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Exercise Room

Feedback Idea for Aspen Chase

I have a suggestion. I would like to have the treadmill facing the T.V. if possible.

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Animal Waste Bags

Feedback Idea for Manchester Flats

I suggest maintenance makes more of an effort to keep the pet waste recepticals stocked with bags. No bags is not an excuse not to pick up after your pet, but at some times they go unstocked for more than a week and the pet waste around the complex is really gross.

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An Azure Tenant's Dog (Off It's Leash) Charged Me, AGAIN!

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Management, This is the second time within two weeks that the same owner's dog charged me, while being off it's leash. This makes it the owner's fault, I don't want to hear " My dog doesn't bite " as he told me earlier this morning. (even human beings can get out of character.) A couple of weeks ago, while I was taking out the trash, a black dog came running at me and I got ready to defend myself. The dog backed off, barely a couple feet away from me after the owner called him back. I thought to myself " Why isn't this dog on his leash?" What...

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Padio Door

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Hi, I've spoken to the main office a couple times about my padio doors being covered with Plastic or whatever the proper name for it is. After speaking to the office on a weekend day a couple weeks ago about maintenance coming to resolve the problem. Maintenance came to my door on that day and told me that they didnt do any work on weekends, to my knowledge what I was askin to be done! he told me that he would come sometime in the upcoming week to see to this. This is among the previous times I've asked before! The reason why Im posting is because i've told the main office that...

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Work Orders

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Why are work orders closed out, when nothing has been done, The water draining into my bottom level apartment, from the roof of the building, Nothing was done, with the order saying it was done and I was satisfied with the work, This is now coming up on 2 months with this problem

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Energy saving light bulb outside the door

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

I found the energy saving light bulb outside my door was switched back to the old type. I checked all three floors. Only mine and the one of my face-to-face neighbor were switched. Since I didn't do it, the implication is kind of obvious. <br /> <br /> I understand sometimes people use the outside one as a temporary replacement for a broken one at home. But I never expect that someone would take from their own neighbor. <br /> <br /> Then I tell myself at least they are thoughtful enough leaving me with a working one and a light bulb is not worth a confrontation...

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Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

We got our bill for the water and trash the same day as the late fee notice. We all thought the other person had paid it and that was why we had not received a bill yet. Is there any way we could get that $30 late fee taken off? Thank you, ~Danielle

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Lake & Pool

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

Jorge and his staff have done a wonderful job in restoring the property back to the way it was when I moved here in 2009. But the restoration stopped at the lake and pool. The pool area is deplorable with dirty and busted furniture. There used to be nice chairs along the shores of the lake but now they are gone. The sand areas used to be raked but now all they are are weed bins. . Jorge said new furniture was going to be ordered but now with all the staff changes, it sounds like the pool and lakeside is going to be ignored. I'm paying a premium to be pool and lakeside. What does this...

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Building A Hallway

Feedback Problem for The Villas

To the person who decided to spray the hallway in building A with some kind of perfumy/fruity spray. Thank you so much for burning my eyes and giving me an asthma attack coming home tonight!! I don't know what that spray was, but it wasn't air freshener...

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i second that parking thing

Feedback Idea for Manchester Flats

i would just like to say that i really agree that the parking needs to be enforced. i can't remember the last time i have come home from work past 9pm and been able to park in front of my building. sometimes there is a spot in another lot, but more often than not i park in the neighborhood across the street. <br /> <br /> this is exceptionally bothersome since i see that most of the cars in the spots i'd like have no passes. i'm not going to say that we need to tow right on the spot, but if we maybe had someone come around around at about eleven and put the nice...