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I put in my 60 day notice

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

I have to leave by June 20th because my unemployment will be all over with. I put in my 60 day notice and I am scedule to leave on June 23rd but I should be leaving before. I hate to leave but I am left no choice because I can't seem to find a job and I have been seeking employment since July, 2008. So I will let you know what day but I believe I will be leaving before June 20th......

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Seven Day Notice

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

What is a seven day notice..I am not complaining to have someone put out because these are hard times...I just want them to be conciderate..and let me know they are throwing water...see when you complain you make enemies and I am not out to do that..but I just missed getting showered on... Thank you....don't want problems and I sure don't need any...I like living in peace.. Gayle A. Perez...

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Throwing water out the patio

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

I was outside and I was just missed by have a shower of water on me. My boyfriend was here and went upstair to tell them about throw water out patio but the refuse to answer the door. I am so sick of complaining because it s annoying.. They are always throwing water out and they don't tell me that they are doing it...i comes down hard and hits my glass door. The apartment above me is 2019....I would like them to let me know when they are going to throw this water so I can be warned...just don't throw it out the window point blank. Thank you I really hate reporting people and I hate...

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Water Bill

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

I am going into my 3rd month and still have not received a water bill. I would not like to be hit with one for many months at a time. Do you know when I will receive it?

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Fix the light in the laundry room in building 2010

Feedback Problem for Park Place

The light in the laundry room in building 2010 really needs to be fix. It dark and unsafe. Plus, you can see what you are doing regardless of the time of day. Please, fix and thank you.

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Kitchen Flooding

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Dear Management of Evergreen Apartments, May 2, 2010 We are tenants in apartment 10-2 and we have brought up the situation of the water damage in the kitchen due to leaking of water. Last month maintenance came by and found a leak in a different apartment and has made arrangements to fix it. The same problem is still happening and now it has became a health hazard, there are high levels of water around the refrigerator and the stove. There is now water in the carpet in the dining room leading to the kitchen that has started to produce mildew. The pantry closet in the kitchen is also expels...

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Awesome Site!

Feedback Praise for Azure Winter Park

All I can say is, "WOW!" Community website/message board is put together extremely well! It is easy to navigate and has immensely useful functions such as online rent and utility payments as well as Feedback and Problem forums. Not only that, but the staff ACTUALLY RESPONDS TO YOU. To be honest, that is something I truly was not expecting. Sure...I'll post a problem but will anyone even look at it much less contact me directly to work out a solution? Bravo McKinley Team! I am impressed! Brock Laster, 3303...

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What is going on with the Name ID?

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

I am most certainly the only resident at Azure with my exact name. However, I am trying to pay my rent online and the site tells me that I must have a Unique Name ID because more than one person at Azure has my name. Now I'm going to be late on the rent because I thought this was going to be an easy and straightforward process of getting an account and paying the I didn't bother going over to the office to pay earlier today. Anyhow, it looks like you guys are going to get to juice me for $100 on monday because of this problem. Please look into it...

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Feedback Problem for The Villas

How long will it be before we lose everything because people in our building feel it is OK to just toss lit cigarettes onto the carpet in the main hall ways, or left burning in the door jam of someones apartment (not their own), or left burning on railings in the entrances. We have renters insurance, but that does not mean I want to use it. This is a serious problem at this community, one I hope is addressed before a fire does occur, it's bad enough I have to walk through the smoke just to get to my apartment, but to even consider the toxic vapors being emitted by burning paint/carpet is...

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Please improve the maitenance

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

I know is a lot of work to do but how is posible the maintanace take a week or more to fix the problem...but i have to pay the rent on time right? can i charge late fee to the maintanace?