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Noise Reduction.

Feedback Idea for Evergreen

The hallway noise levels could be reduce if there were added padding underneath the carpet. When anyone walks upstairs I can hear it clearly and if people don't walk lightly it often sounds as if they are stomping up the stairs...

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Loose trash around Building A

Feedback Problem for The Villas

There is quite a bit of loose trash around my apartment and down the outside stairwell (A big black bag full of trash to be exact). We've reported this on several occasions and yet nothing has been done with it. This packet which was passed out about a week ago reminding us of the policies is great, but if nothing is done at the property level to enforce any of it, then why should any resident care. My son wants to play outside but between the trash and the dog poop which no one cleans up I can't let him play outside and he doesn't understand why. David...

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Outgoing Mail

Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

Where should I put my outgoing mail? I made the mistake of putting it in my mailbox and it wasn't picked up and had to drop it off at a mailbox. I called the office and was told that I should have an outgoing mail slot by the corkboard at the front door, but we don't have one in our building. Is this something we could get? Thanks!...

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New Windows

Feedback Praise for Glencoe Hills

Must say that I am very HAPPY with the new windows and how much warmer it is in my unit!! I didn't realize how drafty it was until the new windows were put in!! Hopefully this will keep utility bill DOWN.... Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!...

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Fitness Center

Feedback Idea for Medical Center Court

1. Is it possible for a sign to be posted regarding wiping down the equipment with the sanitizer in the fitness center after use?? I have only seen one person do this and flu season is coming up soon... 2. The fitness center has a light that turns off after 30 minutes... When I am on a cardio machine for a while, the light turns off and it is pitch black in there- It is very dangerous to step off of the machines and wander towards the sensor without running into other equipment!

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Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Me and my roommates have hit some financial difficulties recently. We are all current students at Washtenaw Community College, and have lots of financial aid coming in. We would like to know if it would be ok for us to pay the rent a bit late for January. classes start for us on the 9th and we will be receiving our checks about two weeks into the semester. We have all agreed that as soon as we get the money we will be more than happy to pay January rent plus any late fees, February rent, and all the rest of our rent till the end of the lease, so this doesn't happen again. Thank you. ~...

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No hot water

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

Been trying to take a hot shower for two hours now but I am only getting cold water. I ran the water in the kitchen to see if it was only the bathroom and still only cold water. It's really to cold out for cold showers...

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Office Address ?

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

If I have my bank mail my rent check to the office, What is the physical address that it should be mailed to? I am setting up Payee's on my online bank account and I am not sure of the address to mail rent to. Also is there an account number? (if there is an account number I will stop in the office to get that personally) Thanks ! Chris...

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Out of control Neighbor

Feedback Problem for Bella Casa

My upstairs neighbor is STILL leaving their two kids alone upstairs while they are away. The problem w/ that is that as soon as they leave, the kids start playing soccer upstairs in the apartment. I know this because the game (and the ball) works its way outside to the porch and even up and down the stairs and back upstairs again. Don't get me wrong, I love soccer and even coach a U-12 kids team but this is ridiculous. I have complained to the office several times. I am reluctant to approach my neighbors about this because the last time I spoke to him regarding him blasting a stereo...

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Wow LOOK What This Place is turning into....

Feedback Question for Studio Parc

Wow who would of thought, you take the gates off of a secured complex and lower your standards on who you rent too... And then who could believe that of all days, someone would walk off the streets and fire a gun three times into a unit on Christmas Day...