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Can't find me as a resident

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

I logged in to pay my rent and it said it couldnt find me as a resident.

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breaking lease

Feedback Question for Coconut Palms

I love this community but would like to move to south florida. My lease says to pay two months in advance. Is that required at time of notice? Also, can I live in the apartment for that two month period? Also it says you are liable for any previous discounts. I signed for a discounted rent- will I owe any additional money? Do I get my deposit back?

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laundry facility

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

the laundry is too much money. you should be able to dry one time for the amount of money. you have to dry it 3 times.

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Parking sucks

Feedback Problem for Park Place

There is nothing like a brisk walk from the Hillcrest parking lot to Park Place since there is no parking by your own apartment. Wonderful...

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windows and heat?

Feedback Idea for The Villas

Hey, do you think you guys could send out a reminder to residents to help keep the gas cost low and turn off heat when they open their windows on nicer days. Ive noticed my heat bill the past few years has been high during months where its 50-60 degrees! YIKES!

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Feedback Idea for The Villas

No Smoking Signs In common Areas Would Be Great!

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Feedback Problem for Riva

THe getters need to be cleaned out I have realized that every time it rains the water pours in on my patio to where there is now black mold growing.

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Feedback Idea for Riva

I've noticed that the landscaping crew here at Waldengreen does the bare minimum when it comes to making out properties landscape appealing. Foremost, it's obvious that the most attention is paid to those areas around the office. It's very unattractive to see some parts of the propertyt mulched and not others. For example, upon entry and exit from my apartment the lanscape work is an extreme eyesore. I have a great company I can recommend that I used when I rented a house; they do exceptional work. Thank You in advance for hearing me out...

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Feedback Question for Riva

As a resident of a Mckinley property are allowed to use ammenties at other mckinley properties in the area?

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Feedback Idea for Glencoe Hills

Hi, I think there should be a wall where we can pose questions for other members like I am looking for a tennis partner in my community and I should be able to post this on the a wall.