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Brant is the best!

Feedback Question for Monterey Lake

Brant is such a gentleman! always has a smile on his face and is always available to assist us! He is a great asset to your company! Five star!

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Horrible Internet

Feedback Problem for Traver Ridge

The free wifi at Traver is not even worth it. 10 out of 10 times the signal is extremely low and the network is very slow when it actually connects-very very rare. My exp. with Airimba's customer service has never been pleasant. Every time I needed to call them, they blamed the problem on me and my complaints were never addressed. Pretty frustrating. The free WiFi is an added bonus to this community and we were actually looking forward to using it to save money. :o(...

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Fast Eddie and The new lady lol

Feedback Praise for Bellagio

you both were so helpful yesterday and have been the only ones to give me a chance to explain what i needed and you did took all the steps to helping me reach the goal i appreciate everything and big kuddos to eddie been there since he showed us the new apartment and helped in every way even down to trying to save my dog you are the best!

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Loss Prevention??

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

My backpack was stolen from my car with a lot of personal information and all of my textbooks. I didn't realize until I was almost at work in Saline at 7am and quickly began calling the office and loss prevention to see if someone had turned it in or if someone had come across it. I understand that the office doesn't open until later and I didn't really expect them to call me back but when something is stolen you think to deal with loss prevention, I never thought to call maintenance because it was after 5am but before the office opened and no one called me back about the issue...

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Feedback Problem for Traver Ridge

hello! i live in building 2331 and the dryer is broken again. even after 2 cycles my clothes were still wet. is there any way to service this asap?! thank you!!

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pool by buildings a,b,c

Feedback Question for Monterey Lake

around 11 'clock came a bunch of teenagers pretty much every night to stay in the pool until around 3 in the morning. they are very loud people i believe they don't belong of this area. I don't care if they want to be in the pool until later but i have to work and sometimes i can't sleep because of that noise. I don't want you to close the pool for the neighbor that like to go at night but at least do something about the noise...

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hot tubs

Feedback Question for Studio Parc

yes when are the hot tubs @studio parc going to be up and avalible for our use.

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Better Housekeeping for Inside Buildings

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Cobwebs, empty soda cans, trash. We need better housekeeping staff. I personally picked up pop cans that were laying in window sills for two weeks. Its unsightly and the first thing that visitors see. How about new carpet?

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people dont get out much around here

Feedback Idea for Bellagio

im a very social person and this has to be the most inactive apartment complex ive ever seen we need social events or something around here something fun to do especially something for the younger kids to keep them out of trouble and get them to stop vandalzing the property my son hates bein stuck in the house he loves other kids

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poor pest control

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

if i put in the work order for pest control why would the guy show up and ask me whats going on and i tell him and then he is like well house spiders wont hurt you they are actually good to have um....the guy sprayed to corners in my whole apartment and then left...are you serious?! obviously i needed pest control for a reason i have a child and dogs and not to mention i am highly afraid of spiders i dont go to the office for no reason