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Clubhouse rent for event

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Hi there, I wanted to know about hosting small events, party’s at glencoe Hills clubhouse. What are the charges and the hours we can rent for. Thank you in advance.

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Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

Buenas noches, el día viernes fui a solicitar el arreglo del procesador del lavaplatos y hasta la presente no me han solucionado el problema y se rebosa el agua, necesito la solución al mismo ya que tengo una bebé y debo lavar sus cositas y me cuesta debido a que baja el agua con facilidad mi número de apartamento es el número 2186

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Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

New year new problems no water J building.We pay an overpayment for late payment one day. As for the service, it's totally zero.To the attention of Office employees. Provide good conditions to residents without drinking hot coffee at your office...

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Stairwell Lights

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

Both lights are out on building 3322 since the ending of Christmas and i have reported it and maintenance was supposed to come over last week and still no lights. Like a stated numerous times there is a young teenager that sits on the steps smoking who does not live in this building and if don't smell the smoke i would not see him at the stairs because it's very dark...please attend to this matter. There's a lot of areas that there are no lights being replaced and it's very dangerous for those walking at night, whether coming home from work or just throwing out the trash...

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Smoke Coming Into My Apartment Again

Feedback Problem for Arbor Flats

I currently (1230 am Mon 6 Jan) can smell marijuana smoke coming into my apartment again, through the ventilation from another apartment.

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Stolen bike

Feedback Problem for Bayshore Flats

My kid's bike was stolen today. It was almost new. Please consider improving security in the complex. Do you plan installing cameras on at least four entrances?...

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Loitering in Hallway to Laundry Room

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Someone is clearly loitering in the hallway that connects 2260 to the laundry room and the building next door. Next to the furnace are ripped up bus passes and food packaging garbage. The question is: how are they getting in?

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Looking for 2-bedroom

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

Hello, My name is Alona Boyd and I’m a resident at 1245C. I’m looking for a 2-bedroom apartment by August once my lease is over the same month. Please give me a call at 7348588925. Thank you, Alona/ 1245C.

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Vehicle and Maintenance

Feedback Problem for Carlyle Flats

Good morning, I woke up this morning, after parking my car in a crowded lot at my complex, to find my car has been towed out of a parking space while I have a decal on it. Along with this, my dryer has had an active maintenance request for 3 weeks. This is unacceptable to me and I would like to discuss these issues.

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vent fan noise

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

The bathroom vent fan noise from downstair neighbors is always huge, especially when they keep the vent fan on for the whole night. The noise sounds like a motor and kills my sleep. Is there anyway to solve this? I don't want to annoy my neighbor by asking them to turn vent fan off since it is their freedom to use it whenever they want...