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Fitness Center

Feedback Problem for Roundtree

Not a huge issue, but I'm not sure if you guys know. One of the treadmills in the fitness center isn't working. It's the larger unit of the two available, sounds like a belt problem when I cut it on. Just don't want to see a malfunction turn into personal injury. Thanks!...

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Expected Roadwork in the near future?

Feedback Question for Roundtree

Hey guys. I'm new to town and currently I'm loving the complex, don't have a single complaint on how this runs. I do however, have a question regarding the road conditions in the community. I love my suspension and it's a heavy teeth gritting everytime I pull into Roundtree. Are there any plans for a fresh pave or at least a temporary fill-in of the pot holes?...

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Building 3320 could use some work on our flooring near our front doors...

Feedback Idea for Bellagio

Hi, I would also like for something to be done for the appearance of my building walk way. I'm sure that you would agree that the flooring near my door that leads to the stairs is unattractive to say the least. I would love for my guests to experience a welcoming environment even before they step foot in my home. Please help my building 3320 with this embarrassment. Thank you so much. -Cathy...

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the washing machines and dryerss dont work...

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

last night i washed and the clothe wass allll wet ...and the washer did the same the cycle never finish and left my clothe all wet..

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employee in the office today (5/9/10)

Feedback Praise for Harbor Beach

At Harbor Beach, there is onewoman who always impresses me with her professionalism. Too bad I cannot recall her name. I will say she was working today (5/9/10). Give her a raise!!


KUDOS to our Information Service person, Viren!

Feedback Praise for Meadowbrook Village

Thank you Viren for staying with my problem...ALL DAY yesterday, today...tomorrow! Thank you for your persistence and expertise.

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Feedback Praise for Conway Forest

I would like to say that the employee staff at Conway Forest ROCK!! They are always very professional and go above and beyond our needs...Amanda, Thanks for being so helpful..Also, Thanks to all the maintnance guys for all you have done for me since I moved here!


Kudos to Viren & Jeff of Information Services (Our IT)

Feedback Praise for Meadowbrook Village

Thank you, gentlemen, for your prompt, courteous, professional & expert service to me, today, to get me back online!!! You're the best of the best! Cathy...

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Lease Renewal--rent goes up by $40?

Feedback Question for Spruce Knob

I've lived in Spruce Knob (1 bedroom) for less than a year. Thinking about renewing the lease, but the apartment office tells me the rent will increase by $40. Does the rent go up this much for current residents?...

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Mailbox issues

Feedback Problem for Spruce Knob

hello, not sure if this is the right spot for something like this. But in building 2966 our mailbox is not doing so well. Specificially box 2A has somehow lost it's lock... The old one didn't work very well so I guess the mail carrier finally got tired of it? Also the cork board above the boxes was knocked down I guess, are you guys simply getting rid of those cork boards maybe? Thanks for your time...