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No water

Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

There’s currently no water in building 21. There’s no one in the office, no one answering the phone, no maintenance guys around. We should be notified if there’s not going to be water.

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Customer Service

Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

I cannot get any response from the McKinley team. I paid $200 to get my car back from towing and the office said they would reimburse me due to the fact that they agreed that I shouldn't have been towed. That was January 2. I want my reimbursement this week, cash or check. You can call or text me Taylor Lentz; 443-770-4844. The service here is terrible, when I moved in I was assured that things had improved as I was a past renter with this company and nothing has improved...

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Power Outage

Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Could you please email everyone when the power is back on? Came back from a trip to no power - definitely could have used a heads up about this and don’t appreciate the lack of communication.

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Utilities March

Feedback Question for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

There is no utilities fee posted for March 1st only the rent. Any suggestions when this will be available since rent is due in 3 days?

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Online Rent Payment Issues

Feedback Question for

I got an email related to Online Rent Payment Issues. I would like to pay online but I can't because of the issues above. My concern is the late fee. Do you take the late fee this month if we pay online after March 1? Takashi...

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Unable to set up AutoPay anymore

Feedback Problem for

I am not able to set up AutoPay anymore. I received an email saying that AutoPay via PayLease has been canceled. Is there a way to set it up again? What is the reason behind this cancellation?

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Feedback Question for Sun Pointe

why cant I pay rent ?

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Feedback Question for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Is there WI-FI access at the pool?

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Disturbance - School Bus Stop

Feedback Problem for

Every morning there are a few kids waiting for bus 312 that are fighting with other kids, pushing, punching yelling and insulting other kids and **parents** using extremely inappropriate vulgar words in a demeaning and mocking manner. Their loud and boisterous behavior is disturbing others in the community including residents that live near the bus stop, other kids and parents. These kids are unsupervised while waiting for the bus and throughout the comunity very often. No one, including other children, should be exposed to such violent and vulgar environment in their own community. There are...

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Ac fire hazard

Feedback Problem for

Hi! I requested my ac/heating unit be repaired and while it said it was on the site, it sparked and smoked again when I turned it on. I called and left messages with the office twice last week and no one replied. This is a fire hazard. Obviously I’ve turned it back off but I’m very nervous about this can someone please respond?