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i second that parking thing

Feedback Idea for Manchester Flats

i would just like to say that i really agree that the parking needs to be enforced. i can't remember the last time i have come home from work past 9pm and been able to park in front of my building. sometimes there is a spot in another lot, but more often than not i park in the neighborhood across the street. <br /> <br /> this is exceptionally bothersome since i see that most of the cars in the spots i'd like have no passes. i'm not going to say that we need to tow right on the spot, but if we maybe had someone come around around at about eleven and put the nice...

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Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

I wanted to express my thoughts, its a shame that it took a fire that took a life and destroyed two apartments for inspections to happen. I also do not agree with staff workers being terminated and demoted because of that issue. Yes there has to be some one held responsible for this ACCIDENT, but not in the lets "pass the buck" kind of way. I am sorry but if there is truth to the fire extinguishers and smoke alarms not being checked for a very long period of time then thats a broad spectrum issue not to be placed upon the shoulders of a few individuals. That issue stemmed from non...

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Parking Permit Enforcement

Feedback Idea for Manchester Flats

How about actually towing people without parking permits like you used to. Its really annoying coming home from work late and having every single parking space this side of ypsilanti taken up by non-residents.

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concerns and problems fall on deaf ears...

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

I doubt there is enough space on here for me to write what I need to. Why does it take almost a month to fix my requests!? I've never seen such a thing. I really wish I had not referred anyone here. Phone calls are rarely returned, and committments never kept. I truly hope that all Mckinley properties aren't like this. I'm sure that others have had great living experiences, and I hope they continue to do so, but in my case, and maybe others, it has not been a great experience. Since there is no one who will listen to me or even address my concerns, I will have to escalate the...

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Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

I am having immense trouble with my blinds lately. Since I'm on the shorter side, I have trouble pushing the blinds back even with the guiding stick. The individual blinds break VERY easily and they rarely take a uniform direction regardless of my prodding. I was wondering if it were possible to have them removed from my apartment so I could install curtains instead, or if that isn't a possibility I would appreciate guidance in how I can solve this problem. Thank you!...

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massive pot holes near 2249

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Greetings! I am aware of the stress wide temperature swings can put on pavement. Once the winter weather stops and the ground is thawed, are there any plans in the works to repave the portion of the parking lot that was not paved last spring/summer? Granted the entire lot needed attention, but it still didn't make any sense how the portion of the lot that needed work the most was ignored. The larger and more numerous these potholes get, the more havoc they will wreak on residents' tires, alignment, etc....not to mention the potential of someone tripping, falling, and hurting...

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Current Contact Inforation

Feedback Idea for Hillcrest Manor

Creating an online option for updating contact information would be appreciated. I currently don't know where to submit to have my payment confirmations forwarded to the most current email address...

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neighborhood watch meeting on the 24th.

Feedback Question for The Villas

I missed the last neighborhood watch meeting on the 24th. Can someone please fill me in on what I missed. Thanks.

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prase to the staff

Feedback Praise for Riva

I just wanted everone to know what a great managing staff, I have ever dealt with. Andrea is fair and open minded. They are than willing to be heplful when ever the need maybe. The property itself has never look so good.. I've been here about nine years. And McKinley has made a wonderful difference...

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Rent Raffle

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

If it is advertised you will be eligable for a $100 off your rent if you pay rent early you should honor that. I can see that you want to discontinue this but in order to have good customer service and act like you repect your residents and are true to your word. Honestly you should have 1) made people aware you were going to discontinue this program and 2) honored your word for this month. This just shows you have no respect for your residents you gave us no notice when people who paid early last month were expecting to be apart of a raffle. So now you have taken away a raffle with no notice...