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Feedback Question for Meadowbrook Village

Hi, I recently paid my bill online through the pay online link. I included my email address as requested but did not receive a receipt in my email. How do I get a receipt showing my rent was paid. I am required to submit to another agency proof a receipt that shows that I paid the rent each month and how much I paid this is the second month that the receipt never showed up though it said it would and I checked my spam and everything.

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Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

Hi all, just a quick note here. As my boyfriend and I went for our evening walk last night I noticed that the rearmost section of Azure does have a little more lighting back there now. That's great; thanks millions for getting more lights up. Could one or two more be added to make it just a wee bit brighter? I'm not too sure where to put them, but in some areas it's still kinda dark...

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Unkown emails

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

I have received 3 emails this morning from a Zimmerman regarding a dog problem. I have no idea why you are emailing me when I never emailed anyone regarding a dog problem. Please advise. Thanks,

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No recycling!?

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Did you know that businesses in Ann Arbor can get free recycling!? They can!!! Please visit for more information or contact directly to learn more! My apartment mate and I would VERY much like to take advantage of this opportunity.

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Would like to be able to add to community events page

Feedback Idea for Evergreen

Hello! I was hoping that we could create a way to let the residences know about community events between one another. For example this Thursday (Sept. 2) there will be a party at 1541 Washtenaw Ave. (across from the UofM rock at New Life Church). Free food, music and games from 8:00pm-12:00am. Cool people and substance free!!!

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Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Am I the only one that finds people walking IN the main International Drive on the side without a sidewalk to not only be a frustration but a safety issue? I know it's not a quick fix, but I would really love to see sidewalks put in on that side to encourage people to stay out of the very busy road...

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Feedback Question for The Villas

Why was an egg thrown at my door? Why is this property going south fast?

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what's with this 5am trash pickup?

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

for over a year now, republic trash co.comes 2 mornings a week between 5 and 6 am . i'm sure everyone knows how loud the trucks are. can you help us please...

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3 bed 2 bath available

Feedback Question for Bellagio

TJ, We are currently in 2 bed 2 bath on the property. I was on the McKinley website and notice a 3 bed 2 bath coming available on 9/15. We are very interested on moving into the 3/2. Please let me know. Liz 3332 #6 407 928-2903

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Resident Appreciation Week

Feedback Praise for Aspen Chase

Thanks McKinley for the GREAT Resident Appreciation Week! My daughter and I enjoyed all the treats! I can't think of another residence in my 20+ years of renting that gave back to their residents. It was much appreciated!...