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Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

I was in the Gym this morning and I noticed one of the TV mounts is broken and is almost ready to fall. I also was only able to get one channel, none of the other channels were receiving a signal.

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Not getting informed of any packages or important letters.

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

I have a problem of not getting informed that I either have a package or an important letter! I just now got informed that there was a very important letter in the office that was sitting there for TWO months!!! Almost three!!!!! This is rediculous and somehow the office needs to figure out a way of informing people. I am not happy that I received a letter dated May 4th and I just now got it July 16th. I've had problems not knowing that there is a package for me also. Can you guys please come up with a way of informing us??...

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Feedback Question for Evergreen

Will we ever get more laundry rooms?

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Broken AC

Feedback Problem for Traver Ridge

It's been a week and the a/c is still broken. Why is it so hot!!!!!...

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Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

Its amazin ive been here just a few days an already got my windows shot out of my ride. jus gonna let yal know be safe out there on them mean streets of Fallbrook

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Amenity program

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

I'm glad to hear of your new program. That same thought crossed my mind just last week. What I would like to know if within that program, have you thought about renting out carpet cleaners as well. It sure would make it a lot easier for the tenants to be able to clean their carpets when needed...

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Maintenance service

Feedback Praise for The Villas

I put in a request for maintenance for a new vanity cabinet in my bathroom because the one was terribly crooked. The maintenance guy order me a new vanity cabinet and installed it in a very timely manner and it looks great. He also fixed the lock on my front door which I hadn't even put a request in for. I was very pleased :)...

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Pool party

Feedback Question for The Pines

Is there a date schduled for the party yet?

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Maintenance Service call

Feedback Praise for Evergreen

I just want to say thank you to MY maintenance man, He was very professional and although I said i would vacuum the dust from my air-conditioner he insisted on cleaning up his own mess, That means alot! Thanks!

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Maintenance People - Cool guys !

Feedback Praise for Aspen Chase

I forget names real quick but I would like to thank the two guys from Aspen Chase maintneance for their help with the A/C a few minutes ago. I have had a few little problems since moving here in July of 2010 and the people in the maintenance department are always prompt, friendly, and get it done. It's very suprising to me. I've lived in a few places where it took days and the maintenance people just had a bad atttitude in general. A smile goes a long way with me and these guys are always smiling. Thanks again for being prompt and good people. I know you have a tough job.<br /...