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Maintenace and their timeliness...or lack there of

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

I have a problem with calling and reporting maintenance problems and having them put aside or ignored. I notified Brandon in the maintenance office of problems that I was having with my kitchen sink and master bathroom sinks rotting and being slow to drain back in November. In December, I notified Brandon in the leasing office of these problems and also requested my carpets to be cleaned. In January, I talked with Yvvone and after that got my carpets to be cleaned. I am wondering, who and when is going to come and check out these sinks?!? They're rotten and falling through... I'm...

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My stove

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

My stove just stop working. I went to go cook dinner and there is no heat. I am getting no heat from the burners or the oven. I can't cook dinner. This is the third time it happen and I am getting annoyed...

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Front Door Building 2113

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

I stopped by last week to let maintenance know the replaced front door wasn't sealed right, alot of water coming in, and down exterior wall. More so with last few days being warmer...

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Feedback Problem for Evergreen

People live in these buildings, lots of people, but there is no maintenance service on weekends unless your building is flooding or burning down? That is kind of ridiculous.

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Will who ever keeps taking down our post about our lost dog Stop!!!

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

We are offering a 200 reward for the return of our dog now , a small black Pomeranian female . <br /> <br /> Please stop taking our posters down.

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Feedback Problem for Evergreen

We did not have any signs in our building that DTE was coming, period. We got home and saw that they had been there. It didn't present a problem for us, and we are happy to do anything to save energy. However, we just thought it would be nice to know that it was going to happen, period. Lately I have noticed we have not had as many signs posted for changes, and not everybody can get online all of the time. It's nice to come home and see a posting on your way in or at your door of a change. I would have liked it if both the DTE visit and the cardboard recycling was posted in all of...

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The 3344a laundry room

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

This laundry room is the worst, there is always broken machines in here. No matter how many times you report them, another one will break. Even when all of the machines work, the dryers usually are out of propane. This problem forces all of the surrounding residents to use another laundry room, crowding the machines even more.

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Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

I understand that there is an area specifically for letting the dogs in our community run around off-leash, but I am also under the impression that when in the courtyards outside of our buildings, dogs are supposed to be leashed? There are a lot of dogs (I can think of at least 5) that have been allowed to run around off-leash in our yard lately, and I am becoming quite concerned about it. How can we work on making sure that the leash rule is enforced?

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Thinking about breaking lease

Feedback Problem for Coconut Palms

I have spent the day in deep thought about the complex I was once crazy about, but have come to the conclusion that we are seriously thinking of breaking our lease and going back to Mellinia. Too many broken promises...and too many things not quite up to par.

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Very unhappy

Feedback Problem for Coconut Palms

I am usually the happy renter but not today....2 nights ago I had a fire in my oven..Jose came out yesterday and was concerned...Brenda came back with him...they opened the door said glad your stove is ok and left. I called the office to ask Jose if it was ok to use...was told by Jocelyn oh yeah sometimes grease drips down from the burners....I have thouroughly cleaned the oven but was afraid to use it...tonight I turn it on and it started to smoke I guess I am going out for dinner AGAIN.