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More Praise

Feedback Praise for Hillcrest Manor

Thank you for the superb and QUICK response to my maintenance request. <br /> My apartment is much brighter!

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Exceptional Service

Feedback Praise for Traver Ridge

The Leasing Office staff and the maintenance staff at Traver Ridge are exceptional! In particular, Calvette Jenkins has been a wonderful help with everything from day-to-day matters such as picking up packages to lease renewals. She has a gracious and professional manner and is extremely responsive to the needs and concerns of tenants.

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Need to speak with someone hire than my leasing apartment

Feedback Problem for Park Place

How many times can someone snake your toilet! I reside at the parks and I absolutely cannot fathom why it would take 6 times to even consider removal of the toilet. <br /> <br /> Gwen Webb

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Lease Vacation

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

Mckinley, Where can I pay the online fee to break my lease? Is it on this website? Can you send me the link?

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Note on my door

Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

I came back from the gym this morning, and saw a note concerning dog droppings outside of my apartment. However, where I live, there seem to be many dogs within this area that walk in front of my yard and owners do not pick up after their dogs. So, before I am charged a fee for this, I am going to need proof that my dog is the one who is the problem. There are several other dogs in my area and it is not my duty to pick up after them. I have not been charged yet but I just wonder if you are giving this message to everyone or I am the only lucky one.

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Drugs not allowed???

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

Funny, because I can swear I smell the distinct odor of marijuana coming from next door as I was just entering my apartment. Thinking maybe I should call the police right now and let their noses distinguish the odor.<br /> Their will probably be another drug killing soon since this is a safe haven for those type of people.

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Rent past due...

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Alright so I have a bit of an issue here... I realize that if rent is not paid by the 3rd of the month there is a fee that is placed on your account of 100 dollars. My issue with this is with months beginning on a friday as the 1st, just as this month was. I get paid every friday, 200+ a week. But more often than not, my pay check does not clear the bank until the following monday, which turns out to be the 4th. I really would have paid rent on time if the money had been processed by then, but I was unable. IS there anything we can do about this? Especially because the remaining amount, other...

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Where do I post?

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

I would like to post an add for job to work for my company; where would I post it at?

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Thanks for cleaning up the place....

Feedback Praise for Monterey Lake

I gotta say, I had friends over on Saturday and they have really noticed the progress with the outside cleanup and pools. I don't talk to the office/maintainance staff much, rarely ever but, I want to just say thank you for cleaning up the place...

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Great Team of Folks

Feedback Praise for Monterey Lake

The team at Monterey Lakes - in particular Adrian, Brant, Tiago, and Khan - are an amazing group of people. We have been made to feel very much at home here, and they've been very helpful. They're tough as nails when they have to be, but also supportive of its residents, and that means a lot. They're doing amazing things with this property. I'm proud to call this place home...