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Basketball Court

Feedback Idea for Indigo Winter Park

I would love it if there would be a Basketball Court put in in Indigo Winter Park. A lot of my friends are wanting to know what to do and everybody loves to shoot around! I find that the tennis courts are very rarely used ever. I see more people skating on them then using them for tennis. I hear basketball's all of the time dribbled outside my apartment door and I have friends who ask all the time and would love to play basketball. I think it would help the community grow and become more sociable...

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Vacating My Lease

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

Sir/Ma'am, I wanted to be sure of the cost to break my lease at Mckinley.I already gave my 60 days notice back in February and I have a grocery list of questions. 1) I am moving in the near future and would like to submit payment.I was told that it was $1,258.00 to break my lease, is that the fee? I just want to be sure. 2) Can the payment be made online, or does it have to be brought to the leasing office in the form of money order? 3) My move is going to be early May . If in fact I am here up until then, will I have to pay for the entire month of May? Or do I just pay for the few days...

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Maintenance Staff

Feedback Praise for Aspen Chase

Normally I wouldn't do this but I just wanted to say what excellent service I received from the Maintenance Staff. The two guys (sorry I can't remember their names) that came to install my new stove were friendly, polite and made sure the job was done correctly before leaving. I have to say it was the best experience I've had with a Maintenance Staff, keep up the good work!...

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Thanks Tim (Azure Winter Park)

Feedback Praise for Azure Winter Park

Just passing by to tank you and all the staff, i have a wonderfull experience at my new apt, tanks for everything, you are awesome. Att. MILAGROS From 1105

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Pitbull dog are not Boxer dog!!!

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

Is so funny that in harbor beach the pitbull dogs are called boxer, and the worst part is the boxer's (pitbull) owners carrie the dog UNLEASHED by the lake. This is a very dangerous situation taking on count this kind of dog must of the time are agresives. Anyone can search google where you can observe the Boxer(pitbull) attacks, this is not a joke this situation is serious. http://www.google.com/images?um=1&hl=en&rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox&tbs=isch:1&q=pitbull+dog+attacks&revid=694426988&sa=X&ei=rrSUTb-zDIyatwfx3pzoCw&ved=0CDMQ1QIoAA&biw=999...

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maintenance Praise

Feedback Praise for Glencoe Hills

I recently had some repairs to my bathroom completed by Ken. Ken did a great job and I am completely satisfied with the results. Ken was quick to respond and very cordial.

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Moving out

Feedback Problem for Studio Parc

Other thing is that I gave a notice for 2 months in the month of Jan 2011, was given by My wife (Because I was away on work for couple of weeks )who was not in the contract but when she gave Mckinley staff accepted it and never said that it as problem. But now when i went and checked at office- I hear from the staff that " You need to give 2 months notice, i can not talk on behalf of the staff who took the notice". I was shocked to hear this from Mckinley office staff. instead i would have appreciated that if someone from Mckinley would have called me up or inform my wife when she...

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looking for a job

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

I applyed for a job and I got a e mail from mckinley that said the someone from hr will get a hold of me and they never did.can you tell me why?thank you Doug

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Cold Water in the Machines!!!!!

Feedback Problem for Manchester Flats

I thought someone fixed this problem. Still washing all my clothes with icy water because the maintenance "team" still hasn't fixed the water heater!...

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The DTE Upgrades

Feedback Question for Park Place

When is DTE supposed to come do the upgrades? The card on our door said 3/25-4/5, can you narrow this down? Or can we just pick up the required items and install them ourselves?