bags to collect dog excrement, and currently the basket to collect the bags has been overflowing and full for over two weeks now. There are over 40 individual piles of dog feces all behind the building. Combined with the full basket of dog shit, this is really disgusting. Owners here are just letting their dogs shit on the concrete steps of the front door of the building. I know you posted a note on everyone's doors about enforcing cleanup, but I have yet to see this make any difference...