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Feedback Problem for The Ponds

So today is my birthday. I get a violation for damaged property. Screen window missing. Are you serious saying to make an appointment to get it fixed. Fixed by who? Nothing never gets fixed for real ever. It’s all jerry rigged. Been reporting ants for 4 months they still crawling on us. Reported mold was told to bleach it real good. Tiles cracked in the shower causing leaks is what the men toe me no one never got back to me. Kitchen ceiling has leaked 5 times but am getting a violation. Wow l just can’t with this whole situation right now. This is so upsetting but it’s The Ponds.

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Disgusting smell in the apartment

Feedback Problem for Bella Capri

I have been waiting for three months and I still having strong smell of bats feces in the apartment. It’s always an excuse but at the end nothing have been done for the last 20 days. It’s not healthy to breathe that disgusting smell day after day. The manager and staff is good in giving us excuses and to send us letters to pay the rent on time.

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Mailbox Issue

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

if my mailbox key broke inside the lock and I cannot get my mail do I contact the maintenance team or the post office?

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Break-ins in the complex

Feedback Problem for Spruce Knob

Hi, It's come to my attention that there have been two burglaries in our complex recently and I'm wondering why this is going around by word of mouth and nobody is warning the residents to be aware...

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Feedback Praise for Azure Winter Park

Thanks Too A Great Office Staff Always Caring Blessings Too You All Ms.Holland

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Safety Concerns

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

I'm very concerned about the safety of the neighborhood and am scared to come to my apartment after dark. My boyfriend and I were assaulted a few weeks ago and I called to ask about another lock being installed and was brushed off, and feel as though conditions have not improved...

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Parking violation

Feedback Question for Palio

I had a parking violation sticker on my vehicle this morning when I have a sticker on the driver side front window since my rear window is tinted. Several other cars have their sticker in the same place. Please let me know the issue so my vehicle is not towed.

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Air Conditioning

Feedback Problem for Bella Casa

The air conditioner did NOT work overnight, request an urgent review. Thank you. Building 5517 apt 2.

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Feedback Question for Conway Forest

i would like to ask is the treadmills fix already?

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stolen dolly

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

Someone stole my dolly from my back patio not even 2 days ago. I agree with the contractors not cleaning up after themselves as there is trash ALL over my patio, plus nails sticking out of the new fence. If anyone sees a silver dolly with blue handles, please turn it in to the main office. It was stolen the day the fence was installed and I'm very mad about it...