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Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

People with dogs should pick up after they dogs !!!!

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leaky shower

Feedback Problem for Roundtree

Hello, First of All, thanks for fixing the diverter in my shower. I didn't get to say that... Now the hot water drips (Shower). Washer needs replaced?...

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Pick Your Neighbors & Get Rewarded

Feedback Idea for Monterey Lake

Did you know Monterey Lake gives you a $50 bonus for every friend, co-worker or family member you refer to our great community? Pick your neighbors and put some money back in your pocket just in time for the holidays! Our staff is ready to provide your friends with the same great service you enjoy!

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Dog Waste - Evergreen

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Hi! There's quite a bit of dog waste near the pond (by the permanent picnic table). There's also a lot of goose waste, but not much to be done about that...

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Name ID?

Feedback Question for Traver Ridge

My name is Alec White and I am trying to pay my rent online, but I have no name id. What is my name ID?

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appreciate a new roof but ......

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

Last week I called repeatedly leaving several messages with little response back. Then I came into the leasing office to speak with Maura regarding all my problems. After we met I left messages to speak with her again and heard nothing back. Then I spoke with Alex and was told that someone would be here ASAP for all my repairs. Yesterday I dropped off an electric bill for Alex to look over but never received a call back again. I should have not had to hound members of the leasing office. Today a repair man came to check out my AC unit, finally. This AC unit has been giving me so much trouble...

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Unfixed repair resulted in a high Electric Bill...

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

Hello Maura, I have been in touch with you the last week regarding the pest control situation, as well as, some of the other issues I'm having here at Bellagio. My apartment right now is so cold. The slidding door on the porch, which was "worked on" but never properly fixed in March it's now clear to me why my electric bill has been so high. During the heat my ac never seemed to cool down the apartment. That slidding door let in the heat in. Please send someone to work on this issue today. Please call me as well, the office has my cell number...

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A big Thank you to Bella Casa

Feedback Praise for Bella Casa

I want to thank the leasing office team for their prompt response to my request for a transfer to a McKinley sister community. I have recently decided that Bella Casa is just not all I expected it to be. The noise at night is incredible and the smell from the neighbors is unbearable. I have seen the police here at the complex on several occasions and the washer and dryer are always being used. My son has been asked twice "where the drugs are at" by strangers. My daughter has been harassed coming from school. The only down side is the $350 transfer fee plus $100 to hold apt. when you...

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Feedback Question for Monterey Lake

with the weather dropping tonight down into 45 degrees i wanted to turn on the heater but i cant seem to figure it out. can someone tell me how??

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Feedback Praise for Indigo Winter Park

Indigo Apartments is the place to reside while attending Full Sail University. Living across the street from the University was very convenient and affordable. I filled up my car once a month and only used it to run errands. The staff knows you on a first name bases. Maintenance is always on time and prompt. While I was out of town, the staff would check on my apartment for me to make sure all was safe and secure. I never had a problem with noise from other tenants. Indigo also had a reliable security team in the evening to insure all the tenants were safe. The property grounds and pools were...