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May call police for disturbing the peace...

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

So at this point Im incredibly close to calling the police and reporting the man above me that I spoke of before for disturbing the peace charges. The man is obviously now intentionally being extra loud as he stomps and parades around his apartment at almost 1am! Some of us are apart of the section of our society that have shit to do in AM and don't need assholes stomping around like grown ass children keeping others awake till the wee hrs of the night and into the morning! Im not his fucking father but if I was I would have whipped his fucking ass raw by now!!!!! Please do something...

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Upstairs neighbor

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

So my upstairs neighbor is by far the most rude and completely selfish asshole I’ve ever lived near. He stomps around alllll night not giving a flying F$€k that he has neighbors. Screaming and yelling at who I guess is his unlucky girlfriend. And doing god knows what else while stomping as loudly as humanly possible. When I very kindly ask him to recognize he has neighbors he tells me in broken engliah that he has lived here for 5yrs and I’m the worst neighbor he’s ever had here. This would make the first time the man has ever spoken to me so I guess my one request for him to not stomp around...

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Lights in building 3217

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

When are the lights in building 3217 (by the lake and mailboxes) going to be fixed? They’ve been broken for a couple days now and I feel very unsafe walking to my apartment at night, especially since the gate isn’t working yet either. I live alone and would like to be safe in my own apartment. Please fix these ASAP!

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Pool on the weekends

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

Is anyone monitoring the pool on the weekends? We used to have security before, but now is a free for all at the pool. Even if wristbands are implemented, who will monitor it? This weekend there's been people at the pool at all hours, blasting music that I can hear in my apartment. Worst of all, there so many people who dont live here at the pool taking all the parking. I had to park across the other side of where I live, and haul in groceries with my toddler from the opposite end all because all the parking spots, even in front of the office where taken on Sunday. When will the assign...

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Unable to submit Maintenance Request

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

I am getting this message when I go to the Maintenance page -> "You are not authorized to view this page"...

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Ms Davis

Feedback Problem for The Ponds

Why are children allowed to be in the complex causing trouble fights attacking residents and lost prevention Lucas says theres nothing he can do be cause they tell him they don't live here then says an adult who was not there is watching them...

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Office and maitenance

Feedback Problem for Indigo Winter Park

could you please go in and change the a/c filter also the batteries in the alarm must be dying as they are beeping...Thanks

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service requirement

Feedback Problem for The Pines

I am presenting problems with the website when I want to make a service request, in a bathroom I have the roof damaged by a leak due to the apartment above, and now in the other bathroom it presents the same, a week ago I did not report and I have not obtained answer, now I can not present a service request either, I hope you can communicate with me as soon as possible.

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Can't Pay Rent Online

Feedback Problem for Spruce Knob

When I attempt to pay rent it tells me I'm not authorized...

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Cannot pay rent online

Feedback Problem for Traver Ridge

Hello, I tried to pay rent today but found the web says "You are not authorized to view this page". Could you please help investigate? Ray...