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Fixing the streets.

Feedback Question for Evergreen

Please advise if they are going to repair the streets in Evergreen Apartments?

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Feedback Question for Bellagio

There seems to be a big problem with trash in this community! I am paying $10.00 per month for trash service. What service I get nothing for this $10 ! we have one compactor dumpster for the whole community and trash is allways piled up. This is a health hazard,an eyesore, and don't get me started on the smell ! Can we get someone to take charge of trash in this community with daily monitoring and frequent calls for pick up maybe this can get better or if this is how you this community runs stop charging me $10 a month...

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I dont understand the problem

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

I have lived here 6 months and after numerous requests maintenence is still unable to fix my 3way switches in my hallway. If the maintenence staff does not know basic wiring maybe you should : train them ,or get a new staff ,or at least contact a qualified electrician to fix problems in the community this is not acomplicated wiring thats why its called BASIC wiring. I am very unhappy with this situation and would like to see a resolution before i pay my rent again

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South Parking Lot

Feedback Problem for The Villas

The Gate for the south lot seems to always be broke. I have lived here for 1 year and 6 months and it has maybe been down and working for about 1/3 of that time. It is currently working but I'm wondering why it's always broken and what solution McKinley has. It is the only entrance in the area that seems to be broken, and on several occasions I have almost run into someone exiting through the entrance!?! I only bring this up as more of a safety concern than anything and I'm not sure if the leasing office is aware of how often it is broken...

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Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

Many problems with all the new residents are are moving in from drugs, parties, and fights people saying that are going to shot people. Many of the good residents are moving out. But I still pay the same high rent that I did when I moved in and now my are is going for over $100 to new people moving in. Its really bad over here.

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Maintenance Requests go unanswered

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

I've put in numerous requests to have my closet doors replaced as well as screens for my windows only to come home to find the same NON functioning doors hanging back up in my master bedroom that have clearly lived WELL past their prime and windows I can't open because there are no screens and only thumb screws to hold the windows up because the windows are so old and worn they won't stay up by themselves. We've called and called the office and even have one of the closet doors out front in the lawn where numerous personnel drive past it daily in their little golf carts...

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Feedback Question for Indigo Condos

When will it be repaired? The spa was one of the amenities that prompted me to choose this apartment complex.

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Change of username?

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

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coconut palm

Feedback Question for Coconut Palms

i think that is completely wrong to pay a trash fee if we have to go ourselves back there and sometime even drive if we are far to dump the trash!!! we should only pay if we were recieving the service of somebody picking it up

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orlando wastewater bill is not right

Feedback Problem for Coconut Palms

Since I moved here I have been paying the water in the amount of 19 and 21 dollars monthly with my rent all together, plus the abuse amount of 33.30 dollars flat for the wastewater in the ouc bill with the electricity. I have called the orlando sewer charges and they told me that the right payment is 3.27 dolars for every 1000 galons that I consume , so the ouc is charging 33.30 monthly plus the water that I am paying , that makes 53 dollars monthly for water and wastewater. When I was living in a house of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom I paid no more than 50 bucks for the service and here and I...