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Get rid of discriminatory pet breed bans

Feedback Idea for Park Place

Bad dog behavior is a reflection of the animal's socialization and training. Bad owners raise dogs that reflect their irresponsibility. On the flipside, good owners raise well behaved, well socialized animals that get along well with others, canine and human. The current ban on so-called "aggressive breeds" is one reason I will not be renewing my lease when it ends. The ban is based on irrational fear and misinformation.... why have it at all?...

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Housekeeping Inside Buildings

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

It says in your response to Tatrai123's post that the staff tries to get to every building everyday. I have NEVER seen anyone inside my building cleaning, and I'm here quite often. Especially in the winter, vacuuming the floors is essential because there is so much salt outside that it gets tracked in all the way into my apartment. It's disgusting. I'd really love to see the hallways at least being vacuumed once a week. The salt just keeps piling up...

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Cars taking up two spots.

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Can everyone please park in ONE spot, it is very difficult when I have to park at another building and carry my groceries 5 times the distance because someone took up two parking spots. I understand it's hard when there is snow, but this person does it even when you can see the line, and they park right smack in the middle of two. Please keep in mind that there are not a lot of parking spots in front of building 11...

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Kuddos again for the best maintainence staff!

Feedback Praise for Coconut Palms

we have a leak in our bathroom....today it got pretty bad, but no problem for this staff! Jose came right over and took care of the problem on a Sunday night! You all are the greatest! THANK YOU

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The Heat is on!

Feedback Praise for Azure Winter Park

Thank you Management for helping me with my ac, I can sleep a lot better now.

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The Heat is on!

Feedback Praise for Azure Winter Park

Thank you Management for helping me with my ac, I can sleep a lot better now.

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Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

Does maintenance handle heat problems? If so, is there a number to get in contact with maintenance?

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internet sux!

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

the internet here sucks. i know is free but as one of the amenities im sure we expect it to work. at 3352 theres really BAD or NO connection! maybe they can actually get that working.

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Smoking Lady in stairwell

Feedback Problem for The Villas

Today when I left at 7:30 a.m. there was a lady smoking in my buildings stairwell, apparently/seemingly evicted/without a place to be. On my break I returned to find her in the same exact location, still smoking. By now the entire entry room reeks strongly of cigarettes. I left an hour later, still there...I just returned another hour later and she is still there, same step, still smoking. This is not the welcome I expect when I come to my apartment, someone sitting there is fine, but chain smoking and sitting there all day...that's a tad bit off...

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Fire Alarm Battery Low: 1133 (Med Ctr Ct)

Feedback Problem for Medical Center Court

The fire alarm in the stairwell/hallway in 1133 is periodically chirping at Med Ctr Ct, suggesting that it may have a low battery. It's also extremely annoying. This situation has persisted for the past 4 days...