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the trash

Feedback Question for Bellagio

Is there something wrong with the compactor ?

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Internet or Business center

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

We should have an internet or Bussiness Center As ther Others Complex!!!!!!!!!

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Turnbury Staff

Feedback Praise for Turnbury at Countryside

I've been a resident at the Turnbury for a year and was on the fence about renewing my lease. I looked at several other apartments around and found several other properties with equal and sometimes better amenities and newer apartments at comparable prices, but the thing that made me decide to stay was how nice and helpful the staff has been here. In particular, Khris Bartley. She is always friendly, says hi by name every time I have walked in the office or have seen her out on the property, and has always been happy to help or answer any questions I have had. Khris should definitely be...

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work out partners

Feedback Question for Turnbury at Countryside

If anyone is interested in a workout partner.. Drop me a note and maybe we can meet in the gym. Looking forward to moving into the community next month. Thx

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Feedback Question for Evergreen

Can you please tell people to clean up after their dogs,it is really nasty to see and smell.

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could not find me in the community!!!

Feedback Question for Turnbury at Countryside

i have lived in turnbury of countryside for almost 2 years!!! the new website can not find me in the community!?

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Feedback Question for Manchester Flats

This is great! By the way, I registered and got a comment back that said I could not be found in the community which I chose. Additionally, a little off topic, but still pertinent, thank you so much for the notices up at Manchester Flats about the doggie presents! :) Best, Shari Manchester Flats

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Dog Poop

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Greetings, I live in Bldg 3500 and those folks who walk their dogs are not picking up the poop. Suggestion: place signs around the area to "Please pick up the dog poop" I do not mind living in the 3500 bldg since the dog area is just outside my door, BUT please the poop is so bad you can not walk without stepping in poop. Thank you A large dog owner...

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online payment

Feedback Question for The Villas

When will our account update and show the following month's payment? We pay our utilities with our rent at The Villa's and want to make sure we have accurate info...

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Fitness Center

Feedback Problem for Meadowbrook Village

Being a resident in the state of Michigan, I greatly rely on the fitness center through the cold winter months. This was my first winter living here at Meadowbrook Village and I was quite disappointed in the maintenance of the fitness center. Every week, there seemed to be a different problem. It started with the loss of cable. Then one-by-one, each piece of equipment was out of order. Not to mention, the key lock on the door malfunctioned one morning, and I found myself locked in the fitness center waiting for someone to let me out so that I could rush and make it to work on time. Last of...