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Wasps outside 2125

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Wasps keep getting into my apartment every day - spray and remove any and all nests around 2125 and 2123 thanks

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Dog park

Feedback Problem for Celano Apartments

please pick up after your dogs in the dog park I'm constantly picking up other people's dog poop so my dog or myself does not step in it. Lets all work together to keep this community nice...

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Portões de entrada e saída

Feedback Problem for Bella Capri

Bom dia, o portão de saída do condomínio, novamente está com problemas e muitos carros estão entrando pela saída, o portão de trás do condomínio vive aberto, facilitando também a entrada de pessoas que não são moradoras, deixando assim, nosso condomínio, com falta de segurança.

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Weed - Marijuana

Feedback Problem for Coconut Palms

I dont know what is happening in the complex but in the last 3 days i cant stay in the livingroom of the apartment because the strong weed smell. I what to know if their is any rule in the complex about.

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Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

Buenas Tardes quisiera saber que ha pasado con la fumigacion de mi apartamento 1608 ya he realizado la cita dos veces me han ocacionado la molestia de despejar los gavinetes y aun no recibo ninguna respuesta, me perece falta de seriedad y poco responsables's picture

Vents Urgent

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

I Called The Office ,You Have Too Call About 10 Times Before Anyone Answer,I Have A Paint Smell Coming Out Of All The Vents Very Strong Can Not CloseI Spoke To Milly ,Nothing Was Done,Spoke Too The New Community manager Whitney,I Have Asthma,I Am Sweezing From This Smell,Sitting On This Hot Porch Not Making Anything Better No one Has Came Too Help,The New Manager Said She Would Send Some One Still Waiting,Ms.Holland

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Weed Smoker Problem

Feedback Problem for Bella Casa

A guy has been smoking a lot of weed at the balcony in front of my apt. The smell gets into my apt and I have a newborn baby and that's going to bring problems to her health. The apartment its 5531 apt 3. And I hope this issue can be solved...

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Stolen package

Feedback Problem for Bayshore Flats

My amazon package was stolen from my front door. Please return to 116, thank you.

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Money Card Machine Not Working

Feedback Problem for Riva

I went to do laundry yesterday (Sunday) and was not able to add money onto my money card. It was saying something about no phone line available. Is this something that has been brought to the laundry company's attention/any idea when it will get fixed? I seem to have more issues with adding money onto my card than anything...

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the flowering tree

Feedback Problem for The Pines

the flowering tree that is just outside of our screen door needs to be trimmed back as its in the way of walking into and out of our apartment. Also, in front on the apartment by the 3rd parking space there is a hole that needs to be filled in. My grandson has stepped there twice now and fallen both times so can we please get it fixed??? I have reported several times now.