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The chains that is used on and off fans

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The chains that is used on and off fans of the two rooms dropped into the fans. I ask for the chains to be replaced.

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screen door

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i requested that it would slide easier. It does, but i now have no handle to use and the hole in the screen still there. all that was done was flip the screen. now the handle is on the side i don't use and the hole (which i forgot to mention because i thought it was obvious), still there for bugs to go through. i assumed the door would be replaced. The sliding problem was fixed with new problems. Can it be replaced and installed the correct way, not a shortcut? Thank you!...

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Noisy upstair neighbors

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I have not slept for a week thanks to the three jerks living above us. They have had guests over each night at 230 and 330am for a week. I will be calling the authorities next.

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How do I make an appointment to come in and pay my lease today if I call and no one answers?

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Water Shut Down

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I didn't get a notice about the water being shut down. When will it be back?...

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change washer

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Good evening, in the past I asked for help to check the washing machine, it was new and it was blocked, they told me that they would ask for a guarantee, which seemed good for the good of the apartment. Today they brought me another new washing machine, unfortunately for me it is very small, causing inconveniences because it does not allow me to wash blankets or sheets, and when one pays an additional value for the washing machine in the rent of an apartment what you want to avoid is to move to the extra washing room that has the whole, it is very uncomfortable to go out with clothes, so I...

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I have been having a lot of issues on my unit, however this is not about my issues.. Vicky the maintenance tech have been one of the most professional, prompt , ethical, and so understanding. Every time there is an issue and she comes she does an amazing job, she does an amazing job. Thank you for all your efforts

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Microwave Is Not Working... Again

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So my microwave died again. I'm not sure if it will be fixed. I think it just may be best to order a new one...

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Cleanliness of Dock & Kayak Launch

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Could the maintenance or grounds keeping company possibly schedule to clean this area, maybe even on a monthly basis. It has really gotten gross! Thanks's picture

Fitness Center

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The Fitness Center in Carmel Woods is having serious issue with cleanliness and others. -> The dust can be seen around the equipment. -> Water cup is not available for past 2-3 days. -> Paper towel is not available for past 2-3 days. Suggestion- 1>The fitness room should be vacuumed cleaned at least weekly or fortnightly. 2> Access to the Wash-Room should be provided through the fitness Center.