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16yrs Resident of Monterey Lake

Feedback Praise for Monterey Lake

To whom it may concern, it is time to give you my opinion of the new employees that have taken care of your property. Starting with Khan Miller as he has been here the longest. Khan as not only been efficent but professional and self sacrificing. Whenever his men are busy he makes sure this 16 year resident is taken care of. Next is Dorothy, she is always here ready to help with any situation I have encountered. Brant is a hyper kind of guy that gets things done in an excelerated rate! When I call the office he is always on hand to answer the phone and help me with any need I need, even...

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the internet?

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

When I toured here I was told the internet was stable and strong. I moved in on Sunday but have yet to be able to keep a strong uninterrupted internet connection. In just writing this I have had the internet go out twice. Could you please try to fix this?

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Feedback Idea for Studio Parc

ATTENTION ALL RESIDENTS: Sometimes we want to have a small get together with friends and family but the thought of having to organize something a little bit more elaborated seems already too much work, and we end it up not doing it. Well not to worry anymore. WE CAN PREPARE A NICE SMALL EVENT FOR YOU FOR VERY MINIMAL PRICE! For us it does not matter if you just having your friends over for a nice evening on a Friday, or if you are planning something more elaborated for a special celebration (birthdays, anniversary, bridal shower, baby shower, etc.) Nothing is too small or too big for us. Last...

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Still waiting for the lights to be fixed on the grounds

Feedback Problem for Portofino

Q: How many maintenance techs does it take to change a lightbulb? A: We don't know because it still hasn't happened. Ditto with the hot tub. Ditto for replacing the exhaust vent over my stove that I reported when I moved in back in April. The location is great for us but the service leaves a lot to be desired. I'm supposed to renew my lease in a couple of weeks, I'm not so sure I will if things don't improve soon...

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Lakeside Pool

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

I can't understand why McKinley doesn't address the real problem at the lakeside pool. There is no water circulation. There are four outlets for the water, three are completely clogged and one is partially clogged. This is causing the pump to work beyond its capacity. Probably the reason the pump shuts off. Very soon, the pump will be totally burned out and we'll have no pool. Instead of spending money on all the clorine being thrown into the pool, get the lines unclogged and clean the pool daily. Look at the water circulation at the other pool and look at that pool's...

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HOUSE CLEANING!!!! “I can make your home sparkle!”

Feedback Idea for Studio Parc

Attention All Residents! No time for cleaning? Tired of living in a mess? Customized cleaning service to meet all of your needs. Dust & Vacuum Bathroom & shower Kitchen appliances & Countertops Windows & mirrors Sinks, Tubs, & Toilets Pick up & Straighten Additional/Option Services Laundry services Clean blinds Strip beds and remake w/ fresh linens Garage cleaning and organizing Clean refrigerator interior Room & Closet Clean oven De-cluttering CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE! 305-244-8059 crysfarina@gmail.com

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Dedicated Motorcycle Parking

Feedback Idea for Azure Winter Park

Just thought I'd make the suggestion that there be dedicated motorcycle parking in a couple of places around the property. There was one such place over by building 1900, right by the mailboxes. The former maintenance guy set that up, seeing as how he had a bike and my boyfriend has a bike (we were living in 1903 at the time). That first space with the parking blocks around it is technically for motorcycles. Just a thought...

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Refrigerator Door Handle Broken

Feedback Problem for Manchester Flats

Hi, I live at Manchester Flats and I need someone to either fix the door handle or replace the refrigerator. Randy had fixed the top half only because I guess he didn't know how to do the whole handle. Also, the freezer fills with ice quickly even after I repeatedly defrost it. Help! I live at 1721 Pauline Blvd #2. Heather...

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Reporting Apartment Repairs?

Feedback Question for Bellagio

I'm new to this apartment and I was wondering if I could report the fixes needed in my apartment to the workers on this website? If so, where do I post this information? Thanks...

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Trash All Over. July 25

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

As I took out my trash today, and on my walk to the compactor, I saw at least 10 bags of garbage placed near trees and sidewalks. Most of them were torn into and spread out by the animals. Then, at the compactor, there was piles of trash in the bushes, on the path, and all around the compactor. I've seen signs saying that if there is trash laying around you will be fined $100, but is it enforced. Its a safety hazard and unattractive to have garbage everywhere I try to go in the complex. Is there anything that can be done to stop this?...