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Garbage Bag in Hallway

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

There has been a bag of garbage sitting in the hallway in front of the door at 2273 #1 for a few days.

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Urgent detetization

Feedback Problem for Studio Parc

Pest control room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. many cockroaches throughout apartment

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Why there no gym wipes in the gym?

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

no gym wipes in gym that health issue for health inspector . many people use that gym in are apartment complexes. we also need more weights 2.5 lbs dumb bells & 5 lbs pound dumb bells . more Dumb bells heavy weight past 50 lbs like 75 lbs & 100 lbs dumb bells . we need another gym at least all people in all different apartment complexes.

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Dog in Building 11

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

I am wondering if you have been called to address the barking dog in Building 11? I am in Building 10 so I can abate the noise with my fan but what in the world is that like for Building 11 tenants? That dog barks every day and every night especially during after work hours 5pm -7-8 pm. Has no one complained???'s picture

Maitinance request

Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

Mohammad, the Maitinance person, fixed the flooding coming from the dish washer in a timely manner. A great job he did, and he even cleaned the area around the dish washer, stove, and kitchen sink. Terrific work Mohammad. : )

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Best emergency maintenance!

Feedback Praise for Golfside Lake

We had a heater issue late last night in our apartment. The emergency maintenance guy came within no time and resolved the issue. They always come in timely or at least give us a notification on how soon they can arrive. Just the best team!!

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Cucarachas en el apartamento

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

Buenas días hice reclamos el 21 de Diciembre, que habían muchas cucarachas en mi apartamentos y hasta la fecha 21 de Enero no han venido a fumigar. Por favor hasta cuando tenemos que esperar

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Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Someone left a load of laundry sitting on the table in the room by the gym. In case you forgot you were doing laundry, it’s sitting out, waiting for you.

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doggy waste

Feedback Problem for Manchester West

The doggy waste bin between 1950 & 1960 is in desperate need of emptying.

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Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

It feels like Bella Vita doesn’t really listen to its tenants or care about them . This is a big issue everyday with parking specially at night . There’s car with no stickers, cars from different states, and pool parties night leaving no parking . We have to park a block away across from where we live because there’s no parking . Just do everyone a favor and ASSIGN PARKINGS . This is really annoying to tell you guys the same things and nothing happens you promise this and that we are taking care of it but the problem is still there . So when are you guys really going to take care of it . Just...