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Snow removal !

Feedback Praise for Evergreen

Just wanted to say thanks to the maintenance guys for cleaning up the snow so quickly this morning, AND for shoveling out my car! Much appreciated :-)

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Fantastic Snow Removal!

Feedback Praise for Golfside Lake

When I walked my dog last night at 11:00 pm there were drifts a foot high and I couldn't tell where the sidewalk ended and the parking lot began. I was expecting a 20 minute struggle just to get out of the community this morning. I was very pleased to discover that not only was the main drive cleared but my sidewalk & stoop had been shoveled too! I ended up getting to work early today. Thank you for all your hard work in spite of last night's unprecedented storm!...

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why do i keep getting late charges?

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

last month I had the same problem to day i went to the store and there was a note on my door I owe $18 dollars how do you fugure I called in they gave me my total due and I paid it I dont know where the $18 dollars came from now you wanna charge me another 30 for the $18 I never knew was do this is rediculous I pay my bill off every month now if your employers are not giving the right information who's fault is that ? I am on Social Security so I was told I have until the 3rd to pay my bills my income is limited so i can not keep paying late charges cause who ever wants to add on charges...

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Golfside Lake Apartments needs a hot tub.

Feedback Idea for Golfside Lake

Just an idea.. 2 pools but no hot tub? or even a sauna would be nice. :)

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mobile phone application & widgets

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Are there any mobile phone applications or widgets available or downloadable online for mymckinley.com?

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Flower beds

Feedback Question for Riva

Today - I find someone tearing up the flower beds. Now we have been taking care of ours and even did some planting. Why oh Why would you do this? We spent time, energy and money to work with ours and to have someone tear them up. No notice of ANY kind just do AS YOU PLEASE? You guys are working against us.

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Thank you...

Feedback Praise for Glencoe Hills

Just wanted to thank Maintenance for coming out and fixing the locks on the doors when they did!!!

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Brant, Tiago, Junito

Feedback Praise for Monterey Lake

Thank you Brant, Tiago and Junito!!!! No matter what questions or concerns, Brant and Tiago are always there to greet you with a smile as soon as you walk in the office doors and have a genuine concern for whatever ANY resident needs. Junito in maintenance should be called "Mr. Fix It!" Junito is truly dedicated to the residents by always making sure if it didn't get fixed right the first time, he makes sure it doesn't happen again. These three individuals ALWAYS take the time to just say "Hello" and always make sure the residents are happy. My family moved to...

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The people in Unit D of 5966 continue to not clean up after their dog!

Feedback Problem for Portofino

I've reported this to the office and nothing has been done. I was told that the grounds crew would clean up the mess around the sidewalk between the two buildings and this hasn't happened. Something needs to be done about this guy and his lack of respect for his neighbors. Additionally, I've asked numerous times that the sprinkler timer be adjusted so that I do not get sprayed when I'm trying to got to work. There is no reason for the sprinklers to be set to turn on at 6:00 am...

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Water/Sewer Bill

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

Dear Conway, I was told that I was going to receive a slip or something in the mail so that I can receive and pay my water bill. I have not received anything yet and I moved into the apartment in early December. I don't want the balance to keep piling up. Can you guys give me a call to see what it is that I can do to start getting my water bill. Thank you! Sincerely, Paula Leon...