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Constant Buzzing

Feedback Problem for The Villas

There is a constant buzzing going on. It's very annoying and loud. It goes on for hours then stops, and then starts again. It's hard to even think...'s picture

Power Surges every week

Feedback Problem for El Mar Apartments

Hi, is there an electrical issue that needs to be looked into? Since I moved in over two years ago power surges seem to be a constant issue where the power cuts out and back on. It's not only my unit as I have spoken with other residents too. These surges happen randomly, not when it storms etc so I'm assuming it's just this building. The main issue is that I work from home and while I consistently save my work in case of issues sometimes I may go 30 minutes to an hour and this is the second time I have lost a massive amount of work. Not to mention last month we got a surge and...

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Laundry Room

Feedback Problem for The Villas

When trying to do Laundry in building B the laundry room seems to always be full with clothes just sitting in the machines and then left there for hours.

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The landscaping crew!

Feedback Problem for Riva

Good Morning, I know that the landscaping crew is contracted by the building but I'm having an issue with the gentleman the always uses the blower. I've already spoken to this gentleman twice and he apparently does not care. Their is days that I work nights and this gentleman every single time they come to cut the grass he stands in front of my door for a good 5 mins blowing with the blower when I open the door he is blowing away the neighbors garbage and doesn't seem to care where it lands. I hope that someone from upper management can speak to these guys because it's...

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Feedback Problem for The Courts

I have never had complaint I have been here for a 1 year . But no one told me that they would be coming my apartment at 9:00 am in the morning. and my daughter is in bed when did you start doing this? This is not good at all a strange man walking in on my daughter while she is sleep.. Talking about inspection ? Where is the letter at? I need to talk to somebody about this right now!!!!!

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Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

I’m super annoyed I received a note on my door the day before you guys are coming in my apt for the 20th time this year. Like when are y’all going to get this inspection thing together? Also I got a letter saying I was late on my rent when I have never been late on my rent. For this month I paid on the 3rd because you all weren’t open Saturday and Sunday when I came by to pay and I’m not paying extra to pay online it’s a rip off. I used to live in aspen chase and they would charge the card I left on file with no charge now we don’t even have that simple convenience. I have already been on the...

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Coat Closet did not get wet vacuumed

Feedback Problem for The Pines

Hi--I just noticed the team did not wet vac the coat closet just inside front door. Need ASAP!

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Feedback Problem for The Pines

More than one individual is needed to address the flood in my apt. N106 at The Pines. The longer this water sits, the more damage is done. Please help!

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Feedback Praise for Manhattan Flats

Last night we had company for dinner and just before they arrived our kitchen sink backed up. I called in the problem and left a message. Five minutes later I got a call from one of the maintenance guys who said he would be here as soon as possible. Less than half an hour he arrived and got to work. He was unable to get the water draining and told me that the plumber would be here first thing Monday morning. AT 9:15 Monday there was a knock on our door and it was the plumber. An hour later the sink was running the way it's supposed to. Thanks for the 5 star service...

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My rent

Feedback Problem for The Courts

I have not payed my rent for Dec yet. My room mate is having problems with his bank account being hacked. There is now a new bank acct for him. I received s letter of intent of eviction if no payment Is received. I want you to know that I will be paying my rent in full by Friday 12/14/18. Please don't start any type of eviction. This problem will be resolved by the end of this week. I also currently don't have a working phone for you to call. I can be reached through email at Thank you for your consideration ...