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Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

My name is Gustavo Gonzalez, I live in unit 109, two weeks ago I asked you to please fix the fence that I had broken when I changed the windows of the apartment, now I write this email, to tell them that they sent me 4 emails telling me that the fence had already been fixed, this is a lie, they never fixed the fence for me, they made me pay a day care for my pet for two days, because they told me they would fix it, and they never did anything, two days ago I They communicate that I am going to change the French doors, which they want to do between Thursday and Friday, again pay for my pet to...'s picture

Issues and issues

Feedback Problem for Palio

i dont know if this work or not? but, i need fill another complaints about the new "Residents" on 4266 Building. a) 2 sundays ago, one girl was on underwear at the hallway at 9 pm, and yes.... smells like marihuana. b) 2 saturdays ago i have to call the police because my "neighbors " and friends are at the parking lot with music and play with the cars ( using the horn) at 12 am.. C) last night (2:30 am) somebody at the same apartament was singing Rap at the balcony... please do something. we are tired of this. this community used to be quiet and safe. and now.... diferent...

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Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

Ant problem!!! In master bedroom near window...everywhere! please advise ASAP

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Lost wallet

Feedback Question for Bella Capri

Anyone find brown wallet please. Thank u

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Light Fixture Broken

Feedback Problem for Beach Flats

Hello, Nat was just here and check the back door light. It is out as of last night. He said there are no bulbs to replace. Weird. Can't imagine but it is what it is. The back door is completely dark at night so this needs to be addressed right away. If you have to replace the light on the post (previously inspected by Nat with no results) maybe get one that simply requires a bulb replacement. Many thanks for your help n both lights. Valerie...

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Storm Water

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

What exactly is this? Asking for myself and OUC because OUC has no clue what this storm water fee is that you are charging. Please advise.

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Feedback Question for Aria Beach

Happyyy Friday. Please advise what is the correct process for maintenance request. Currently a request is made, a follow up is done, ticket is closed, and repair/problem NOT done/fixed. It Seems like a process maybe missing(the repair part). Please enlighten my day with a clarification on your process. So that I am not opening numerous tickets for the same issue.

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Assigned parking spaces

Feedback Question for Schoolhouse Flats

Hi there, is it possible in order to make parking more efficient and available for everyone, to assign everyone their own space, like with a number or letter on each parking stump that way there will always be a space available for each tenant. Example (Parking for D only), off of my first name. Please let me know if this can be considered

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Leak in bathroom

Feedback Problem for The Villas

Now i've already said something about this 3 times, and I'm getting really irritated at this point. I've had to ask someone to come fix the leak in my bathroom ceiling three times. The last time they came, they put this patch in my ceiling, didn't even sand it out, or come back like they said they were. It is now 9:35pm and i hear what sounds to be water dripping, go into my bathroom, and it is COVERED IN WATER!!!! I'm getting really tired of this. The hole in my ceiling is bigger than it was before, and there is now water also leaking out of the vent in the ceiling...

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Parking issues

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

I get home after 9pm and there is still nowhere to park. This problem looked like it was being resolved for a moment with the parking decals but it seems like the new parking rules are not being enforced. And because of this people who are not residents are not parking in our spaces overnight and for days! What’s the point in having decals if nothing is being enforced. I moved here in 2017 and never had parking issues until this year. What are you guys going to do about the parking issue for real? There’s no security onsite so how does anyone know if the parking rules are being adhered to?