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Feedback Praise for

Braxton and Kurt have been very good at getting things done and I wanted to thank them for helping me yesterday with some issues I had. They are sometimes the brightest part of a hectic day as a grad student :) Keep up the good work.

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Living Secure and Happy

Feedback Praise for

I obtain residency at windmeadows in March of 2017. The structures here are well-built well maintained and as far as I'm concerned offers me a relatively stress-free living personal abode. Should the warrant stipulate a maintenance requirement it is Responded in an extraordinary expedient manner. Kudos to Kurt, Braxton, Bruce, Ike, Raul and Chris. I could walk these grounds at 2 in the morning as easily as I would at 2 in the afternoon without any apprehension whatsoever. I just wanted to thank all of the above for making my life here a very happy one. Keep up the great work everyone and...

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Car Garage Stairs

Feedback Problem for The Tower

The stairs, on the far end, has metal sticking out. I'd be concerned that someone could slip and cut themselves.....

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Great Maintenance Team

Feedback Praise for

I just want to say thank you to Chris Haskins and Jake Hood@The Courts apartments they both are very helpful and quickly responded and took action for my maintenance request... The court's has never had a better maintenance supervisor or staff until now... Thanks so much Chris and Jack Happy Holidays...

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Dumpsters. Still.

Feedback Problem for

There is still a lot of bulk items like furniture and mattresses at the dumpsters in the north lot. There is even a couch now directly in front of the northern most dumpster. This has been going on for weeks and the problem has just grown and grown

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Miscellaneous charge?

Feedback Question for

Pls clarify what these charges relate to? 11/8/2018 Miscellaneous Elec Admin Fee 50.00 11/8/2018 Occupied Elec Recovery DTE BILL 10/9-10/31/18 74.80

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Doggie trash can by building V is overflowing again

Feedback Problem for

We get charged every month for trash services but these doggie bins are not cleaned for weeks after they begin overflowing... very nasty smells come off of them and they are an eye sore to come home to day after day.

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Security Concerns

Feedback Question for Sun Pointe

I have been noticing a couple of damaged cars parked within the apartment complex with windshields smashed in. I am not sure if they are connected or if it just happens to be a coincidence but I am concerned about the security within the complex, especially with respect to any possible vandalism or burglary happening in the parking lots.

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New Stairs in Building 13

Feedback Problem for

I understand the new stairs being replaced for safety, but not informing the residents, on the second floor, of this inconvenience is unacceptable. It's cold, windy, and my dog has been inside all day and has to go potty. Thankfully the contractors allowed me to climb a ladder to the second floor to get into my apartment, but It's been over 30 minutes, my dog still has to potty and the contractors aren't even close to being done. The contractors still have to return tomorrow to finish the job. The expectation that everyone on the second floor will be gone all day or not need to...'s picture


Feedback Problem for

Our neighbor (2417) has had bags and boxes of trash outside the door for about a week now. This will bring more bugs, plus it just makes the apartment complex look trashy.