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Feedback Question for The Tower

I received a notice that I needed to fill out new guarantor paperwork due to the McKinley switch and re-signing my lease. I was told I could do this online but I can't find anywhere to do this. If you could point me in the right direction that would be very helpful. Thanks...

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The stairwells are disgusting

Feedback Problem for The Gates and Manor

The stairwell to the 550 residence is littered with trash, the holes in the wall are never fixed, there is a broken handrail as well. Please fix this immediatel

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Issue With Online Payment

Feedback Problem for

We are currently experiencing an error when attempting to pay rent through the online portal. Any idea when this issue will be resolved?

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Amazing customer service!

Feedback Praise for

Laurie is absolutely amazing! She follows through on everything she says and she is so pleasant to work with. There need to be more people like her in the customer service profession! Thank you Laurie for always being so helpful!!!

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Wall Water Infiltration

Feedback Problem for

I have had a wall water infiltration in my apartment since September 2017 when I moved in. The floor has been damaged. Now I have ants coming into the apartment through the damaged floor. I filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Health. They contacted management, and Kurt Morrel stated in writing that the problem had been resolved when it is not true. The AC issue (water leakage inside the apartment) was resolved after 12 months! I already contacted UF Legal Services about the matter. Michelle offered me one month of free rent for all the headaches I have had since I moved to...

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Recycling Containers

Feedback Question for

Hi! Is there any intention to get a recycling container on premises somewhere? If not, is there any way we could get a personal one from WM? Thanks!

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Dog poop

Feedback Problem for

I have noticed for the past month, more and more dog poop accumulation in the grass behind and around 2008. I don’t know if this is common around other buildings, but my wife and I have stepped in another dogs excrement eight times through November and today. There is so much around here, even some on the sidewalk, that my dog doesn’t want to use the bathroom near our building.

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The mail situation is a failure

Feedback Problem for The Tower

The new package delivery system is not working. I had a package supposedly delivered on Friday and I have checked twice so far and no one can find it even though the mailing service says it was delivered to the office. Leaving our packages in the lobby just laying around is not safe and is not an efficient system. How am I supposed to know for sure that usps lost it and not someone took it? I know now that you leave some boxes in the back, but up until last week that wasn't the case. How hard is it to keep the boxes in the office and send a quick text to the resident notifying them of...

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Water shut off

Feedback Question for

I didn't get a notice about the water being shut down. When will it be back?.....

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Emergency Maintenance- Praise

Feedback Praise for

I just wanted to give a huge thanks to our maintenance department! I called emergency maintenance late Sunday Evening and Chris responded and was in my apartment working on the problem within the same hour. He fixed the problem quickly and hot water was restored to my apartment. I continue to be grateful to our maintenance team and their excellent service!