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Dog Issues

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Building 6 has been having a lot of issues with dogs and owners and feces. We consistently run out of bags to collect dog excrement, and currently the basket to collect the bags has been overflowing and full for over two weeks now. There are over 40 individual piles of dog feces all behind the building. Combined with the full basket of dog shit, this is really disgusting. Owners here are just letting their dogs shit on the concrete steps of the front door of the building. I know you posted a note on everyone's doors about enforcing cleanup, but I have yet to see this make any difference...

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Ice removal from sidewalk

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

Does the sidewalk beside the dumpster which is placed between twin lakes drive and the parking lot of Yee siang Dumpling, Los amigos and Washtenaw car wash belong to Golfside lake apartments property? If it does, why was not it cleaned for snow and ice like other sidewalks? Please do something about it at your earliest convenience. I do not like to complain but I have stayed in other apartment complexes like Spicetree or Willowtree and this is the worst ice/snow cleaning maintenance, I have ever seen in six years duration that I am living in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area.

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Thanks To Maintenance For Fixing The Latch On The Door To The Building

Feedback Praise for Park Place

Works like butter. It's always had problems even after being looked at a couple times before, but now it works like new. Thanks!...

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Is it just me? (Late fees)

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

I moved here in September and every month, with the exception of one, I’ve had late fees for rent when paying almost a week in advance. I have to always go down to the office to get it reversed. What is the problem with your billing department?

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Feedback Problem for The Courtyards

Why do I have to come home everyday an my house smell like marijuana

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Dryer Not Working

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Our only dryer in our building currently has an error code and does not work. Also someone unhooked the silver pipe from the back of it.

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Neglected Icy Sidewalks

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

While the ice on the stairs by our building has been salted and now safe to walk on, the rather long sidewalk between the building and the parking lot is a sheet of ice. The stairs is a great start but the rest of the distance to get to the parking lot is still very slippery. Walking through the grassy area isn't much better. Kind of thought by now the sidewalks would be cleared...

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Car robberies in the complex.

Feedback Problem for Windmeadows

Apparently there is a group of thieves targeting apartment complexes etc and stealing items from unlocked vehicles. Several vehicles were targeted, including ours, two nights ago. My son drove around the complex around 4 am an noticed some unusual activity. The people jumped into a truck and rapidly sped away when they saw him approaching. We lost approximately $300 from these scumbags. Please lock your vehicles and report any unusual activity.

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Piles of Snow in Roadways

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

Once again we have snow blocking the egress of roadways ~ I do know that MDOT would not be happy with the appearance of the corners of such. This happens every year since I have had occupancy in GS. Maybe a new plan of snow removal needs to be enacted as this is a yearly occurrence.

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Some things was stolen

Feedback Problem for Portofino

I just want to let you know that last night in the Portofino community some cleaning things that I left on the balcony were stolen like a broom and bucket. Is it so funny, but could someone steal a broom? Vanessa B Portofino