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Sin luz en las escaleras

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

Buenas Días. Llevamos reportando desde hace varios días tanto en oficina como online que las escalera están sin luz. Esto es un peligro muy grande porque no se ve nada para subir o bajar en las noches, ademas que cualquiera puede esconderse para mal. Ya la otra madrugada por poco me caigo porque no se ve. Por favor evitemos un accidente o una desgracia que luego sea lamentable. Dios Les Bendiga.

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Electricity Outage

Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

Is anyone having issues with electricity in certain rooms not coming back on after the power surge? 2332 Woodridge has issues with half of the apartment not working.

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What happen?

Feedback Problem for Riva

Qué pasa con el servicio eléctrico ???

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Feedback Problem for Serena Winter Park

When is pest control coming back out? It seems that no matter how often I clean the apartment, I am finding more and more roaches everyday. Im finding them in the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.

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Winter Ice/Snow

Feedback Praise for The Courtyards

Hi I just want to say really appreciate the snow/ice clean up the past two weeks. I was impressed when I had to go out to get food. I also appreciate the clean up of the side walk and outside my door. Thanks again Courtyards weather team.

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Feedback Question for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

What’s the best email to reach anyone at the leasing office?

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Smoke Alarm LOUD alarm going OFF again !!!!

Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Please, this is the third time in less than 60 days we have had the smoke alarm go off in the middle of the night for NO reason !! Please come and FIX once and for all !!

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Packages Delivered

Feedback Question for Indigo Winter Park

Hello, I am expecting a package around Thursday and I will be in class, so I am wondering how that is going to play out? I gave Amazon my correct address, but would they drop it off at the office still, or leave it near my door, because I don't want them to do that?...

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Dogs Off Leash

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

What do people not understand about the leash law? I walk my dog and almost every day I see dogs off the leash. YOUR DOG BELONGS ON A LEASH NO MATTER HOW SMALL IT IS OR HOW TRAINED IT IS. The management must do something about this. There are kids playing and other people that have their dogs on leashes. PLEASE PUT YOUR DOG ON A LEASH.

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Dog poop Everywhere!

Feedback Problem for Westshore Flats II

It’s getting disgusting that people are not cleaning up after there dogs ! There is literally poop everywhere! I don’t even want to walk my dog out because it’s literally disgusting! For as much as we pay and everything else this is absolutely disgusting!