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Trash on hallways or balconies

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

This is an issue that needs to be address because that trash remains for days in public view, this is not very healthy situation! The odor can be smell from a distance and even a blind person will know that something is wrong. Summer is approaching and also the hurricane season, the snakes, mosquitoes, animals, etc.

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We can see the light now!

Feedback Praise for Harbor Beach

I'm glad to see now how the new leaders are getting involved in the community and how the maintenance associates are responding to fix our issues that something where never fixed or took to long to get something simple done. I believe now that our residents are going to remain here in Harbor beach! Thank you very guys!!...

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Community meetings

Feedback Idea for Harbor Beach

I believe that the best way to solve most of the community problems or issues is by scheduling monthly or quarterly meetings. This is a good way for us to express our issues or concerns.

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Lost cat?

Feedback Question for Roundtree

There's a gorgeous (and very friendly) orange tabby hanging out in 2955's stairwells. s/he was there when I left for work today at 1:30, and was still there when I got home at 8:15. Call me if you're missing a cat! 913-406-8332...

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Basketball Hoops?...

Feedback Idea for Golfside Lake

Just wondering if the complex would be open to the Idea of basketball hoops around the complex somewhere? I think there would be a lot of people who would love to play. My husband wishes there was a couple around here he could play at, at night after work as a stress reliever.<br /> <br /> Just an Idea..<br /> <br /> Nikki V.

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Will and his team "Get it"

Feedback Praise for Portofino

Thank you Will and your team for responding so quickly to my maintenance concerns. Your focus on customer service and attention to detail desreves praise. I was very pleased with how you made my concerns your concerns and was able to exceed my expectations in less than 24 hours. You and your team should be very proud of living up to Mckinley's core values...

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ABC Pool

Feedback Question for Monterey Lake

We were told the pool would reopen on monday (yesterday) and yet construction is still going on. How much longer will this be going on? i understand its to make everything better but the drills are getting annoying so i was just wondering how much longer we will be with it?

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worst problems ever in a apartment complex

Feedback Question for Coconut Palms

i have been living in the complex since just before christmas. when i moved in there were many issues that were notated on my checklist that still to this day havnt been resolved. the big issue being my toilet. you go to use it and it feels like you are on a rocking horse, also you have to plunge it every other day to get it to flush. they have known about these issues and still havnt resolved these issues at all. now i have gotten notices of my rent not being paid and i am going to to pay it tomorrow and they are threatening with eviction. [name removed] is the worst she doesnt care about...

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Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Dear McKinley Management: Continuity is defined as being (a) an uninterrupted connection, succession, or union. (b) Uninterrupted duration or continuation especially without essential change. As a 14 year employee with the State of Michigan, a former US Marine and a combat veteran of the Persian Gulf War, I can attest to the importance and benefits of organizational continuity. This small and far too often overlooked factor is the key to bridging divides, easing tensions, negotiating differences, leveraging resources, and most important of all, facilitating change. I have been a McKinley...

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Feedback Problem for Bellagio

I have been having the same water problem as the last person i was told on march 31,2011 that someone would come out on friday to take a look at the damage and clean my carpets because my carpets were wet from the rain, no one showed up on friday. I called the office every day last week and no one still showed up to clean my carpets or fix the water damage i was told someone was coming out on monday and monday came around and no one showed up here it is saturday april 9,2011 still no one has come to clean my carpets or even fix the water damage above my front door and that has run down the...