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Shoes in clothes dryers

Feedback Problem for Manchester Flats

Hello! I wanted to call attention to the issue of shoes being dried in the clothes dryers. Not only are they horribly loud for the people who live above the laundry room, but they constant kick the dryer door open, which prolongs the drying time and may not be discovered until much later. This forces others to wait and can damage the machine in the process.

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Feedback Question for Indigo Winter Park

If a package is too large to be left in the larger mailboxes, and I'm not at home, and the delivery man has enough sense not to leave the package on the doorstep, will they leave the package in the office? If so, how do I know that there's a package in the office for me? Thanks!...

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No Heat AGAIN!

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

Im getting out of this complex ASAP! I sent a letter to the local paper to warn ppl how bad this complex is, so if anyone would like to add to it let me know, the.paper thinks it will be a wide read.issue.. WE PAY TOO DAMN MUCH TO FREEZE. ITS BEEN IN THE 30S THE LAST FEW DAYS AND NO HEAT!! I HAVE COME DOWN WITH PNEMONIA BECAUSE ITS SO COLD IN HERE. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND LIVING HERE TO ANYONE!!

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Deposit after moveout

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

After I move out, how/when is my deposit money disbursed back to me?

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No Heat

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

It's 33...

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Work Order Feedback?

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

How/where do I leave feedback on specific work orders? I cannot find anything here at Feedback Central. Thanks

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New Community Manager?

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

I hear we have a new Community Manager, Mike. Not to be confused with new Maintenance Supervisor, Mike. Will Conway Forest being sending out an announcement for both?

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Hall bath sink - how many time do I have to request a solution? This is number 5

Feedback Problem for Portofino

I have requested 4 times that the hall bath sink be replaced. It is rusted and unsanitary. My first request was April 11 (WO #119854). I made two verbal request one in June and in December. My 4th request was January 30th (WO #232367) which is still open with no response. I would like someone to call me and explain to me why this has not been addressed. I am certain you would not find the condition of the sink acceptable in your home.

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Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Ive been trying to pay rent online here for over a week, but it keeps asking me for my unit number through a pop up.<br /> I put my unit number and it doesnt work... i need and have been trying to pay rent and the late fees have piling up when its not my fault... im extremely upset with whats going on with the glencoe online bill payment

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Utility Billing

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

I am assuming that are Yes Utility billing is by apartment non-metered. My question is does a one bedroom one person apartment pay the same as a 3 bedroom 5 person apartment? I was out of country 13 days in December, no useage, yet my bill was 53 dollars, the highest ever. Or is it tenants in dwelling?