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Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

this is kim in 5715 apt 1177 my ac is not working could someone look at it thanks alot

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Building upgrades?

Feedback Question for Evergreen

I have read allot of comments regarding building upgrades, and I am very happy to hear this! Just wondering if building 12a is on that list at all? We have lived here for three years, and this building is very run down! The walls in the hallway have mold on them, the carpet is disgusting, and its just worn out. Any chance our upgrades are coming soon? Also is it possible to get a dishwasher installed in an apartment that currently does not have one? How much would that cost? As well is it possible to ask for new carpet in your apartment? When we moved in it was not new, and had existing...

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Feedback Problem for Bellagio

You know it has been over 30 days and I have yet to see my deposit. There has been so many mess ups at Bellagio that I can not even count anymore. There has been mess ups with the paperwork repeatedly! People are rude and will not help us. I keep getting told to wait until tomorrow to find out where my money is. I am sick and tired of waiting and will not continue to go though this. I need answers, and I need them now. This is not acceptable and I have contacted the corporate office about this matter. Someone needs to contact me as soon as possible. My number is 716-951-0890. Thanks !

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October rent

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

You can be our next early bird!!!!! Pay rent by September 30th, and you can win $100.00 off November rent.... Remember, rent and water bill is due on the 1st of the month... Thanks you, Harbor Beach Apartments

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Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

when will the gym be fixed??/ i have been patiently waiting for it to reopen. it has never been available since i moved in \back in march.. please let us know when will it be available to us..

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Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

how long does it take for maintenance to actually come for maintenance issues??

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Feedback Praise for Bellagio

you guys that keep complaining about the maintenance. the maintenance to me works hard and makes sure they get the job done right. they have a lot of apartments to take care of and a lot of people that call in a week after the problem starts if you people call way l8ter then when the problem for starts the problem can get way more critical. so do them a favor stop fussing and call them right when it happens.

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Need a flatmate

Feedback Question for Medical Center Court

Hi! Does anyone know someone who would like to share my two bedroom apartment in Medical Center Court, signing the lease with me through August 2011? Thanks! -Mary

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Garbage on the lawn

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Over the weekend someone (not sure if it is a resident) has been leaving garbage like uneaten sandwiches and such right on the lawn by the front door to our building. Possibly the same person has parked their motorized scooter right at the door as well. Aren't we adults here? What's with the littering on the lawn? If it fell by accident, I don't think it is too much to ask to pick it up!...

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Exquist Cuisine

Feedback Question for Monterey Lake

Would u love too have time to do those things around the the house that you just can't seem to get to because ur busy cooking. Well I offer a personal chef service, everything from weddings, birthday parties, and the list goes on. Please feel free to contact me at: