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Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

I need an electrical switch replacement and an one outlet cover plate for my bedroom. Thank you

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Feedback Praise for Traver Ridge

I just wanted to say THANK YOU soooo much to Amir (Traver Ridge Maintenance)...your response to my electrical emergency last night was so quick and wonderful...You had every reason to be crabby after being woke up at 1am, but you had a smile on your face even after having to be outside in the dark and cold for a long while...Most of all thank you for fixing the issue so quickly!!! Just wanted you to know you are much appreciated...Happy Holidays!

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Maintenance Or DIY?

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

I have never been the type of resident to complain and cause issues with the employees of my place of residency, but after making the effort to get this problem resolved without a result I feel someone needs to be involved. I have lived here for 3 months going on 4. Since I moved in I have had all kinds of maintenance issues; from water leaking from the ceiling through the Air Conditioning vent, Roaches, Clogged Bathtubs, Broken Toilets, Exploding Sink's and being unable to open my porch door for the first 2 months, I did not have a Screen to keep the bugs out. So far the only way to...

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How "secure" are we??

Feedback Question for The Villas

I'm a little concerned about the Villas new lack of Security/Loss Prevention and the fact that we were not told about it in a timely manner. I saw another resident's recent stack of newsletters that they got a couple days ago. They live in another building. I mention that because I still haven't received my copy. It seems that the recent changes have been occuring out of order. McKinley has cancelled our access to Security/ Loss Prevention after hours. It happened a week ago, but we are only finding out about it now. Oh but we should be ok since at some time in the future they...

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let's heat up the pools this time of year

Feedback Idea for Monterey Lake

correct me if i'm not right,but i dont believe any of the pools are heated. [idea] just heat one or two of the pools and close the other pools this time of one is swining in them under the age of sixteen anyhow...

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Edwin from Maintenance

Feedback Praise for Harbor Beach

I have had a few problems in the past and with the maintenance men I wasn't getting it resolved. Edwin when he has came to my house and I have showed him the issues I am experiencing he was helpful and knowledgeable. He takes the time to explain whats wrong with the issue on hand and how I can better prevent it in the future. Don't fire that man anytime soon because I rather have one maintenance man to share with the complex than 20 others who don't know or do squat :)...

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Renovating the Children's Park

Feedback Idea for Harbor Beach

I have two girls and although the complex is okay there isn't a decent park to play at. Have you seen that corner they call a park? It is old and very uninviting and if you guys were to upgrade it and take of that AND the area you guys call the beach this place would be a TERRIFIC place to live. I have had my share of maintenance issues and have repeatedly called but when I really pursued it I was helped very much. Before everyone complains about Harbor why don't you guys remember that their doing the best they can and I think with alot better staff and the continued upgrades around...

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Keeping Lobby area Clean

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Can we please ask residents to stop littering in halls?'s picture

Great dumpster maintenance!

Feedback Praise for Riva

I stopped by the dumpster with my sister the other day to drop off my garbage and my sister said there area looked so clean. kudos to the guys who did such a good job as to get a compliment from my sister. That is no an easy thing to do.'s picture

No notice of no water

Feedback Problem for Riva

it is always nice to be informed of a possible inconvenience like no water before it happens.