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Pool area

Feedback Problem for Portofino

Good Morning. and an absurd pool area like this. there is still water full of larvae and a lot of dirt, besides the barbecue is 10 days with problems. This is very dangerous for the children in a dirty area !!!

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Lost cat

Feedback Question for Traver Ridge

Found a lost young blond cat outside building 2350 at midnight 6/16. Hoping its owner is from the area and can be found. Otherwise I will probably send it to the Humane Society tomorrow (Sunday).

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Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Sometime has been hardcore beeping around building 2591 for over an hour. It's been going on for over an hour and feels like torture. Just non stop beeping...

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Magget Invasion

Feedback Problem for Turnbury at Countryside

WE have a serious health problem here. When I came back to my apartment this afternoon, I could smell a horrific odor coming from the wall nearest to my door. Then all over the wall and the door are maggots. There are also some next to my neighbors door too. It looks and smells like something is dead behind the wall. THere are what looks like a thousand or more maggots all over the walls and ground. I can't go in my front door anymore because they are trying to get into my house... I'm really worried because there is a gap below my door and I am trying to closely monitor it. I did...

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Anthony is AMAZING

Feedback Praise for The Villas

While doing a spring clean in my apartment a wasp managed to get in. I’m deathly allergic to them. I ran out of my apartment like a crazy woman and called the front office to find out if maintenance was available m. Anthony, who has always been INCREDIBLY helpful let me know that maintenance wasn’t available but that he’d come over and help. He was at my apartment within a few minutes and killed the wasp. This kind of stuff isn’t in his job description and he went out of his way to be kind to me. Anthony and Keith have really went out of their way for my fiancé and I. Thank you Anthony!!! You...

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a dog barking non-stop for hours!!!!

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

There is a dog or dogs barking for several hours and it has woke me from my sleep! I have a headache!!! I knocked on the door and no one answered!!! please help...is there a security service?

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Feedback Question for Aria Beach

I appreciate the grass being taken care of, but why does it have to be done on Saturday morning when it is the day most people are sleeping in. They wake me and my kid up so early on the only day I get a break. Needless to say, I'm getting frustrated. Why not did this during the week like the previous owner?...

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Feedback Problem for The Pines

Need A New Refrigerator not to keep fixing the crappy transformer sounding refrigerator. Soon as you get this message order one. It's the 4 to 5 work order about the same issue it's getting out of hand...

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No water

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

I came back to the apartment about 4:30 on Friday. About 7 I went to turn on the kitchen and guess what, no water. I filed a maintenance request. About 10 I called the emergency number. Your maintenance man came and said that the water in the building was turned off. Assuming mgmt didn't turn off the water I'd say you had some incompetent contractors around...

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2940 Iaundry room

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

The dryer is saying EC 18 tried putting my card in to dry my clothes and it wouldn't let me pay for it at all it just kept saying error...