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Rebuttle to complaint

Feedback Praise for Coconut Palms

I just wanted to add that Joselyn in the office, and the maintainence staff are awsome Johnathan, Anthony, Jose, I can't sing your praises enough! You are all wonderful! Thank you for the job you do even though short staffed...

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Just a little miffed

Feedback Problem for Coconut Palms

several weeks ago, I put in a work order for some things that are wrong in my apt, and to date only one issue has been semi taken care of. Last week I was told my new garbage disposal would be here...haven't seen it. Whomever put the floor in my bathroom did not caulk it and water was allowed to run under it and turned it black,I asked for a new floor. My largest complaint was just blown off by mgt. My dishwasher spews food and does not work correctly, I was asked if I clean the dishes thoroughly, I rinse them as you are suppose to, but if I did that, I might as well hand wash them as I...

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Water Bill

Feedback Question for Riva

Recently I learned that the bill has changed rather then a % of usage per bldg, you are having a flat rate of the bill for the WHOLE property based on occupancy. Now does this include the laundry room? Since the laundry collects money this should NEVER EVER be part of the water bill. I would like confirmation that it is not and I would like proof.

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Hot Tub

Feedback Question for Riva

When will the hot tub be Open again... Last message was it was closed until further notice that was back on Oct 5th?

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still no water at all

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

Hi we still have no water. we were suppose to still be able to use our sinks and toliet. we have not had any water all day today and still do not. L212

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Loud Neighbor

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

I live in 2379 twin lakes dr building and the guy who lives in [removed for privacy concerns] is really noisy. Its like living near a disco. The music is loud as well as TV volume. The guy is doing this everyday no matter whether it 3 A.M or 9 P.M. Is there anything you can do about that?

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Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

Where do I find out which public/charter K12 schools are associated with this apartment complex? Thanks.

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Feedback Idea for Golfside Lake

How about some winter fun in the club house! Seeking to organize Card and/or Board Game entertainment. If interested spread the word and comment back. p.s. Don't forget to tell what you prefere to play, I love playing cards; Bid Wiz, Spades or Phase 10...

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Thank you for your help!

Feedback Praise for Manchester Flats

To the front office staff and the maintenance crew: thank you for your prompt response in fixing the slamming doors @ Manchester Flats! It's been an ongoing problem, but thanks to Janine in the office and some other key players, the doors are closing gently, quietly and our community is certainly a bit more peaceful. I appreciate your help!...

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sub leasing

Feedback Question for The Villas

does anyone in the ypsi area know of anyone that would be willing to take over a lease till march rent is 600 ista bill on average is around 40 feel free to contact me 517 980 4773