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Feedback Problem for Amalfi Apartments Homes

Buenas noches. Quisiera informar que hay personas con mascotas las cuales sacan a hacer sus necesidades en los alrededores de las INSTALACIONES, el problemas no es ese, el problemas es que los dueños no recogen los desechos de sus mascotas y en varias ocasiones he tropezado con los mismos desechos. Por favor tomar medidas. Gracias

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How do I put money on the laundry card online?

Feedback Question for The Villas

Thanks! Sending a link would be very helpful.

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Maintenance request

Feedback Problem for Manchester West

Hi! The website says I'm not authorized to submit a maintenance request, so I'll submit it here. We have a few things that might need to be looked at before the city inspection, plus a few other maintenance issues: -the fan in the master bathroom stopped working this week -I think the fire alarm outside the master bedroom might be dying (it beeps occasionally) -the barrier between the carpet & kitchen linoleum has a carpet nail/spike sticking out that we sometimes step on (ouch!) -Ok, this sounds absolutely nuts, but I'm wondering about the pipes in this building. They...

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Dock by the Boat Ramp

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

Hello team Aria, today I took a nice stroll around the complex and ventured on to the dock by the boat ramp. As I was enjoying the beautiful day I walked up on the dock and the first step on to the dock "Crack and boom" I nearly fell into the water and twisting my ankle a bit. No worries "I'm OK". I did walk halfway on the ramp when I realized that there was a board or two that cracked underneath my foot "Whooa another boobie trap. residents, please stay away and OFF that dock it's a hazardous situation. McKinley, this is one step away from a lawsuit if...

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Patio Fence!

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

Hello Aria Beach, I would like to thank you for the wonderful attempt in placing what I call a "Band-aid" on a situation. While dressing up the complex at Aria Beach (Looks great by the way) it does not match what your groundskeeper or maintenance crew has done to resolve my concerns. Bricks were placed around the bottom of the fence line and then two or three long wooden boards were nailed/screwed to the outside of the fence making it look unprofessional and an eyesore. When possible can we please make this area look presentable and up to the McKinley standards...

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Posting Pictures!

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

Will we be able to post pictures on here? I believe it's a great idea if we could so that we can paint a better picture when we submit any feedback or voice our concerns...

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Glad I renewed my lease!! Ypsilanti Day Camp Opportunity makes ALL the difference!!

Feedback Praise for Evergreen

I appreciated getting the notices about a new YMCA day camp option this summer on my door. I held on to it planning to visit the website-- it wasn't until I sat down and read it more closely that I realized McKinley was advertising it because as residents we receive a MAJOR discount!!!! WOW!!!! This is an initiaitive that I just had to take time out to praise. Quality and affordable summer day camps are hard to come by. I am grateful for the investment McKinley is making in our children in collaboration with a quality organization like YMCA. THANK YOU!!!!!...

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Termites in my apartment

Feedback Problem for Riva

So today I came home from work and found so many termite wings and some termites in my apartment. This issue has been ongoing for 3 years now. I have asked so many times for this issue to be rectified. I had to go out and buy my own termite spray even after the pest control came. I have noticed this issue started back after the renovations were done in my apartment, and after the hurricane Irma. We have some water damage in our apartment that may be the cause of these termites. I pay my rent on time and never had any complaints on me. I live in building 4755. I have pictures of these termites...

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No Complaints Here

Feedback Praise for Aria Beach

I love living here and think the staff are doing a fantastic job. They are always very helpful to me. I had a maintenance request and it was fixed the very next day. Thanks for all your hard work guys.

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new manager

Feedback Problem for Piccadilly Flats

McKinley needs to get their management in order. Who is even the manager? Why do I have to repeatedly track down people to assist me to only be ignored or pushed off on someone else? With the turnover in management, my problems in my unit have only gotten worse. The lack of communication is appalling. The lack of care and concern for the residents and their safety is concerning. A tenant should not have to on 5-10 different occasions ask for the same issue to be resolved, to be ignored. Only after it appears someone trespassed in my apartment today, to which I promptly informed management did...