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internet sux!

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

the internet here sucks. i know is free but as one of the amenities im sure we expect it to work. at 3352 theres really BAD or NO connection! maybe they can actually get that working.

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Smoking Lady in stairwell

Feedback Problem for The Villas

Today when I left at 7:30 a.m. there was a lady smoking in my buildings stairwell, apparently/seemingly evicted/without a place to be. On my break I returned to find her in the same exact location, still smoking. By now the entire entry room reeks strongly of cigarettes. I left an hour later, still there...I just returned another hour later and she is still there, same step, still smoking. This is not the welcome I expect when I come to my apartment, someone sitting there is fine, but chain smoking and sitting there all day...that's a tad bit off...

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Fire Alarm Battery Low: 1133 (Med Ctr Ct)

Feedback Problem for Medical Center Court

The fire alarm in the stairwell/hallway in 1133 is periodically chirping at Med Ctr Ct, suggesting that it may have a low battery. It's also extremely annoying. This situation has persisted for the past 4 days...

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Talk about GREAT resident services!

Feedback Praise for Coconut Palms

This complex is just too awsome! I am expecting company and had asked for some touch up paint.....Alex on his own time brought me paint...but the wrong kind. Last night here was Jonathan at my door again on his own time, with wife ill, with the right paint!! I was totally blown away! Brenda, I have only seen improvements here and again your staff is just the greatest. Thank you Thank you! I just LOVE it here and want to spend many more years here! I love you guys!

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Wrong paint

Feedback Problem for Coconut Palms

Anthony, I still think you are the best, but I had asked Jonathan for flat and got gloss, now it looks really bad........help!

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Thank You Once Again!

Feedback Praise for Coconut Palms

Brenda thank you for helping me through meltdown.....Anthony you are the GREATEST! again....that's why I love living here!...

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Happy Belated New Year

Feedback Praise for Coconut Palms

Happy Belated New Year to the best apt staff ever! We look so forward to what the new year has in store for all! You are all so wonderful and so good to us, we appreciate it. Kudos Brenda! WE LOVE IT HERE!!

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Double Charged for Jan

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

There was an error with my payment for the month of January. We got charged twice possible due to the time of payment or internet lag. An error came up the first time so we wanted to make sure the payment got through. Is there any way we can be reimbursed the prepaid amount back on the charge card used?

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Called/ came in at least 3 times

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

I called and/or came into the office about a maintainence problem I have at least 3 times with the last time being 8 days ago. I am wondering if anyone will show up!! I am not going to call again because it seems pointless. *my utility closet came off the track and I cannot lift it myself to put it on. *kitchen sink is leaking underneath and it is always wet under there.

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office close early

Feedback Question for Coconut Palms

I went to the office on sunday at 4:15 and the office was close , but the sign said they close at 5 pm . The sign at the door said they will be back at 9am which the next day the office opens at 9am. I think if thats the work hours then they should be open. Its an inconvenience to have to go back again when I hardly have time to go the first time.