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Email Confirmation

Feedback Question for Bella Capri

Hi Nicole Just wanted to confirm you and Mariana recieved my email



Feedback Problem for Palio

I'm trying since yesterday to talk to the office and I can't. There was a double payment on my rent and I need the chargeback urgently. I look forward to contact you ASAP!...

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garbage disposal not working.

Feedback Problem for Palio

My husband and I will not be in the house because we will be working, I authorize the maintenance worker to enter the kitchen and repair it. The water stagnates in the dishwasher.

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Neighbor Stealing mail

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Help!!! I just saw my neighbor steal a 50lb bag of dog food from a box that's addressed to the guys that own the motor cycles. The box was delivered yesterday evening. They lived in apt 12...

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The McKinley Way

Feedback Problem for Bayside Villas

Reported a water leak to McKinley over 2 weeks ago. Still have not had any resolution. Now have mold in my closet. What should I do next?

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Magnificent Millie

Feedback Praise for Azure Winter Park

I've been meaning to input this for a while now....I just want to counter some of the negative comments concerning Millie at the office. She's been nothing but kind and good to me and my daughter since we moved in almost a year ago. She's gone above and beyond to resolve any issues we've had, as far as management allows. There's a reason she's been the only stable person in the office since we've lived in the complex. Maybe you all caught her on a bad day and presented your concerns rudely making it difficult for both sides of the situation - happens to us...

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Snow Removal

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

When we have heavy snow it would be so helpful if maintenance would go through the day after and their initial plowing and scrape down to the pavement. Inevitably by not doing this, the parking lots are a sheet of ice on days following snow and that first round of snow removal. Thanks much.

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Bathroom Light Out

Feedback Problem for Coconut Palms

The light in the second bathroom is out. Can someone come in to take a look and help us fix it?

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Laundry's Cleaning

Feedback Question for Studio Parc

Good Morning, When I got home last Thursday the office was closed, but I found a paper on the door of my apartment, very different from what you guys usually deliver, warning that yesterday, 12/2, one company would come clean the laundry ducts and filters But no one showed up to do the job. What happened? Was this service authorized by the office? Thanks!

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Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

Between building L and N there are a lot of cars that do not have parking decals. I should be able to park where I live not infront of another building!