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Feedback Question for Coconut Palms

I always pay my rent in full and on time. Why do I have a balance of $39.14 pending? Also where do I pay the trash online? thank you.

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Feedback Question for Evergreen

Hello , For the past 4 months this ISTA bill has been making it to my mailbox 4 days before rent is due. I feel that if this is due on the first we should all have print outs of some kind of information in a "timely" matter. The financial process of evergreen is so demanding but yet so unorganized. We all utilities that we need to know in advance. Also I'm upset with the whole pay what you did last month situation. I'm conserving gas ext but I'm not seeing the difference month to month...

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Online Rent Payment

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

I am trying to pay my rent by credit card on the website. The page will not load. It just says, "Please Wait" and never changes...

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Laundry Code Value Adder

Feedback Problem for The Villas

The machine is not working.

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payment on line .....crap!

Feedback Problem for The Villas

went online to paymy rent, since you guys are closed 3 days straight and one of them being when payment is due. Of course the site isn't working! Gonna be some crap if I get charged a late fee!!...

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Utilities Bill on the Rise

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

Each month it seems that the utility bill keeps rising, my most recent bill saw an increase of $20+. There has been no increase of use in my apartment. My building does not seem to have any notion of conservation. I am wondering if the swich to YES Energy Management has anything to do with the increase.

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Broken gates

Feedback Idea for Golfside Lake

I would suggest to the people that are running into the gates and breaking them: Do us all a favor and try going much faster and running into something a much more solid.

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My Car

Feedback Problem for The Parks

My car stopped on me while I was driving. I had it towed home. (15724) I've been away since Christmas Eve but have been told that there is a sticker on my car threatening to have it towed away?? I do not want my car to be towed. I'm going to have it repaired. Please contact me through e-mail as I am still away.. Hoping to hear from someone immediately.

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Happy New Year!

Feedback Praise for Bellagio

Well, you guys won't be in this weekend, so, thought I'd say it now, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you & your families have a safe & blessed New Year! I believe 2012 will be a good & prosperous Year! Hopefully, I'll have many more years here with the McKinley Family to share :)...

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I Need to Pay my rent........

Feedback Question for The Courtyards

So I wanted to know will the office be open on the 1st of January