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Feedback Problem for Park Place

Hi there, I’m also having trouble submitting a maintenance request. It’s giving me the same error. One of my kitchen drawers popped off the track last night, and I’m unable to get it back. Could someone check it out for me? Thanks, Leah

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Power out again

Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

Why does the power go out here so often? Our power went out again last night for no apparent reason. There was no storm and not even a breeze. This seems to happen here a lot. Is this an infrastructure issue?

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Website is not working

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

Tried to pay my rent online. I could log in, but web page says "Not authorized to see this page"...

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Paying rent

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

I tried to log on tonight to pay my rent. While able to log on when I hit pay rent it says I am not authorized for this page. Why is That?

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unable to submit service request

Feedback Problem for Celano Apartments

the network says i am not authorized to submit and service requests.

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Laundry Room Dryers

Feedback Problem for Coconut Palms

Can we please make residents aware that if there not going to pickup there laundry when it's complete and just leave it in the dryers to do it else where please . I'm about to throw people's stuff on the floor...

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side scrapped car

Feedback Problem for The Pines

The past week my car was side scrapped by someone who didn't even have the decency to leave a note. We have only been living here for a month. It is very unfair that now we have to pay for the damages to the car from our pocket. People need to be more careful when pulling into a parking spot. If anyone saw who caused the damage to the car please say something. My car is a blue Hyundai Sonata. The car was in front of building L 4423...

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Missing kids pool equipment

Feedback Problem for Bayshore Flats

After the pool party organized by some of the residents yesterday, two inflatable pool rings which belongs to my kids was disappeared. I was wondering how to feel safe in the complex after the stealing of things every week. This week and the pot in front of our door was stolen too.

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Chillers are Off entirely

Feedback Problem for Traver Crossing

I don't know if this makes a difference, but the chillers behind 1079 have been off since about 11am. They shut off in 5-10 minute intervals here and there, but they've been completely off and not running since that time. We've had a maintenance person in and out to bleed our registers, but how does that make a difference when the chillers aren't even running?...

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Pest control

Feedback Problem for Serena Winter Park

Can i please get pest control out to 2880 on tuesday the 23rd of July. they still have yet to show up to my apartment and I have been asking for a month now. I have family coming in later this week and would not like roaches to be in my apartment.